Looking at Trea Turner’s Contract Situation

The MLB season is nearing the All-Star Break, with fans voting daily for their favorite players. For National League shortstops, the leading vote-getter is Trea Turner.

For the Dodgers, Turner has been the most consistent hitter all season long. The shortstop leads the Dodgers in batting average, RBI, stolen bases, and hits. Since getting traded to the Dodgers in the middle of last season, Turner won the batting title in 2021, and he has posted a WAR of 2.7 this season.

However, the biggest question surrounding Turner is his contract. The 28-year-old is slated to be a free agent this winter. After Corey Seager left the Dodgers this past winter, Dodger faithful is hoping another shortstop doesn’t walk. It is a loaded shortstop free-agent class with Turner, Dansby Swanson, Xander Bogaerts, and Carlos Correa all potentially being on the market.

Turner has an excellent case for being the best player on the Dodgers. In my opinion, the Dodgers should do everything they can to re-sign him, but it is easier said than done.

Several rumors have connected Turner to the East Coast, most recently linking him to former teammate Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies. Turner is currently on a one-year, 21 million dollar deal with the Dodgers.

Last season, Seager reportedly rejected an extension from the Dodgers to test out free agency, and Turner could possibly follow suit.

Some pundits predict that Turner will get more money than Seager’s $325 million dollar deal with the Texas Rangers. Turner’s market value, according to SportTrac, is $30 million a year. However, Turner would turn 30 years old next season, unlike Seager, who is 28 years old this year. So, Turner could get a larger AAV but a shorter team deal.

The Dodgers also have several free agents along with Turner, including Clayton Kershaw, Andrew Heaney, and Tyler Anderson, all of who have enjoyed success this year. The Dodgers could try to bring all or some of these players back.

The team also has contract options for Max Muncy and Justin Turner. The club is hopeful that Trevor Bauer‘s money is gone as well. But big names such as Freddie Freeman and Mookie Betts are signed for the foreseeable future.

If Turner does walk, the Dodgers could hand the full-time shortstop position to Gavin Lux, who is batting .292 this season and has a .754 OPS. They can also turn their focus on the free agency market and target Bogaerts or even Correa, creating a potential stir among the fanbase.

Ultimately, the Dodger’s primary focus should be re-signing Turner, but if they cannot do so, it isn’t the end of the world. Fans hate to see a player like Turner leave, but at the end of the day, it is his decision . We might need to wait until the winter to find out.

25 thoughts on “Looking at Trea Turner’s Contract Situation

  1. As the Dodgers will have Rios and Vargas available in 2023 that play 3rd & JT is hitting AVG 216 OBP 287 SLG 344 OPS 631 I would think long and hard before re-signing him. Lux is showing he has matured with a 287 AVG 357 OBP & 745 SLG. And is still cost controlled. Muncy is obviously hurt. It’s a shame he is put out there. If u watch his at bats he is not very confident. Does Muncy ever regain his abilities? Time will tell there is a very fine margin between success and failure in baseball. I would think long before signing T Turner to a huge multi year deal. If the Dodgers have decided to use their young pitchers in 2023 they would have the financial resources to sign T Turner. Otherwise if they decide to sign a big $$ pitcher they might decide to go with Lux at SS..

  2. How close is Jacob Amaya? I would love to have Trea back next year, but, he is probably want around 8 years and $250M+. I can handle the #30M+ AAV, it is the length of the contract that would make me shy away. What kind of game will Trea have when he is 35, 36, 37, 38?

    1. That is always the concern is giving long term contracts to guys that r 29-30 as the team financially has a burden that is not worth the return in their later years. Although with T Turner his style should last for several years I believe.Amaya in my view must learn to take walks and work counts. He is a good defensively.

    2. I’d be very surprised to see Trea sign for under $300MM and it may very well not be with the Dodgers.
      Correa is public enemy number 1 in L.A.
      Bogaerts is considered great in the clubhouse and a great hitter but a far less than average fielder.
      Swanson is having a career year this year but he hasn’t been consistently outstanding throughout his career.
      I can’t see the Dodgers just handing shortstop to Amaya although he could certainly be on the roster next year if he continues to hit decently at OKC.
      Maybe I’m mistaken but I feel the Dodgers are more comfortable with Lux at second than as the shortstop.
      OK, I think I’ve eliminated all possibilities.
      The Dodgers will be playing without a shortstop in 2023.

      1. Dodgers have unlimited money and some prospect capital so we can get pretty much anyone we want. But Andrew will only pay for superior talent. Ie mookie but no seager. I suspect it will be Correa if turner leaves. Shortstop is by far the most pressing.followed by the outfield. Hello judge, goodbye Belli.

      2. No team has unlimited money as there are substantial fines and loss of draft position. The Dodgers paid a large fine and lost draft position this year. It is not financially sound to continue to do that. Guggenheim is a financial company it is bad business to spend over the threshold. T Turner is an outstanding player. But he is older. Do they give him a 6-8 year deal? They have Lux that can play SS. Vargas is now learning the outfield at OKC. Vargas can hit. Heaney, Anderson, Price, J & T Turners, Barnes, Kimbrel and Kershaw are all free agents so a lot of money gets freed up. The Dodgers will have Buehler, Urias, Gonsolin as their rotation in 2023. If they add another young arm like Stone, Grove, Knack etc that leaves one slot for Kershaw. I think it all depends on the length of the deal T Turner wants. I would not te-sign JT. Rios and Vargas can play 3rd. Lamb also if they decide to keep him.

      3. When you were listing pitchers for 2023, TMax, you forgot about May, who should certainly be back in the rotation by then.

