For the Dodgers, What a Difference a Year Makes

We are still waiting for any news of the 2021 season, and what it will look like, especially for the Los Angeles Dodgers. But exactly one year ago was when their fortunes changed for the better.

Of course, the Dodgers’ fortunes had been pretty darn good for the seven seasons running up to 2020. Seven straight NL West Division titles and two trips to the World Series. Obviously, they hadn’t yet managed to win that elusive ring, mostly because of some extra help on behalf of the Houston Astros, but still, most teams would have been extremely happy with what the Dodgers had accomplished in the 2010s.

As discussed many times here and elsewhere, Los Angeles was still looking for that missing puzzle piece that would finally put them over the top. They tried to lure many a big name free agent to sign with them and were discussed ad nauseum in any and all intriguing trade scenarios. On February 4, 2020, they finally got their perfect fit when they acquired Mookie Betts and David Price via trade with the Boston Red Sox.

Tweet from Jeff Passan announcing the Betts/Price trade

Of course, it would be awhile before the trade was official. It would be five days until the final incantation would be worked out, with the Dodgers having two separate trades with two different teams, as opposed to the three-team trade that was originally proposed. Regardless, everything worked out exactly as it should have.

The pandemic put a big halt to fans seeing Mookie play in a Dodger uniform past Spring Training. With the uncertainty of the season, some wondered if they ever would. Betts was only under contract for the Dodgers until the end of the season, and if baseball wasn’t played at all, the trade would’ve been for naught.

President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman had other ideas. While baseball was on a hiatus, Friedman worked with Betts and his agent to make the All-Star right fielder a Dodger for life. They signed Betts to a 12-year contract worth $365 million, making his total contract with the Dodgers 13 years, $392 million. Dodger fans everywhere rejoiced.

That move paid off right away. Betts took the helm at the top of the lineup and the top of the clubhouse guys and lead the team to a 43-17 record, which would’ve extrapolated to a 116-win season in regular times.

The Dodgers cruised through the Wild Card and NLDS rounds of the playoffs, only to hit a wall in the Atlanta Braves. Down 3-1, the Dodgers were sparked of their comeback by Mookie, who along with Cody Bellinger made spectacular catches to save crucial runs and finally mount the comeback to win the NLCS.

Betts’ speed on the base paths was something to behold, often working double-time to plate a run himself. It was his mere presence at the top of the lineup that caused Tampa Bay manager Kevin Cash to pull Blake Snell, who had been cruising on just 76 pitches, out of Game 6 of the World Series. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Of course, one man does not a team make; but with a team as already stacked as the Dodgers, it takes someone special to be dynamic, fit right in, and lead the way to the Promised Land. Mookie did all of that an more, helping players like Austin Barnes feel more comfortable at the plate to be more valuable than just Clayton Kershaw’s personal catcher.

MLB Network has been counting down their Top 10 at every position throughout the last month and on Wednesday, they announced their choices for right field. While the discourse was between he and Juan Soto, Betts was chosen as the number one right fielder in all of baseball. And he will retire as a Dodger, and hopefully add another ring or two to his already expansive repertoire of awards.

And while Price has yet to pitch in a meaningful game for the Dodgers, as he opted out of the 2020 season due to health concerns, the other player that joined the Dodgers from that trade scenario did make quick impact upon his new team.

Brusdar Graterol quickly became a fan favorite with his quick smile, his celebrations for his teammates, and his easy 101 mph fastball. He was a key part of the Dodgers’ bullpen throughout the playoffs and looks to continue to be so through the next few seasons.

We don’t of course know yet what the coming year will bring. Hopefully, more than 60 games of baseball, healthy players, and another Championship Title. Even though 2020 gave us one of the worst years possible, it still gave we Dodger fans a World Series and Mookie Betts.


8 thoughts on “For the Dodgers, What a Difference a Year Makes

  1. It’s important to remember the Dodgers were projected at 116 wins if it were a regular season They ran away from the rest of the league with Muncy and Bellinger having subpar seasons offensively. Turner missed a month. Price opted out. Lux did not get to the MLB until later and then was ineffective. Even without Turner the Dodgers have been rated as having the best starting line up in the MLB. Young players like Smith, Gonsolin, May, Graterol, and Gonzalez all showed their worth. Urias to me is the wildcard as once they figured out his mechanical problem and had him pitch from the stretch he was almost unbeatable. If Urias continues his dominate pitching the Dodgers will have the best rotation in the league.
    Props to the Padres but I do not think it will be enough to beat the Dodgers.

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  2. Actually Soto was rated the best RF in the league. A totally ridiculous pick. Put their stats side by side, and Mookie is far and away the better player. New is Bauer will make his decision by this weekend. Mets and Dodgers last two men standing. No way the Dodgers match the Mets 4 years 100 million. If he signs a one year deal, maybe they would bite. But not at 30 million a year. He has had 2 good seasons as a major leaguer, he brings a boatload of attitude and arrogance. I just do not see how he fits in a club house as tight as LA’s. Also, MLB Insider is reporting that Turner is close to a deal to play with the Brewers.


    1. It actually was Betts, Bear. I have the photo proof 😉. A couple people like Mike Petriello did pick Soto over Betts. Last I saw it was 3 years, $97M for Bauer with an opt out after the first year. I heard on a Mets radio show the Dodgers offered 2 years, but don’t know at what value. And I don’t think the Brewers are close on Turner, but they’re definitely interested in him

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      1. Poll I saw was on twitter. No biggie, Dodger fans know who is the best. Nightengale is reporting as of an hour ago that the Dodgers and Bauer have a deal. Yesterday he said the Mets had a deal with him. Make up Your mind already.

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      2. I do not see the Dodgers have a burning need for Bauer. The Dodgers have riches when it comes to young pitchers. If the Dodgers want to spend money or make a big trade they should get a right-handed bat that makes contact and has some power. If Turner decides to sign somewhere else we wish him the best. I read the same rating thing that Andy Lane Chapman. They rated Betts the best RF by a whisker stating that Soto is the best hitter in baseball. One even called him a new Ted Williams. Soto is an amazing hitter. But while Betts does put up very good offensive numbers he is so much more. His defense, speed, mentorship, & leadership make him the consummate professional. His defense and disruptive baserunning changes games.

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      3. Yeah I don’t know why they didn’t take the defense into more consideration seeing, you know, it was the position they were ranking. Soto may end up being better in the long run but right now Betts is the best

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  3. Well nice try Padres but look at that Dodger rotation!
    That should be terrifying every other team in MLB right now as they officially have no equal now. There isn’t even a debate who has the best rotation in baseball anymore. The Dodgers are clearly going all in these next 2 years and why not? Damn the torpedoes! Now finish this off right and bring the heart of the team back even if you have to give him an extra year I think Red has earned it. He’s been the perfect player on the field and off and he can still play a good 3B even if he’s aging. Give JT 2 years $25 million and jets go run it back.


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