Unexpected Dodgers Key to Season and Possibly Postseason


While the Dodgers no longer have the best record in the Major Leagues, they still do lead the National League in wins. They are currently eight games ahead of the Atlanta Braves, to whom they just lost two-of-three over the weekend.

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Dodgers by the Numbers, So Far


After a brouhaha with the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday evening where the Dodgers bullpen squandered yet another game, and closer Archie Bradley had some words with the Dodgers’ dugout, the Boys in Blue rebounded and collected yet another series win.

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Dodgers’ Main Competition Is Amongst Themselves


The Dodgers are now heading into the dog days of summer, with an 18 game lead in their division and a nine game lead for home field advantage throughout the National League playoffs.

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What MLB-Ready Player Might the Dodgers Be Willing to Trade?


Only a week left until the trade deadline, a week left for the Dodgers‘ Front Office to pull of a trade that will get them the World Series ring Los Angeles so desires.

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For Dodgers Fans, Waiting is the Hardest Part


The Dodgers swept the Marlins, as they should. It was a typical Dodgers series, a close game, a blowout, and an (almost) blown save by the bullpen.

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Some Thoughts on the Dodgers’ Bullpen Woes


Kenley Jansen got hit literally and figuratively in last night’s game, and ended up blowing the save. The Dodgers, down 6-1 at one point, had battled back to make it an 8-6 game going into the ninth inning. Jansen was hit with a comebacker, and ended up giving up a walk-off hit to Bryce Harper.

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What Happens to Dodgers Roster When Key Players from IL Return?


The Dodgers have finished the first half of the season with the best record in the major leagues, sitting at 60-32. They reached 30, 40, 50, and 60 wins before any other team in the major leagues, and are three games ahead of both the New York Yankees and Houston Astros. They’ve done this with some of their best players on the IL (and a shaky bullpen).

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Dodgers Should Look for Second Closer, and Soon


Happy Monday Dodgers fans! Let’s start our week off looking at some numbers. Hyun-Jin Ryu has a 1.26 ERA and the Dodgers have 48 wins, tied with the Houston Astros for best record in all of the major leagues.

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Dodgers Have Luxury of Time to Figure it Out


There is no doubt that the Dodgers are a really good team, and there is also no doubt that they still have some issues. The good news is that there is time until the playoffs to deal with them.

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