Dodgers Roster: A Few Thoughts Surrounding the Starting Rotation

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For as long as the starting rotation of the Dodgers has been bitten by the injury bug so far this season, to say that it’s relieving to see the crew getting healthier would be an understatement. Furthermore, based on the current state of all the available starters in the organization, many fans are wondering if the front office will be searching for another starter to add to the mix as the July 31 non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

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Dodgers’ Starting Rotation Finally Approaching Full-Strength

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If you happened to catch one of several breaking stories during Monday’s rather lengthy delay in Chicago, you would have learned that staff ace Clayton Kershaw may soon be ready for major league action, coming one step closer to bringing the club’s starting rotation back to the original Opening day five.

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Dodgers 25-Man Roster: The Current State of the Starting Rotation

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When considering all the injuries the original starting rotation of the Dodgers has suffered so far this season, somebody unfamiliar with the team would probably think the club is doomed to defeat, not having a chance to hang around in its respective division race. However, in reality, the complete opposite may be true. In fact, with all the arms that are present in the current rotation mix, Los Angeles may have a better chance of success right now than they’ve had all year.

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Dodgers Roster: First Week Pitching Performance Evaluations

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It’s been a happy, yet rough week for the Dodgers. On Thursday, Clayton Kershaw tossed the first pitch to Yasmani Grandal, marking the official commencement of the 2018 season. Since then, we have seen some remarkable pitching performances, as well as some we wish could be erased, or redone.

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How Do the Dodgers’ 3-4-5 Starters Stack Up in the NL West?

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Do you really think it’s Clayton Kershaw who’s going to pitch the Los Angeles Dodgers the National League pennant again this season?

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More Thoughts About the Dodgers 2018 Starting Rotation


First and foremost, happy 30th birthday to the best pitcher on the planet, our very own Clayton Kershaw. Even though it seems that he has been with the Dodgers for a nice long time, it doesn’t seem that he should yet be at the ripe old age of 30.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: What Lies Ahead for Walker Buehler in 2018?


This year feels slightly different in one area for the Dodgers. In the last couple years, the Dodgers have had an excess of starting pitchers. Not necessarily pitchers that were top-of-the-line, but pitchers they thought maybe could help them throughout the year. They knew they had issues, and they were just hoping for the best. But this year there doesn’t seem to be a true excess of pitching waiting in the wings to step up if one or two pitchers happen to go down.

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Old, New, Blue and Ryu: The Dodgers’ Over-30 Pitchers

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(Editor’s note: TBPC would like to welcome Ben Kirst to the site’s writing team. Despite spending most of his life in Western New York, Ben is a lifelong fan of the Dodgers, and his writing experience has included coverage of the Buffalo Bills and Sabres, Canisius College hockey, University at Buffalo basketball and various D-3/high school sports. He managed, edited and wrote for for seven years. He also contributed to for three years and The Dunkirk (N.Y.) Observer for another four. Hopefully, Ben will tolerate all of our antics here at TBPC and continue to contribute many insightful articles in the future. Feel free to give him a follow on Twitter @BK77.)

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Dodgers Roster: A Few Starting Rotation Ideas for 2018


Aside from the big Charlie Culberson trade with the Braves, which essentially moved $47 million in payroll and opened up three roster spots, the Dodgers have been pretty quiet so far this winter. On Thursday, Dennis took a an early look at what the rotation in Oklahoma City might be. With the movement of Scott Kazmir and Brandon McCarthy to the Braves, where does that leave the big league rotation?

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Dodgers Starting Rotation: A Few Preliminary Thoughts Heading into 2018

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With the hot stove season and baseball’s winter meetings inching ever so closer, there has been a huge amount of chatter and speculation among followers of the Dodgers surrounding potential trades or the addition of a few free agents. But while the squad will indeed have a slightly different look come spring, there’s a pretty good chance that management builds the 25-man roster from the existing framework within the organization. Last week, general manager Farhan Zaidi addressed the media, stating that he thinks the roster won’t need much work.

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