        So Bueher, Urias, Gonsolin, May, then one of Kershaw, Anderson, Heaney, Stone or Pepiot should leave us in pretty good shape. At this point, I haven’t seen enough progress from Miller or Grove to think they’ll be ready next year.

      4. Oops I did miss May who eventually may be the best of the group. That is an incredibly solid starting 4. I would like them to bring up someone like Stone that can do what they have had Urias and Gonsolin do. Pitch out of the bullpen and learn their trade.Miller if he can get better control is a scary guy for batters. The Dodgers have several young guys that are very impressive and probably 1-3 years away.

      5. Actually tmaxster money is not a problem based on the last 5/6 years. They just spend when they need . Every year they just buy a superstar. Seems to work until they get out of the west division. Sooner or later they will have to be a bit more financially responsible . That will happen when the farm starts producing, if it ever does.

      6. Friedman said their level of spending was not sustainable. Freeman was too good to pass on. The Dodgers have young arms coming up. How many can they use? The rest should be used to get a good outfielder or possibly a second baseman. Is Bellinger “The centerfielder” for the future? I hope not. Can Bellinger figure out his problems? I hope so although it is very frustrating to watch him.

  3. They have to do whatever it takes to get Turner signed. He’s worth the big contract but I fear he doesn’t want to be here and wants to go back East like it seems Freddie Freeman does also. He seems miserable as a Dodger.

  4. Although I would love to see Turner in Dodger uni for many years to come, I doubt they will match some of the offers he is going to receive. I also do not trust that Lux, a natural SS, can be as consistent a hitter as Trea is nor will he provide that kind of power. Only time will tell what AF plans on doing. What I hope Roberts plans on doing is NEVER running that weak ass RH lineup out there again. What a joke. Heading back home on Friday. Been out here in this LA Zoo too long.

  5. AF is going to have a lot of tough decisions to make this off season about personnel and the future direction of the team.. I would like to keep Trea but I believe the Dodgers will be outbid for his services.

  6. I am betting the team goes with home grown as much as they deem possible. We do not know how they rate their talent internally. Vargas is a guy that will play in the MLB as he can hit. Gomes said Vargas can roll out of bed and hit as he commented on the fact they are giving him outfield time. I watched Miller last night and though he throws in the 97-101 range he had issues still with control. I like Stone as he throws strikes. Knack, Beeter and others may be ready for 2023. If they keep T Turner what do they do with Busch? I think eventually they will have Rios at 3rd Lux at SS and possibly Busch at 2nd. Vargas can play the infield except for SS and the corner outfield by 23 so another Swiss Army knife but he can hit. If they pass on both Turners they will save a ton of money.

    1. An infield with Rios at 3rd, Lux at short and Busch at 2nd will probably be well below average on defense, something that could ultimately really hurt the pitching staff.

      With the shift probably ending as of next season, I think we need to shore up the defense on the infield. Although I see a place for Rios on the roster, I don’t view him as an every day player. I’d rather see Lux at second than at short.

      Although I don’t see AF ever doing it, and the Dodger fan base would have a fit, I think the best answer might actually be Correa, who is excellent on defense and plays with an attitude, something that is absent on this roster.

    2. We haven’t seen a homegrown position player sinse uh Seager. Think it’s time we saw another?

      1. What about Lux?
        And didn’t Bellinger come after Seager?
        Will Smith?
        Or by position player, were you referring to shortstops.

      2. Will Smith & Rios? I think we will get at least one in 23. Vargas is a no-brainer. Can McKinstry stay off the IL? Busch is not doing well in OKC.

      3. Busch isn’t doing horribly at OKC, but he isn’t ready to come to L.A. yet.

        He’s hit 3 homers in the last week and is batting .256. Definitely needs more seasoning.

      4. I thought seager came after Beli but ofcourse you are right. Again. And totally forgot Smith. Lux has had 2 good month, and wouldn’t be on my list just yet although I really like what he is doing. Can’t hit major league hitting converted himself into a singles hitter taking a lot of walks .Beli should pay attention. In any event, a shortstop, catcher and centerfielder in 8 years. Not how you build a championship team, unless you have unlimited money. Lol.

  7. The fan base is spoiled…What are they gong to do root for the Angels or the Padres? When Lux played SS last year when Seager was out he played well. I do not remember him being a defensive liability. Certainly not as bad as JT is now. Muncy is below average for range. I cannot ever forgive Correa and his big cheating mouth…Vargas looks OK at 3rd not great but adequate. Amaya might get a chance. He is at OKC now so we will see. Amaya needs to learn to take walks and work the count. If the Dodgers do not sign a big money pitcher they may bite the bullet and bid for T Turner. He certainly can hit and is solid defensively.
    The MLB has to do something. Between their humidor balls, the shift and players like Bellinger being so pull stupid the offense is truly incredibly boring. The league depended on home runs for too long and it seems none of the players know how to play fundamental baseball. I still say Bellinger is a head case. He continues to swing hard enough to put balls into orbit. Why?

    1. I think eliminating the shift, putting two players on either side of second and make them stay on the dirt, would add a lot of offense to the game.

      The league or some stat head may have some actual stats on that and, if so, I’d love to see them published. I think some lefty hitters like Belli and Max are really being punished by the shift and could easily see their offensive numbers helped quite a bit.

      1. I agree with all your points. But I highly dislike their mindset. If there is no one and I do mean no one on the left side do it for the Team.. Jeez I wonder what they are going to do about the balls? Everyone has warning track power.. not ver watchable

      2. It turns out the balls can’t be fixed (they misplaced the old recipe) so MLB is now mandating that all stadium walls are to be moved in 30 feet.

        There’s always an answer to every problem. 🙂

      3. LOL other answers being get a bigger hammer. Or u never have enough C-4…

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