Taking a Look at Several Possible Player Additions for Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been there and done that regarding big trades. Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, and Yu Darvish. Since the team is regularly among the perennial candidates, it is no debate as to why they execute these trades.

This trade deadline season isn’t any different, as the Dodgers have many names linked to them.
Even with a record of 66-32, the Dodgers are still looking to add pieces for the postseason push.

We’ll take a look here at some names the Dodgers have been linked to.

Juan Soto

This one is obvious: the Dodgers and Soto have been linked for quite some time; the Dodgers are one of the few teams with the prospect capital the Nationals are seeking in return. The only factor is if the Dodgers genuinely want Soto or not. If they truly wish to trade for him, they could trade away their best prospects. If not, they can take another approach and wait til these prospects develop or wait for their current players on the injured list to rehab.

JD Martinez

Martinez is quite interesting, as the Red Sox are currently last place in the A.L. East, but they’re at a .500 winning percentage and only 3 ½ games back from a wildcard spot. So, this weekend series for Boston could determine whether they’re buyers or sellers.

Martinez is an impending free agent, so he’d be a rental as Boston may just look to get something small in return for him. The spot in which Martinez would slide in is the DH spot; he’s batting .293 along with nine homers. The Dodgers could use another power bat, considering the performance of the struggling Max Muncy.

Garrett Cooper

Most recently, the Dodgers were interested in Cooper, the first baseman who earned his first All-Star nod this year. The Marlins have made it known they’ll listen to offers for anyone except Sandy Alcantara. Cooper has spent time at first base and DH this season, so his role for the Dodgers could be more at the DH.

If the Dodgers were to trade for him, the team would have control through the 2024 season. Plus, he is a Los Angeles native. For the season, Cooper is batting .279 with seven homers and 40 RBIs.

Luis Castillo

Castillo and the Dodgers have seemingly been linked to each other for the past three years; the Reds have made it clear they are more than willing to listen to offers. The two-time All-Star is a hot commodity with many contenders looking to add him to their ballclub. However, the Dodgers should get Dustin May back soon, along with Walker Buehler, later in the season.

The team already carried a six-man rotation with the return of Andrew Heaney, not to mention the influx of arms in the farm system, if they’re not traded. The Dodgers have great pitching already, and it’s not more of the fact they don’t want Castillo, but maybe they’re just overcrowded already.

The Dodgers can do whatever they want at the trade deadline. They can go big or make smaller trades to grab a bench bat or another reliever. Whatever they decide to do, the team is in an excellent position to make another deep run into October.

12 thoughts on “Taking a Look at Several Possible Player Additions for Dodgers

  1. We have debated this all month. I say they might pick up a minor relief guy but I see no reason for a big trade especially with the talent coming off the IL soon.

  2. The Baseball trading deadline is probably the most interesting, than in any other sport. It has always been an interesting time in Dodger lore. Under Friedman the Dodgers are usually active & have had more success than not. As a fan the one player that interests me is Juan Soto, not just because of his tremendous talent, but also because of his age. Usually a really talented player available at the trading deadline is already at his peak or on the way down. This kid (if he can stay healthy), to me can even get better. He’s already a known as a great player! Prospects are just that, prospects. How well have the prospects the Dodgers traded away really performed? The on is the kid (shortstop) traded to the Pirates for a left handed reliever. Otherwise they really haven’t as of yet, made a difference
    I say go get Soto, the others mentioned are not as exciting to me. In particular I believe Castillo is way over rated. I wouldn’t consider him a difference maker in a short series. Whatever Friedman decides to do , hopefully it helps us get back to the series & become champions!

    1. You are right, reyders. The trade deadline is fun for fans because we can daydream about how teams could change their season trajectory with one or two smart/lucky acquisitions. We are fortunate to follow a team which has the resources to make difference-making moves. The Dodgers have profited by being able to trade away highly regarded minor-leaguers without burning the future. Unfortunately getting to the series and becoming world champions becomes a crap-shoot once the playoffs start. Who knew Scherzer would announce his arm was dead or Darvish would let his pitches be stolen? Will Soto’s career, when he’s traded into the Hollywood lifestyle, become a Puig career? For now, I’m happy to enjoy a regular season well played. Expecting or even hoping for a world series win? Meh.

  3. It’s going to be fun to watch these players start moving around over the next four days, with Castillo is the first domino to fall, this should get things started.

  4. Castillo is off of the board. Dodgers do need a secondary closer just as insurance for a Kimbrel meltdown. But I also think they need a RH power bat with JT’s back issues.

  5. The price for Castillo wasn’t cheap, the mariners 1st, 3rd, 5th, and a low rated, prospects. I can’t imagine what kind of haul Soto is going to bring the Nationals, probably that much plus a couple of more top tens, and maybe even a young player of of the MLB roster.

    The Cards are supposed to be one of the teams going hard for Soto, it seems like they need pitching way worse than they need hitting, heck they need two starting pitchers. I get that Soto is a generational type of talent, it’s going to be a very interesting next few days.

  6. Seattle is in a different situation than the Dodgers. One Seattle fan said they had not been in the playoffs since Starbucks had only one store. Seattle and their GM at minimum must make the playoffs to show the team is progressing in order to mollify the fan base. I think they overpaid a bit but they have to get to the playoffs. If the Seattle ownership wasn’t influx Dupolo probably would have been fired a couple of years ago.

  7. So glad Roberts was playing Thompson last night. How many Dodgers that are playing left would have gotten to that slicing ball last night to end the inning and stop Kembrel’s explosion? Another reason I want them to hold on to Thompson is his defense although he is hitting really well. His at bats have been mostly very controlled. Watching Muncy’s at bats are painful.

  8. Wow Dodgers get Martin for McKinstry. What a great deal for the Dodgers and for Zmac I am happy for Zmac if he can get a little playing time. Martin is a control guy and does not walk batters. Nice addition. Zmac is 27 he needs to make it or forget it.

  9. Yeah Tmax, if Seattle is serious about getting to the playoffs, they just took a huge step in the right direction. With Castillo, Robby Ray, and Logan Gilbert, along with the rookie Kirby, this pitching staff should be able to at least compete with most off the other A.L. Staffs.
    Not saying they are a lock, but they are a lot closer today, than they were yesterday.

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