Taking a Look at Several Possible Player Additions for Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been there and done that regarding big trades. Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, and Yu Darvish. Since the team is regularly among the perennial candidates, it is no debate as to why they execute these trades.

This trade deadline season isn’t any different, as the Dodgers have many names linked to them.
Even with a record of 66-32, the Dodgers are still looking to add pieces for the postseason push.

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Could Dodgers Be a Match for Juan Soto?

With the trade deadline just a few weeks away, there hasn’t been an overwhelming amount of news surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers, aside from a few whispers about infielder Brandon Drury and the perennial rumblings surrounding pitcher Luis Castillo.

The team has been somewhat busy on the bottom-end of the market, having brought back reliever Jake Reed after he was waived by the Mets and signing another reliever in Hansel Robles after being released by the Red Sox.

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Will Dodgers Be Busy at 2022 MLB Trade Deadline?

The trade deadline has been a game-changer for the Los Angeles Dodgers in recent years. Last year, the team traded for Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. The club also traded for Yu Darvish in 2017, and you can even go back to the start of the decade-long success with the Adrian Gonzalez trade in 2013.

But, will the Dodgers make any trades close to that magnitude this year? Similar to other seasons, the team is nursing injuries to key players such as Mookie Betts, Walker Buehler, Dustin May, and Blake Treinen, to name a few.

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Looking at Trea Turner’s Contract Situation

The MLB season is nearing the All-Star Break, with fans voting daily for their favorite players. For National League shortstops, the leading vote-getter is Trea Turner.

For the Dodgers, Turner has been the most consistent hitter all season long. The shortstop leads the Dodgers in batting average, RBI, stolen bases, and hits. Since getting traded to the Dodgers in the middle of last season, Turner won the batting title in 2021, and he has posted a WAR of 2.7 this season.

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Dodgers Looking to Add Depth in Outfield

Well here we are, another Monday, the Los Angeles Dodgers are still in first in the NL West, and one of the top teams in baseball.

Another Monday, and it still feels like this team is sleepwalking through the season. Another Monday, and the injury merry-go-round is still happening.

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Dodgers News and Notes – No Freeman Decision Yet, New Broadcasters and Players, and More

The Los Angeles Dodgers are finally all back in Spring Training, and it remains uncertain who else will be joining them at Camelback Ranch.

As of Tuesday morning, highly coveted free agent Freddie Freeman had yet to chose a team. On Monday, his prior team, the Atlanta Braves, made a huge trade with the Oakland Athletics to bring All-Star first baseman Matt Olson to Atlanta in exchange for four prospects. One would assume that that means that Freeman will not be returning to Atlanta.

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Juan Soto and Freddie Freeman – Future Dodgers?

The original start of Spring Training, when pitchers and catchers were to report, has come and gone, and yet no agreement has been met between the owners and players. The season most definitely will not start in time.

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Dodgers Holiday Wishlist

Since we are in the holiday season, and the MLB lock out has deprived us of much baseball content, we are going to take a look at a Dodgers wishlist.

Of course, this is all hypothetical since the lockout impedes any big league roster moves, but in a perfect world there is no lockout.

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On the Dodgers and Those Carlos Correa Rumors

The MLB Lockout has enters its second week, with no movement from either side. Still, rumors seem to abound about what players teams could be interested in when negotiations can resume.

Since Corey Seager signed a 10-year, $350M contract to play with the Texas Rangers, the Dodgers are said to have turned their sights on Carlos Correa.

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Latest Dodger Rumors as MLB Lockdown Goes Into Full Effect

We are in full lockdown mode now, since the MLB lockdown was made official on Wednesday. You may have seen all through Twitter how lonely the MLB website looks, and how all the profile pictures of players have been removed.

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