The 2018 Dodgers Were Worth All the Ups & Downs


Another season has come to an end, and another year where Dodgers are left wondering what might have been.

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Red Sox Conquer Dodgers in Game 5

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Powered by four home runs, the Red Sox defeated the Dodgers 5-1 in Game 5 of the 2018 World Series on Sunday evening, securing Boston’s ninth World Championship and their first since 2013.

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Red Sox Claim Game 4 After Exploiting Dodgers’ Bullpen

(Boston Globe photo)

The Los Angeles Dodgers were handed a stunning 9-6 loss at the hands of the Boston Red Sox in game four of the World Series on Saturday evening.

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Muncy, Dodgers Walk Off in 18th Inning of Game 3


It took every bit of 18 innings and seven plus hours, but the Dodgers have finally won a game in the 2018 World Series.

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Dodgers World Series Roster: Let’s Talk About Bullpen Management


Undeniably, it’s easy to discredit the decisions of the Los Angeles coaching staff seconds after they implode. Two critical bullpen moves during the first two games have played large in both outcomes, putting the Dodgers in an extremely deep hole as the World Series moves Westward. As bad as the decisions may have been, the personnel involved in both of the substitutions was even more puzzling, as the moves were ultimately questioned by everyone who witnessed the game, including supporters of the Red Sox.

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Red Sox Overcome Dodgers in World Series Game 2

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After carrying a one-run lead into the fifth inning, the Dodgers eventually lost 4-2 in Game 2 of the 2018 World Series on Wednesday night against the Red Sox. Los Angeles has dropped the first two games of this series in Boston and find themselves in a 2-0 deficit with the series set shifting to Los Angeles.

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Núñez, Red Sox Claim 2018 World Series Opener

Kansas City Royals v Boston Red Sox
(Photo Credit: CBS Boston)

Despite the Dodgers and Red Sox going punch-for-punch for a good portion of the 2018 World Series Opener, pinch-hitter Eduardo Nunez crushed an Alex Wood slider in the bottom of the seventh inning, stretching the Boston lead to four and ultimately securing an 8-4 victory.

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The Two Main Reasons Why Dodgers Can Win the 2018 World Series

(Photo Credit: Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

Though the year was as rough and unpredictable as it possibly could be, the Dodgers once again find themselves four wins away from winning a World Series Championship.

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Who’s Better on Paper: Red Sox or Dodgers?

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Using the words “Dodgers” and “on paper” in the same sentence can provoke many followers of Los Angeles baseball into a spiel about how their favorite club could be the most talented team in baseball, yet, at the same time, one of the most underachieving. The Dodgers, far and away, had the most talent and potential in the National League West, but it still took the squad 163 games to secure a spot in the 2018 playoffs. Sure, there were plenty of ups and downs regarding injuries and player personnel, but theoretically, the Dodgers should have ran away with the pennant rather than making it appear to be a bit of a struggle. They made the NLDS against the Braves a lot closer than what it should have been. Additionally, they were probably even more talented than the Brewers, even though Milwaukee finished the regular season with the NL’s best record.

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Dodgers Return to World Series


The Los Angeles Dodgers have reached the World Series for the second consecutive season, defeating the Milwaukee Brewers 5-1 to win game seven of the NLCS.

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