Dodgers Bullpen Shines in Houston, Plus Arizona Series Preview


“My head was, we need to get off this two game snide (sic) and win a game against a good ball club at their place. My heart was saying ‘I wanna beat the crap out of this team and win two games.’”

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Dodgers Need to Find Ways to Spark Offense, If Season Continues


In a normal season, if the Dodgers had gotten off to a 2-2 start, fans would grumble and make excuses while probably being a little concerned—overall it wouldn’t be that big a deal. After all, even though the Dodgers were playing the San Francisco Giants, who are most definitely in a rebuilding year, it’s still the Giants, and crazy things happen in games against them.

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How Will Dodgers Handle Closer’s Role in 2020?

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As 2020 Summer Camp continues to sputter along, the Dodgers will soon be shifting their focus on composing a preliminary 30-man Opening Day roster, being that the first official contest of the year against the Giants is less than two weeks away.

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Dodgers Opinions: 3 Questions to Answer Before Start of Play


We are now just two weeks away from the start of the 2020 season, such as it is, and hope that it will happen. While some things are known, like Clayton Kershaw being the Opening Day starter, and what the schedule will look like, there are still a lot of things left to be decided and worked out.

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What Lies Ahead for Dustin May?


As things were progressing during Spring Training 1.0 earlier in the year, it seemed as if the Dodgers were planning on starting hard-throwing righty Dustin May at Triple-A Oklahoma City in its rotation, at least for the beginning of the season.

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Dodgers Have Deep Selection of Available Arms

(Gregory Bull/Associated Press)

The extra players available in the 2020 player pool could give Dodgers‘ manager Dave Roberts up to 30 pitchers to select from for his final roster by Opening Day. These same pitchers, however, only have three weeks to get stretched out after dealing with four idle months they’re not used to having.

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Dodgers 26-Man Roster: Exactly How Good Is the Bullpen Depth?

santanad (1)
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As we’ve been talking about the prospective Opening Day roster for quite some time now, there’s no doubt the bullpen is an area of the team which may not be solidified until the final days of camp.

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Contemplating the Bullpen’s Final Bubble Spots


While it’s certainly still a bit too soon to offer any type of 26-man roster projections, most folks who follow the Dodgers closely wouldn’t have much difficulty in putting together the bulk of the Opening Day roster right now.

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Dodgers Pitching Showing Early Indications of Good Health and Form

(Mandatory Credit: David Goldman/AP)

It’s extremely early to get excited about things that could inherently go wrong down the line for the Dodgers pitching staff, but two things stand out so far. They are happy, and more importantly, healthy.

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Kenley Jansen Hopes to Find Peak Form Early

(Joe Camporeale/USA TODAY Sports)

While the state of the Dodgers‘ bullpen was one of the most heavily discussed topics of the winter, it comes as no surprise that many eyes have been focused on Kenley Jansen during the early days of spring camp at Camelback Ranch.

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