Dodgers Look to Even NLCS Against Braves

After a grueling five game series against the San Francisco Giants, and all the celebrations that happened afterwards, the Los Angeles Dodgers flew across the country to Atlanta to take on the Braves in Game 1 of the NLCS.

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Dodgers Play Second Elimination Game in a Week

The Los Angeles bats once again fell asleep, this time being shut out Monday in a 1-0 defeat to the San Francisco Giants in Game 3 of the National League Division Series.

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News and Notes Ahead of NLDS Game 3

After splitting the first two games of the NLDS in San Francisco, the Los Angeles Dodgers now are set to play the first of two games at home against the Giants. And if they have it their way, they will win them both, not have to go back to San Francisco, and move on the NLCS.

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A Look Into The N.L. Wildcard Game

The regular season has now been wrapped up, and the new season begins. The playoffs that is!

The Dodgers finished with 106 wins and their reward for that? The St. Louis Cardinals, who are coming off a recent 17-game winning streak, in a Wild Card game.

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Dodgers Looking for Backups to Step Up Big in Playoffs in Light of Injuries

Well, the 2021 Los Angeles Dodgers had a hell of a season. Unforgettable in so many different ways. 106 wasn’t quite good enough to win the NL West this year however, and so the Dodgers are now preparing themselves for a Wild Card game to decide if they’re moving on in the postseason.

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Dodgers Host Brewers in Final Regular Season Series

Here we are through 159 games, only three games remain in this 162-game season. The final opponent before the postseason will be the Milwaukee Brewers, unless there happens to be a game 163 between the Giants and Dodgers.

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Dodgers Visit Arizona As Only Nine Games Remain in Regular Season

Nine games left! What a season it has been, and we’re still in for a critical finish. The Dodgers currently have the second-best record in the league at 98-55, but some fans are still content without that division crown.

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Dodgers Meet Rockies for Final Time in 2021

As the Dodgers enter the final stretch of the season, they are still only one game behind the Giants. If a tight division race wasn’t nerve-racking enough, being a game apart from your most hated vision rival adds another element.

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Dodgers Begin Important Nine-Game Road Trip

This weekend will be September baseball at its finest. With only 15 games left to play, many teams will be fighting for their playoff lives.

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Dodgers Begin Critical Homestand Against Padres, Diamondbacks

(Associated Press photo)

It is now really getting into crunch time as we enter the final weeks of the season. The Dodgers have dropped two consecutive one-run games to the St. Louis Cardinals before their return trip home.

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