Dodgers Hope to Carry Momentum Through Current Homestand


The high-powered Dodgers offense had a very good weekend at home, scoring a total of 26 runs, and they didn’t score less than six runs in any one game. Even though the beginning of Saturday’s game looked as though it may be bad, even possibly a no-hitter, the offense battled back to score six runs. Invariably. that was not enough to win the game. However, the Dodgers still took three of four from the struggling Marlins.

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Injuries Continue to Haunt Dodgers


It just doesn’t seem that the Dodgers can catch a break. On the same night that saw Adrian Gonzalez return from his first-ever stint on the disabled list, it appears that the Dodgers might lose their All-Star caliber third baseman Justin Turner.

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Dodgers Head to San Francisco After Missed Opportunities in Colorado


Hindsight is always 20/20. Of course. But I bet that Dave Roberts wishes he would’ve pulled a different play in the top of the first inning yesterday. Instead of having Chris Taylor swing away, he called for a sacrifice squeeze. The Dodgers already had two runs in, and two runners on base. Instead of getting to the rookie pitcher early, Taylor hit into a inning ending double-play where Utley was tagged out trying to go home and Yasmani Grandal was tagged trying to head into third.

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5 Things Dodgers Fans Learned During Opening Series vs. Padres

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Outside of a dreary evening against Padres’ starter Clayton Richard on Tuesday, the Dodgers‘ opening series of the 2017 campaign turned out to be quite productive. Three wins in four games is a solid outcome for Los Angeles, as the crew now prepares to carry its momentum to the mountains of Denver for a three-game set against the Rockies.

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Dodgers Thump Padres in Grand Fashion


The Dodgers 2017 season started with a strikeout of Manuel Margot by Clayton Kershaw, courtesy of Public Enemy No. 1, Kershaw’s curve ball.

The rest of the inning did not go quite as smoothly. Wil Myers hit to Corey Seager at short, and Corey committed his first error of the year on the throw to Adrian Gonzalez, advancing Myers to second. He then headed to third on a passed ball by Yasmani Grandal, and scored on a hit by Yangervis Solarte. Kershaw got out of the inning, and things got much better from there.

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Dodgers Topple White Sox in Cactus League Opener


The Los Angeles Dodgers began their 2017 Cactus League campaign with a 5-3 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Saturday afternoon at Camelback Ranch in Glendale.

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Over When It’s Over 

“Now it’s over when it’s over
Ain’t it baby, ain’t it
Rips ya like a dagger,
Can it baby, can it
Wish we could do it over
Damn it baby, damn it
We had it in the air, but just couldn’t land it”

~Eric Church

2016 NLCS Game 3---Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs
2016 NLCS Game 3—Dodgers beat the Cubs 6-0-Los Angeles Dodgers vs Chicago Cubs Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Photo by Jon SooHoo/© Los Angeles Dodgers, LLC 2016

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Dodgers Head Home in Defeat, Look Towards 2017

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While it was natural for many fans of the Dodgers to express disappointment in the team’s loss to the Cubs in the 2016 NLCS, there are plenty of positives surrounding the club in the coming year, and once the anguish passes and the dust settles, forecasts for 2017 will be loaded with a wealth of confidence.

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Just When I Needed You Most 

“‘Cause I need you more than I needed before
And now where I’ll find comfort, God knows
‘Cause you left me just when I needed you most
Left me just when I needed you most.”

~Randy VanWarmer


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Heart Attack

“If you only knew what you’re putting me through
There’s that heart attack
You’re givin’ me a heart attack
A heart attack, you’re givin’ me a heart attack
I must have died and gone to heaven
What a way to go”

~Olivia Newton-John


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