Dodgers Meet Rockies for Final Time in 2021

As the Dodgers enter the final stretch of the season, they are still only one game behind the Giants. If a tight division race wasn’t nerve-racking enough, being a game apart from your most hated vision rival adds another element.

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Dodgers Drop Two Games to Rockies in Weekend Series

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With an opportunity to gain ground in the NL West, the Dodgers dropped two games to the Rockies over the weekend, keeping exact pace with the division-leading Giants.

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Dodgers Open Six-Game Homestand Against Rockies

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With their latest win by a score of 4-0 against the San Diego Padres, not only did the Dodgers manage to sweep, but with it being their 81st win of the season, they now have 11 straight seasons without a losing record., which is their longest streak since they moved to the West Coast.

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More Thoughts on Giants vs. Dodgers Series, NL West Divisional Race

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Over the last couple of days, the Dodgers on multiple occasions were an inning away from moving into first place in the NL West. After losing three out of four games to the first-place San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles now stands three games out first. Even though the Dodgers are still 20 games above .500 with all their injuries, the fans still expect more with all the team’s talent.

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Dodgers Face Rockies at Coors Field to Open Second Half

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The Los Angels Dodgers will begin their second half of the season Friday on the road against the Colorado Rockies, the same opponent which they faced in the season opener.

 Friday will be beginning of a 16-game stretch when the Dodgers will only play divisional opponents. This stretch will encompass the remainder of July. They won’t face a non division opponent until August 3 when they host the Houston Astros. 

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Dodgers Prepare for Home Series Against Rockies

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Here we are still during the first month of the season and there are only three teams that have not lost a series. The Dodgers are one of those teams, along with crosstown rivals the Angels and the Royals.

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4 Things We Learned from Dodgers’ Opening Series Against Rockies

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No doubt, Colorado must be one of the most unideal venues to open a season for a visiting club, particularly from the sense that anything possible can happen at any given point in time, often being reflected in a game’s outcome.

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Dodger Stadium Tickets Go on Sale, Game 2 Preview at Colorado

After dropping a bizarre game on Opening Day to the Colorado Rockies, the Dodgers are still looking to grab their first win of the season heading into the weekend. One of the best things about baseball is that right after a loss, a team gets to go back out there the next day with a fresh start, especially this early in the season.

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Dodgers Lose Season Opener in Wild and Crazy Game at Coors Field

Games at Coors Field never fail to disappoint in providing some sort of weirdness or treachery, and the first game of the season certainly didn’t let fans down in that department.

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Preview: Dodgers Head to Colorado for 2021 Opening Series

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Writing a preview for the very first series of the season is always tough because there’s absolutely zero momentum to analyze from either side. However, based on how things went for the Dodgers throughout the winter, one would think that Los Angeles has a clear advantage over a far less-talented Rockies squad, despite having to play on the road.

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