Dodgers 40-Man Roster: Let’s Talk About Starting Pitching Depth

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When the Dodgers began their regular season campaign last year, starting pitching was at such a premium that the best five pitchers on the club weren’t even in the Opening Day rotation. Lefty phenom Julio Urias began the year in extended spring training in an effort to conserve innings, while southpaw Alex Wood was forced to start his year in the big league bullpen. There was also a ton of marginal depth with arms like Brock Stewart and Trevor Oaks on the fringe, and experienced guys like Justin Masterson, Wilmer Font, Fabio Castillo and Jair Jurrjens providing depth at Triple-A Oklahoma City. There was even hope for Scott Kazmir to join the major league rotation at some point, once his ailing hip healed and he sharpened his throwing mechanics.

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Does Signing Yu Darvish Make Sense for Dodgers?

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The Dodgers need more starting pitching, it’s as simple as that. Clayton Kershaw, Alex Wood and Rich Hill fit in perfectly with the Dodgers, but if Los Angeles intends to contend in 2018, they need another starter.

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Dodgers 2018 Roster: Is Brock Stewart a Better Fit as a Starter or Reliever?

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While there are plenty of question marks surrounding the impending relief crew for the Dodgers heading into 2018, there are many options for the club to consider for the bullpen as the season approaches. A handful of arms who can contribute as either a starter or a reliever could play into the team’s roster plans, and Brock Stewart is certainly right at the top of that list.

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Dodgers Roster: A Few Starting Rotation Ideas for 2018


Aside from the big Charlie Culberson trade with the Braves, which essentially moved $47 million in payroll and opened up three roster spots, the Dodgers have been pretty quiet so far this winter. On Thursday, Dennis took a an early look at what the rotation in Oklahoma City might be. With the movement of Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy to the Braves, where does that leave the big league rotation?

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Some Preliminary Thoughts on the 2018 Oklahoma City Starting Rotation

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As most Triple-A rosters normally don’t start taking shape until later in the spring when the big league squads become firm, it’s probably a bit too early to take a stab at guessing Oklahoma City‘s 2018 Opening Day starting pitching rotation. However, with the departure of veterans Brandon McCarthy and Scott Kazmir last weekend, the major league rotation is developing earlier than usual, giving us at least some kind of idea as to how most of the system’s starting pitchers fit onto the organizational ladder.

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Dodgers Roster: A Few November Predictions for Opening Day 2018

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I, like many of you, miss baseball a lot right now. It’s been two weeks since Game 7, and I finally feel ready to move forward, but spring training doesn’t start for three months. Until February, we have the holidays, we have the joy of winter, and we have offseason trades and free agent signings. Though the offseason is not nearly as riveting as Game 7, it’s still something, and it’s worth getting excited about.  In the past, my predictions as to who the Dodgers would sign have been, for the most part, incorrect and conventional.

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Dodgers Starting Rotation: A Few Preliminary Thoughts Heading into 2018

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With the hot stove season and baseball’s winter meetings inching ever so closer, there has been a huge amount of chatter and speculation among followers of the Dodgers surrounding potential trades or the addition of a few free agents. But while the squad will indeed have a slightly different look come spring, there’s a pretty good chance that management builds the 25-man roster from the existing framework within the organization. Last week, general manager Farhan Zaidi addressed the media, stating that he thinks the roster won’t need much work.

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Astros or Yankees: Who Is the Better World Series Matchup for Dodgers?


Heading into the deciding Game 7 of the 2017 ALCS on Saturday evening, the most popular talk among fans of the Dodgers seems to be revolving around which American League club provides the more favorable matchup for Los Angeles. Plenty of different criteria is being thrown around and about—regular season stats, managerial success rates in the postseason, who plays better in certain weather—just to name a few. But at the end of the day, playoff baseball is such a completely different animal, as it’s almost impossible to predict the mindset of the team which will take the field in the opener.

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Dodgers 2017 Playoff Roster Projections: Second Edition

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As it’s been nearly two weeks since we published our initial projections of the Dodgers‘ roster for the 2017 NLDS, several circumstances have transpired which in turn have shed some light on the squad which will take the field at Dodger Stadium on October 6.

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Better Playoff Rotation Option: Alex Wood or Hyun-Jin Ryu?

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While the playoff roster for the NLDS is shaping up relatively quickly, the prospective roles of the players who’ll make the squad are still somewhat undefined. The management team and the coaching staff of the Dodgers still have plenty of decisions on their hands, and determining the planned usage of southpaws Alex Wood and Hyun-Jin Ryu may be among the biggest.

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