Dodgers Are 2020 World Series Champions

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Enough about 1988! For the first time in 32 years, the Dodgers have won the World Series. The seventh title in franchise history. The most tumultuous year of the century in which many didn’t know what was in store, with baseball as an afterthought. No one knew if a Major League season would even take place. But baseball eventually got up and dusted itself off, and in the end, one team was standing—the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Dodgers fell behind early as Randy Arozarena continued his postseason for the ages. He hit his tenth homer of the postseason off Dodger starter Tony Gonsolin to give the Rays an early 1-0 lead in the first inning.

Dodger Manager Dave Roberts was hoping to get more innings out of Gonsolin, but he only got a mere 1 ⅔ frames. Gonsolin allowed one run on three hits and two walks and was relieved by Dylan Floro in the second inning. From there on, the Dodger carousel of pitching would continue. Left-hander Alex Wood came in after Floro, then came Pedro Baez followed by Victor Gonzalez, and Brusdar Graterol.

The bullpen only allowed one hit and pitched 7-1/3 scoreless innings. Julio Urias came in the seventh and was absolutely electric one again, not allowing a batter to reach base, much as he did in the NLCS.

Former American League Cy Young Award winner Blake Snell was dominating the Dodgers through the early innings similar to what he did in Game 2. Snell had the whole Dodger offense swinging silly. He only allowed two hits and struck out nine batters. Still, he was pulled in the sixth inning to the shock of the whole baseball world after only 73 pitches and allowing his second hit of the night to Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes.

In came Rays right-handed reliever Nick Anderson, and in came the second-guessing. Mookie Betts hit a double to move Barnes to third base, and a wild pitch would tie up the game. Corey Seager stepped up to plate next and hit a ground ball that didn’t even go 90 feet. But the insane baserunning speed of Betts was good enough for him to slide in front of the tag for a 2-1 Dodger lead.

The Dodgers later threatened in the seventh inning after Will Smith hit a leadoff double off the wall, but the Dodgers failed to bring in a run.

Betts then hit a bomb in the eighth inning, which surely made the entire city of Boston turn off the game.

Urias pitched a 1-2-3 ninth inning to make the Dodgers Champions.

Seager was named the World Series Most Valuable Player.

I think I can speak for many fans of the Dodgers, but we will surely be having a good night’s sleep.

What a year it was.

They’ve finally done it.

7 thoughts on “Dodgers Are 2020 World Series Champions

  1. I’m really thrilled for the team and for all of us fans but really bummed about JT. He’s the heart and soul of this team and the thought that he’s sitting in a hotel room somewhere with a positive test and not able to celebrate with his teammates really bothers the hell out of me. I hope that somehow it was a false positive and that at least he’ll be able to head home with the team and celebrate on the plane. If not, I hope he’s symptom free and that no one else on the team or his family comes down with it.

    1. I equally feel as shitty for JT there Jeff. He’s straw that stirs the whiskey drink and everyone loves him. I think for him and only hi I’d send away all wives and children and no player personnel and just say “fuck it you’re a big part of why we got here so let’s party and if we get it, we get it.” It’s not like guys in that kind of shape are going get sick from it even if they test positive. It was the last time to party with that special group and you could feel it. Guys like Kiké, Joc and Baez you know are gone and Austin Barnes is going to get a solid offer to be an everyday starting catcher. Decisions will have to be made regarding Kenley’s huge contract for not the sane ability and you then there’s the man himself, JT. I’m not worried with him though, he will be the kind of guy that signs 1 year team friendly deals every season so he can stay where he at and play ball from home. I’d say the DH staying around would make Joc and Kiké possibilities but teams will covet Joc’s raw power vs RHB and like can play every position on the the field and play it with solid defense while also giving some pop off the bench so he’s going to have a solid market. Luckily we found our future replacements for far less money. Rios will take over the Joc role, Lux will either be the starting 2B which I’m sure is the hopeful plan with Chris Taylor handling the utility role which is basically a platoon for Lux at 2B and AJ Pollock’s relief in LF. Most would want Ruiz backing up Smith next year but I secretly hope we can keep Barnes at a reasonable deal and make Ruiz trade bait since Smith is no 100% our clear future. Offer Barnes 2 years $5million (over double what he made last year at 29) to be CK’s personal catcher and try to package a trade around Ruiz to Milwaukee for either Devin Williams or Josh Hader or both. William preferred. The bullpen will be the one area that will need to be rebuilt next year even with their good performance.

      1. You brought up a lot of stuff there Alex.

        Barnes – we have control of him for two more seasons so he’ll be here unless AF decides to trade him.

        JT – as upset as I was when I thought he wouldn’t be able to celebrate, I’m even more upset that he was allowed out on the field after the game when they knew he had tested positive. Part of the time he was out there he didn’t even have a mask on. It’s one thing if his teammates decided the hell with it, we want you here, but he also exposed all the wives, girlfriends and kids. Yes, younger people are far less likely to have problems if they contract Covid, but a few do. It simply wasn’t worth the risk.

        Hot Stove – it sure is nice going into the off season with our conversations about how to tweek the roster knowing that we’re the champs. I’m assuming JT will be back, slight chance that Baez returns, but I would be surprised if either Joc or Kike are part of the 2021 roster. We shall see. In any case, it’s great sharing victory this with all of you who comment here.

  2. Glad the curse is ended. 32 years in the rear view now and all Dodgerland is elated. Corey Seager wins the MVP and a sweet new ride. Glad they quit giving away Corvettes.

  3. One last thing as we put the 2020 season to bed. On behalf of myself and the rest of the Shlemmings, I would like to congratulate Andrew Friedman on being the best baseball GM/Pres of all time, the best sports GM/Pres of all time and the best human being of all time. That fact can no longer be denied, as I am sure you will agree Bear.

  4. Game finished at 5am here, I cried after the final out and slept 2,5h. Would doing it again anytime !
    G6 was won when the bullpen declared “thou shall not pass” to the TB hitters. They are a much maligned group (sometime deservingly so) but they did an AMAZING job (Floro !! 3 pitches and bye bye Arozarena and take your 2 baserunners back to the dugout with you). And Roberts pushed all the right buttons…

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