Dodgers End Season with 7-3 Loss to Nationals in NLDS Finale

It’s over when it’s over, ain’t it baby ain’ t it. Rips you like a dagger, can’t it baby can’t it. Wish we could do it over, Damn it baby damn it.  We had it in the air but we just couldn’t land it.


Those who have been following this blog know that when I started writing here, I started all blog posts with song lyrics.  Tonight seemed like a good night to bring that back.

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Dodgers Win Pivotal Game 3 of NLDS


It felt like a must win game for the Dodgers heading into the game. The Washington Nationals decided that instead of pitching Max Scherzer in Game 3, they would go with Anibal Sanchez, saving Scherzer for Game 4 and Stephen Strasburg for a possible Game 5. But win it the Dodgers did, although it took awhile to look like their normal selves.

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Dodgers Take Game 1 of NLDS


The Dodgers won the first game of the 2019 NLDS by a convincing 6-0 margin, and they did it on the strength of stellar pitching and Max Muncy‘s bat.

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Series Preview: Dodgers Set to Begin 2019 NLDS Against Nationals


The Los Angeles Dodgers‘ hopeful 2019 World Championship run begins tonight.

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Dodgers 2019 Regular Season One for the Record Books


It’s hard to believe that the season is over. It’s was just March, and now here we are once again on the cusp of the playoffs. In that time, the Los Angeles Dodgers gave us a regular season for the record books. Record homers, record rookies, and record wins.

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Dodgers Sweep Padres in Penultimate Series of Regular Season


It’s hard to believe that there are just three games left in the 2019 regular season, but here we are. The Dodgers just finished up their final series against the San Diego Padres, sweeping them in a tidy 1-0 win. They are now have 103 wins on the season, and still have a shot at besting the 2017 who had 104 wins, and beating the Dodgers all-time regular season win total of 105.

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Corey Seager Named NL Player of the Week


The 2016 Rookie of the Year is peaking at the right time. Corey Seager has been named NL Player of the Week for the week ending September 21st. The announcement was made earlier today on MLB Network.

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More Thoughts on Dodgers’ Postseason Pitching Staff


After taking two-of-three from the Colorado Rockies in their final home series of the season the Dodgers are now down to their final six games of the regular season, and ever closer to the postseason.

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Much Ado About Kenley


The Dodgers have always been the front runners when it come to using analytics to better their baseball team. Using the shift and platooning are just a few of the ways the teams has tried to use statistics to their advantage.

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Thoughts on Dodgers’ Injuries and Motivation


There are only two weeks left in the Dodgers regular season, and I want them to go very slowly. If nothing else, the last two seasons have taught me that the postseason is a crapshoot, left up to whether your bullpen and/or bats will actually produce when they need to the most.

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