Dodgers 2016 Playoff Roster Projections: The Position Players

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Now that it’s safe to assume that the Dodgers are almost a lock to face the Nationals in the NLDS in just a few short weeks, we decided it’s a pretty good time to reveal our first draft of what we expect the club’s playoff roster to look like for the opening series of the postseason. Today, we’ll take a peek at our projected list of the position players, while disclosing the players we think will make up the entirety of the pitching staff on Sunday.

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Who is Dodgers’ Fourth-Best Starting Pitching Option?

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Whenever the front office group of the Los Angeles Dodgers has been faced with any type of impactful decision facing the 25-man roster during the 2016 season, it’s very safe to say that the crew almost always takes the subtle approach, leaving no stones unturned while doing all the required homework; yet it sometimes seems as though their thinking is totally outside the box compared to the average fan’s typical perspective.

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What A Wonderful World This Would Be 

“Don’t know much about history
Don’t know much biology
Don’t know much about a science book
Don’t know much about the French I took”

~Sam Cooke

Corey Seager scores and is greeted by Yasiel Puig in the first inning.

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Dodgers Roster: The Story Behind the 14-Man Bullpen

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For those of you keeping a very close eye on the Dodgers‘ expanded roster, you’ll know that the club currently lists a whopping 35 players, and depending on a few classifications that could go either way, 14 of those players could more or less be considered relief pitchers.

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Dodgers Lineups: Andrew Toles Makes Things Happen

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For whoever the primary person is that’s responsible for writing the Dodgers‘ daily lineups these days, it must be difficult to leave Andrew Toles out of the batting order on any given occasion.

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Seventy-Six Trombones


(Author’s note — I know that “Seventy Six Trombones” seems like an odd title for a post about baseball and clinching a division title.  It’s actually a nod to Vin Scully‘s favorite musical, The Music Man.  My friend Ron Ramos sent me a link to this article, which I had never read before, and this is my favorite quote from it: “One of my favorites, and I love so many, has to be ‘The Music Man,’ because it combines so many things about living in a small town, the barbershop harmony, the beautiful love songs … it has everything. I loved the play as well as the musical…..I guess my philosophy has always been to play something up-beat, a musical, while I’m driving to the park. Anything that’s full of beans, peppy. I like to get out of the car singing that last song.”  And I don’t know about you, but I adore the thought of Vin humming and bouncing along to “Seventy Six Trombones” as he heads in the stadium.)

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El Paso Tops Oklahoma City to Capture PCL Crown

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In what has been considered a very crazy postseason for the Oklahoma City Dodgers, it was only fitting that the Pacific Coast League Championship was decided on a bizarre play in an 11-inning nail-biter on Saturday night at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark.

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Dodgers Holding Auditions for 2016 Playoff Roster

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While there’s certainly still the matter of putting together a successful stretch run inside the final 15 games of the regular season, many fans of the Dodgers can’t help but look ahead and wonder which players will be called upon for the 25-man roster when the postseason arrives in just a few weeks.

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“Unforgettable, that’s what you are
Unforgettable though near or far
Like a song of love that clings to me
How the thought of you does things to me
Never before has someone been more”

~Nat King Cole


There are inevitably going to be a million pieces on Vin Scully as he reaches his retirement, and rightly so. When I started thinking about doing a piece about Vin and what listening to Vin has meant to me, I knew that I could ever do it justice. So I turned to you, Dodgers fans, to let you tell me what Vin has meant to you in your life. And as the fans of Dodgers baseball are varied, so are the reasons that you all love Vin.

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Dodgers Lineups: What’s the Problem Against Left-Handed Pitching?

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The good news surrounding the four-game weekend series against the Diamondbacks is that the Dodgers will be taking hacks against three right-handed pitchers, with the lone southpaw coming in the form of Robbie Ray in the finale on Sunday.

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