Underachieving Dodgers Salvage Final Game of Cincinnati Series


Just when you think the Dodgers are about to push themselves out of the 2018 playoff picture, they surprise you—like winning two out of three in a volatile setting like Denver. Yet on the other hand, right when you think the Boys in Blue have established momentum and might make a run at another division title, they lose two at home to the lowly Mets, then another two on the road to the cellar-dwelling Reds.

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Dodgers’ Offense Continues to Flex Muscles Against Rangers


Say the words “Houston Astros” in L.A., and you’ll get a variety of responses but, more often than not, you’ll hear tales of the 2017 World Series. The cities of Houston and Los Angeles are forever connected and, until the Dodgers get a second chance, Houston will be the hero of that tale. Travel 258 miles North up I-45, however, and you’ll hear a different story.

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Dodgers’ Offense Spearheads Weekend Sweep of Rockies

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Although it took just shy of eight years to accomplish, the Dodgers walked away with a three-game sweep of the Rockies on Sunday afternoon—and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Reinforcements Arrive, But Dodgers Are Still Stumbling


Allow me to start off by saying that Justin Turner has only been back for one game, and fans should be under no impression that the Dodgers will turn things around right away. However,  Turner’s first game back brought little to no hope to a team stuck in a losing streak.

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Dodgers Remain Optimistic During Dreadful Losing Spell

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After losing to the Reds in the third game of the four-game set, the Dodgers have now dropped six of their last seven games and are in danger of being swept by a club that had the worst record in the bigs not even a week ago.

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Dodgers’ Pitching Staff Deals No-Hitter in Monterrey


Slowly but surely it appears as if the Dodgers are changing course. The club won its third game in a row on Friday evening in Monterrey, doing so in very impressive fashion.

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Dodgers Weekend Roundup: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly


The Dodgers started the 2018 season in record-breaking fashion. That doesn’t necessarily mean it was good, though. The Dodgers are the first team in MLB history to allow only two runs in an opening four game series. Still, they only managed to split the series with their rival San Francisco Giants.

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Dodgers Fall to Giants in 2018 Home Opener


Opening Day did not end the way Dodgers fans would have like it to. In the first game of the year against the rival San Francisco Giants, the Dodgers bat were relatively silent all afternoon, as the club could not muster a single run.

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5 Very Early Dodgers Predictions After Just One Cactus League Game


Here is Northeast Pennsylvania, it is cold and rainy. But in Arizona, it’s warmer, and Dodger baseball games are being played again. Meaningless games, but games, nonetheless. It does a body good. I know so many of us are still hungover from the World Series, but there’s just something about the first game, hearing Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser again, seeing those men on the field, that maybe we have hope again.

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Dodgers Rally Late, Tie World Series with Convincing Game 4 Win

(Mandatory Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

With the entirety of baseball still thinking about Game 3 of the World Series, it was time to play ball once again.

Going into Game 4, with Alex Wood on the mound, Dave Roberts sent the same lineup to the field as he had in Game 3. Though Cody Bellinger has had his struggles recently, he stayed in the cleanup spot, and Joc Pederson remained the DH.

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