Dodgers Hope to Bring Winning Ways Home Against First-Place Rockies

Even if it isn’t the turnaround we’ve all been hoping for, even if it’s just a blip, an anomaly, the Dodgers sure gave us one heck of a fun weekend.

Think about all the crazy things that happened in the last four games. In the last game in Miami, Kenta Maeda has the best start of his Dodgers career after rumblings of moving him to the bullpen abound. The Dodgers got multiple hits with runners on base.

In Washington, after a rainout on Friday, three games in 48 hours gave us, in no particular order, Alex Wood stealing a base. The starting pitcher in the second game, Rich Hill, leaving after just two pitches. The Dodgers got not one but two home runs with runners on base, something they had failed to achieve over the last 19 games. They had four lead-off singles and scored all four of them. They came from behind to win in the ninth inning.

They won all three games against the Nationals, while facing Scherzer and Strasburg. Those pitchers got to to 118 and 115 pitches in 7th innings, respectively, and had leads on both. When the bullpen gave up the lead in the Scherzer game, L.A. handed Sean Doolittle his first blown save since September of 2017.

These were things that we expected from the 2017 team, that we had yet to see this year. Finally, it seems like they are playing as a team.

“It’s about grinding, it’s about putting team at bats, and we did all day today, and this entire series,” Enrique Hernandez told Alanna Rizzo after the game on Sunday. “And I feel like we’re headed in the right direction right now.”

It sure seems that way. With the return of Justin Turner, the team appears to have gotten a little of the swag back that I previously had lamented that they were lacking. They have gotten production from unlikely people—Matt Kemp is still producing, and Max Muncy, while maybe not a Cody Bellinger-like boost from last year, has been a very nice addition to the lineup. Muncy being able to field multiple positions only adds to his value. Ross Stripling had a fantastic outing against the Nationals and has proven to be a welcome addition to a depleted pitching staff.

The Dodgers start a three-game series against the Colorado Rockies tonight at home, and it will certainly be a test to see if they have actually righted the ship. Thanks to a huge losing streak by the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Rockies come into Los Angeles in first place. And also thanks to that losing streak, the Dodgers are now only five games out of first place in the division. Clayton Kershaw, barring any set backs, could be back in the next week or two.

There are still issues, no doubt about it. Even when Kershaw comes back, the starting rotation probably could use another arm. Brock Stewart will start this week, but he may not be the answer. The bullpen, oh the bullpen. Still lots of issues with the bullpen. And one has to hope that the offense can remain hot. Still, it appears that the Dodgers are in fact headed in the right direction, back with the swagger we know they have, back to working their way back up to first place in the National League West.



Burst of Offense Rekindles Sense of Hope


The Dodgers waited all season for their captain to return, and it cannot be understated how much this lineup missed his presence. While they didn’t win the first two games of the series, they exploded for seven runs in Thursday’s game, five of the runs driven in by none other than Justin Turner.

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Will Clayton Kershaw’s Eventual Return Make a Difference?

(Mandatory Credit: Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times)

With each passing day, the Dodgers are inching ever so closer to being the worst team in the National League. With a 16-26 record, the 2018 version of the club is now tied for the worst start in franchise history. The Dodgers have also dipped to a point where they’re percentage points behind the Padres for the worst record in the West.

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Reinforcements Arrive, But Dodgers Are Still Stumbling


Allow me to start off by saying that Justin Turner has only been back for one game, and fans should be under no impression that the Dodgers will turn things around right away. However,  Turner’s first game back brought little to no hope to a team stuck in a losing streak.

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Have the Dodgers Hit Rock-Bottom?


It’s almost quite comical, really. The Dodgers are very, very bad. I’m almost convinced that if they tried to be this bad, they couldn’t be. This season has been the complete antithesis of last season. All you can do is laugh, mainly to stop yourself from crying or throwing things or whatever your coping mechanism might be.

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Could Latest Victory Against Diamondbacks Be a Sign of a Big Run?


The Dodgers seemingly did the impossible Wednesday night—defeating the Arizona Diamondbacks. The game saw the return of Yasiel Puig from the disabled list and his impact was immediate. Puig went 3-for-4 and scored twice, although he did have an error on a throw. The game had the outcome Dodger fans wanted, although there is still a lot of work to be done in the offensive department. Leaving eight men on base and only going 2-for-12 with RISP isn’t going to win you many games. Six runs seems good, until you realize it was mostly sacrifice flies and wild pitches getting them across the plate.

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Breaking Down Two Recent Free-Agent Deals and How They Affect the Dodgers

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The Dodgers have been quiet. Not too quiet, just quiet. They haven’t signed a big name free agent. They haven’t traded for the face of a franchise. They haven’t done much, but did they really need to?

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Do Dodgers Really Need to Do Anything Else this Winter?

(Photo by Stephen Carr, Daily Breeze/SCNG)

Theoretically, no. The Dodgers, the same team who almost won the World Series, are in fantastic shape. Looking solely at the Los Angeles roster, they don’t need to make any more additions. They have a great bullpen, a strong rotation, and a lineup capable of mass-producing runs. If this were last season, the Dodgers would have already won the West.

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Team Effort & Little More Magic Help Dodgers Take Control of NL West


This team. Every time you think a game’s over, it’s not. There’s always something happening, someone else stepping up to do the damage. Thursday night was another wild ending that resulted in a walkoff win for the Dodgers.

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Without Bellinger, Where Would Dodgers be in NL West Divisional Race?

(Mandatory Credit: David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)

Much has already been written about Cody Bellinger over the past few months, but until we did some of the math for ourselves, it was difficult to perceive where the Dodgers would be in the standings of the National League West without the presence of the 21-year-old slugger.

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