Yasiel Puig Trade Rumors Surfacing Once Again

MLB: San Diego Padres at Los Angeles Dodgers
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Ever since he burst onto the major league scene back in 2013, trade rumors surrounding outfielder Yasiel Puig have become an annual event, especially during the offseason. This winter, however, whispers are surfacing more than usual, mainly because he’ll be eligible to test the free agent market after next season, so long as somebody doesn’t sign him to a long term deal beforehand. Furthermore, with the Dodgers making their interests public regarding a catcher and bullpen help, the front office crew may dangle the 28-year-old Cuban’s name in a prospective trade package or two at the Winter Meetings this week.

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4 Reasons Why Dodgers Should Go ‘All-In’ this Winter


The Winter Meetings are set to start in Las Vegas in a few days, and what the Dodgers front office will accomplish is anyone’s guess. Fans who are watching other teams make deals can’t wait to see the Dodgers make some deals of their own.

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Are the Dodgers Really Interested in Bryce Harper?

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Since the moment last season when the Dodgers appeared they would stay under the 2018 Luxury Tax threshold, rumors began to swirl linking the team to Bryce Harper, one of the headlining commodities of this winter’s free agent class. And, as impractical as it would be to sign the 26-year-old, indications suggest that the club is still doing its due diligence in pursuing the outfielder, despite the onslaught of criticism from pundits and fans.

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Rumors Continue to Sizzle Around Dodgers & Indians


As the hot stove in the MLB off-season starts to heat up, many rumors abound concerning the Dodgers. The most prevalent ones are between the Dodgers and the Indians, with Cleveland sending a starting pitcher to the Dodgers, for one of the Dodgers’ outfielders (plus others).

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Can Dodgers and Indians Successfully Negotiate an Offseason Blockbuster?


While there has been a ton of news surrounding the Dodgers in the first month of the offseason, there really haven’t been many rumors regarding any prospective player trades. Some chatter, however, has suggested that Los Angeles management has been talking to its counterpart in Cleveland, potentially setting up one of the first big trades of the winter.

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Dodgers Trade Rumors: Is J.T. Realmuto Worth the Marlins’ Asking Price?


Even though the Hot Stove has yet to heat up, that does not mean that hot takes and rumors surrounding moves the Dodgers might make aren’t abound.

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Dodgers Hot Stove: 5 Untouchable Players & 4 Players Who Could Be Dealt

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As we’ve mentioned in previous articles, this winter could be a time of great flux for the Dodgers roster. Today, let’s look at five players who most definitely won’t and four players who could be traded before the start of the 2019 season.

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Dodgers Rumors: Our First Hypothetical Trade Proposal of the Winter

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Admittedly, I’m not one of those people who like to draw up endless hypothetical trades guessing which players could end up making a club better. It’s hard to estimate what’s going on inside the minds of most general managers, and it’s difficult to dig deep enough into an opposition’s farm system to decipher the needs of a particular organization. Nevertheless, I’m good for one or two imaginary deals per season, as I believe they can be a good tools for determining players’ worth and values.

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Dodgers Expanded Roster: So Far, No Bullpen Help from a Waiver Trade

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Considering that the Dodgers were unable to significantly upgrade their bullpen ahead of the non-waiver trade deadline at the end of July, many folks close to the club believed that a waiver trade was inevitable, especially after Kenley Jansen‘s stint on the disabled list and the inability of anybody else to successfully close out a game. Yet, with the waiver deadline arriving at the end of the week, there hasn’t been much noise indicating that the team is close to completing such a deal.

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Theoretically, Dodgers Could Benefit by a Waiver Trade in August


Many fans of the Dodgers seemed to have mixed feelings after the 2018 non-waiver deadline passed on Tuesday afternoon. Some folks believed that the offense became a potential juggernaut with the addition of infielder Brian Dozier, while others felt the team missed several beneficial opportunities by passing up numerous relievers which were eventually snatched up by rival clubs. Nevertheless, there’s still about a month remaining when clubs are able to make waiver trades, which gives Los Angeles an ample amount of time to sort out all of its internal resources.

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