Dodgers Non-Tender Garcia, Offer Contracts to Remaining Arb-Eligible Players


As the off-season keeps rumbling along, we’ve reached another milestone. Today at 5pm Pacific was the deadline for players to be offered a tendered contract for the 2020 season.

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Several Very Interesting Steamer Projections for 2020

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Not only are projection systems useful tools for the fantasy player, but they are also commonly used by baseball executives when trying to evaluate players across the majors with little information at hand. Some front offices have their own separate rating systems which use complex formulas and logarithms. Andrew Friedman of the Dodgers is believed to have one of the most extensive.

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Being Thankful for All Things Dodgers


While the last few (OK, 31 and counting) seasons have not ended the way that Dodgers fans would like, we still have so much to be thankful for.

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More Thoughts on the Astros Cheating Scandal


As time goes on, more facts come to light about the Houston Astros and their alleged advanced sign-stealing in the 2017 regular season, postseason, and beyond—something many fans of the Dodgers have been keeping a close eye on.

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Dodgers’ Front Office Needs to Put Arrogance Aside


There is plenty of time in the long, dark offseason to second-guess and armchair quarterback what should have happened with the Dodgers in the 2019 playoffs, and what should happen over the coming winter.

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Thoughts on the Houston Astros’ Cheating Controversy


News has been spreading the last few days around the Major League Baseball world that the Houston Astros cheated in 2017, and possibly beyond. This supposed cheating involved sign stealing, and relaying it to Astros batters during home games, giving them an unfair advantage.

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Max Muncy Laying Foundation for Impressive Career


With not much going on in the hot stove world of baseball yet, and it being the end of a decade, a lot of other Dodgers blogs and sites are doing best of the 2010’s, or making lists of their favorite players of the last decade.

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A Quick Look at a Few Free Agents the Dodgers Could Target

Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports

Today in the baseball world, teams and players had to decide if they would extend qualifying offers or opt out of their current contracts, respectively. The Dodgers only had one player in this category—Kenley Jansen, who last week decided that he will chose to stay in Los Angeles for his last two years of his contract.

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Dodgers Reportedly Pursuing Trade for Francisco Lindor


As he continues his dominance in the 2019 postseason, Geritt Cole has fans everywhere wondering if the Dodgers front office might consider going against their set-imposed rule of not giving out a long term, high-priced salary.

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A Very Preliminary Look at the 2020 Bullpen


We’ve reached the time in October when the World Series is set to begin. While many fans of the Dodgers may not be watching or even paying attention to the playoffs for varying reasons, I for one am intrigued to see if the underdog Washington Nationals can indeed take down the mighty Houston Astros.

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