Should Dodgers Look to Upgrade at 2020 Trade Deadline?

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In a normal season, the baseball world is beaming with anticipation and excitement in the final week leading up to the trade deadline. This year, it’s tough to gauge if there will even be any significant activity at all.

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Recalling the Dodgers’ 4 Most Productive Trades Under Andrew Friedman

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Undeniably, many media outlets covering the Dodgers have been required to be a bit creative with their material during this time of uncertainty, as most have opted to put numerous types of spins on the very rich, historical heritage the franchise has provided.

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How David Price Might Fit into Dodgers’ Starting Rotation


In keeping with the theme this winter, it’s been another long weekend of innuendo and teasing that a Dodgers trade that would acquire Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox. Many reports say a deal is ‘imminent’ and will happen today or tomorrow.

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Are Dodgers Finished Player Shopping for the Winter?

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As the steam from this winter’s hot stove has seemingly subsided, hopefully the anger and frustration resulting from the Houston and Boston scandals follow suit. The fallout from these improprieties has been especially hurtful to all those affiliated with the Dodgers, but like anything else, perhaps the coaching staff and the players can try to turn these negatives into positives, producing a boundless energy that will lead them to success during the upcoming campaign.

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Do Dodgers Really Need to Make a ‘Big Move’ this Winter?

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For some fans of the Dodgers, the offseason so far has been a bit of a disappointment as far as upgrading the roster goes. For others, they have faith in the existing personnel, as they are counting down the days until the same core from the 2019 group has another chance to prove its identity in 2020.

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Higher Ceiling: Mike Clevinger or Dustin May?

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There still seems to be some belief that front-office boss Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers will make a mighty splash in either the free agent or trade market sometime during the 2019-20 offseason.

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Dodgers Roster: What Are the Future Plans at Third Base?


When rumors first surfaced about the Dodgers making a play for free agent third baseman Anthony Rendon, things were conceivably setting up quite nicely. The team finally had some excess money to spend, and what better way was there to invest those funds than satisfying their long-term need at third base?

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Is a Trade with Red Sox Even Plausible?

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For as quiet as the Dodgers have been in the player market so far this offseason, there certainly has not been a shortage of rumors.

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What’s the Delay in Signing Hyun-Jin Ryu?

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While many teams around baseball have been very aggressive with their respective player acquisitions so far this offseason, Andrew Friedman and the Dodgers have been much more cautious, seemingly waiting to make the right move at the exact right time.

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What Does ‘Omnipresent’ Mean?

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While front-office boss Andrew Friedman wasn’t exactly all-revealing on Monday about the roster plans of the Dodgers this winter, he did provide a few hints to reporters regarding his club’s intentions.

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