5 Very Early Dodgers Predictions After Just One Cactus League Game

Here is Northeast Pennsylvania, it is cold and rainy. But in Arizona, it’s warmer, and Dodger baseball games are being played again. Meaningless games, but games, nonetheless. It does a body good. I know so many of us are still hungover from the World Series, but there’s just something about the first game, hearing Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser again, seeing those men on the field, that maybe we have hope again.

And so, after exactly one meaningless game, I’m certain we can ascertain exactly how the season is going to play out. And it will go a little something like this.

Wilmer Font, reliever extraordinaire—A guy with a name certain to make pun lovers happy, Wilmer Font started the game, and went six up, six down. His high fastball was working, and he mixed in some effective sliders. Dave Roberts announced today that the bullpen would always have at least eight relievers. A dark horse to make the team? Fontastic!

Matt Kemp is here to stay—In a day not one saw coming, and some still don’t believe, Matt Kemp played a game in Dodger Blue again. And even though it is spring training, he made the most of it. In his first at-bat he had a nice single. In his next at-bat, he laid off some curve balls, fouled off some balls until he found a pitch he liked and sent a line drive out of the stadium for a three-run homer. He was seen joking in the dugout with Roberts and Justin Turner. Heck, he even participated in a photo day spoof with modeling pics, posing with former nemesis Yasiel Puig. He seems happy, healthy, and here for the long haul. (Or until other teams start to notice how good he’s looking).

The Dodgers are going to score a bazillion runs every game—The Dodgers had 10 runs by the fourth inning. 13 runs total. The piddly Cubs and Brewers scored three runs combined. Usually in spring training, the pitchers have the upper hand in the beginning, as batters are still working on their timing. Not so with the Dodgers’ batters! Singles, doubles, stolen bases, and homers galore. (Kemp! JT! Kiké! Forsythe!) They already have it! Start the season now, they’re ready.

Pat Venditte, SHP—I mean, how cool is that? Pat Venditte pitched well, and pitched well with both arms in his Dodgers debut! Watching him all season will be a joy.

Dodgers win, will clearly go undefeated all season, and have no issues winning the World Series this year—These weren’t even all the starters the Dodgers have! And this wasn’t any of their good pitchers! Imagine how good the team will be when they all play! Kemp will get the MVP that was stolen from him in 2011. The Dodgers will hit all the dingers. It’s only been a exhibition game, but obviously it’s going to be a fun year.




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