More on Kenley Jansen and the Miami Marlins

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While the Dodgers have been relatively quiet so far this offseason, the Miami Marlins have been both busy and loud, especially in terms of rebuilding the majority of their pitching staff.

The Fish have already made public their desire to snare closer Kenley Jansen from the free agent market, with news coming last night that team owner Jeffrey Loria has approved a hefty sum of cash to sign either Jansen or Aroldis Chapman.

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Dodgers Bullpen: Is Greg Holland a Viable Relief Option?

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Even if the front office crew of the Dodgers makes a strong play in signing closer Kenley Jansen to an enormous contract over the coming months, free agent reliever Greg Holland could make another fine addition to the Los Angeles bullpen, providing the existing relief corps with some much needed experience and potentially assuming the role of a dependable setup man.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

“Should I stay or should I go now?
Should I stay or should I go now?
If I go, there will be trouble
And if I stay it will be double
So come on and let me know”

~The Clash


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Dodgers Roster: More Moves Likely on Heels of Rich Hill Signing

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If the Dodgers do indeed sign Rich Hill sometime very soon like many news outlets have been suggesting, Los Angeles will almost certainly follow with some type of 40-man roster adjustment, mainly to create some breathing room to play in the Rule 5 Draft and open the door for other potential free agent signings in the near future.

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Dodgers Lineups: Better Leadoff Options Should Exist in 2017

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Depending on how the dust settles on all of the Dodgers‘ trade ventures at the end of the winter, Los Angeles should have at least several viable options to hit at the top of the batting order in 2017, creating more mathematically favorable alternatives when writing out the lineup cards.

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Will the Dodgers Spend or Won’t They?

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There seems to be a prevailing thought amongst Dodgers fans that the team is not going to spend money and remain as is, missing out on re-signing big players again. The new CBA agreement has put a serious hit on the Dodgers’ payroll budget, unless they want to add to their spending by paying a bunch of taxes. Which, presumably, they would not want to do.

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When Will Dodgers Begin to Resolve Critical Roster Issues?

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Even though many of the finer details of the new collective bargaining agreement are still being disclosed and analyzed, the Dodgers may be on the verge of making several moves via the free agent or trade markets now that a set of regulations and guidelines has been established for the next five years.

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Outside Interest in Rich Hill, Justin Turner Growing Stronger

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Entering the offseason, the Dodgers already knew they’d have stiff competition in their quests to sign several key free agents, but considering a few of the prospective contract figures being mumbled around pitcher Rich Hill and infielder Justin Turner, efforts in retaining the duo may be much tougher than initially anticipated.

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Dodgers May Readjust 40-Man Roster Before Winter Meetings

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If the MLB Winter Meetings do indeed begin as scheduled this Sunday in Maryland, the Dodgers may very well decide to make a number of adjustments on the 40-man roster, especially if the management crew wishes to participate in the Rule 5 draft on the final day of the meetings.

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Dodgers Roster: What to Do About that Payroll Issue?


In a column over the weekend, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times wrote about the organizational spending of the Dodgers, and how the team needs to reduce payroll. In the piece, he states that the Dodgers are mandated by Major League Baseball to reduce their debt in order conform with the league’s rules. The overall of goal is to have payroll closer to $200 million by 2018, down from its high that was close to $300 million in 2015.

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