The Whole Kenley Jansen Thing

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While there are numerous factors which have contributed to the substandard performance of the Dodgers during the first three weeks of the season, none appear to be more disconcerting than the effectiveness of team closer Kenley Jansen.

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Dodgers’ Offense Finally Stepping Up, Despite All the Overthinking


The Dodgers may have recently started to turn a corner, at least in the offense department. Time will tell if they can actually keep it up. The last two pitching performances by Clayton Kershaw and Hyun-Jin Ryu have been pretty darn good, too. If Kenta Maeda and Alex Wood can both have good starts after their previous outings which were atrocious, we might be able to see that the Dodgers are indeed finally on an upswing.

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Some Reasons Why Baseball Is Important & A Few Rules for Being a Good Fan

dugout (1)
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There’s a lot of panic on Dodger Twitter right now. Understandably so, because the Dodgers are struggling and have been since opening day. Slow starts, April games, too early to be meaningful—all true. But it’s not much fun for Dodgers fans.

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Are the Dodgers Trying to Be Just a Little Too Versatile?

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Many fans talk about team chemistry and continuity often. We normally hear about it when a team is amid a rough losing skid, or, conversely, when a club is winning games on a daily basis, sometimes setting historical franchise records in the process.

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Dodgers Need a Shake-Up Heading into Diamondbacks Series


Nothing seems to be coming easy early in the Dodgers‘ 2018 season. It currently feels like the team is stuck in a two steps forward, one step back rut. After a nice little two game winning streak where it felt like maybe things were turning around, the Dodgers got drubbed by the Oakland A’s Wednesday night, 16-6.

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Dodgers Offense: Bats May Finally Be Headed in Right Direction

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers
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While it was only four runs and against one of the not-so-stellar pitching staffs in baseball, the Dodgers‘ slumbering offense may finally be showing some signs of waking up.

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Breaking Down the Dodgers’ Early-Season Struggles

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Is this the team we know? Is this the team that lost 11 straight and caused worry in even some of the most devout fans? Is this the team that lost Game 7 of the World Series?

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Dodgers Roster: What Does the Offense Need to Improve?

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If you’ve been a long time reader of this column or a follower of mine on Twitter, you know that I always do my best not to overreact to the ups and downs of a long baseball season. Admittedly, sometimes this is much harder than other times. The beginning of this season has definitely been a challenge. Still, I am not overly worried overall about the state of the Dodgers.

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Dodgers Hope to Use Day(s) Off to Set Things Right

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One week into the Dodgers‘ 2018 season and a lot of fans are letting the negative thoughts run in their heads. It’s not the optimal start to the season we were all hoping for, but it’s still not time to panic.

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Exorcising Your Dodger Demons, Plus TBPC’s First Fan Giveaway of 2018


If you’re one of the millions of people enjoying the show This Is Us, you’ll know that Randall and his wife Beth do a thing before a big event called “Worst Case Scenario.” They vocalize the worst things that could happen, in thought that they could prepare themselves for such an instance. Today, the day before Opening Day, we are going to do that. Vocalize our worst fears, in anticipation of them happening and setting ourselves up to deal, or, more likely, them not happening and our worse fears never being realized.

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