MLB Pipeline Ranks Dodgers’ Farm System Third-Best in Baseball

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Not long after MLB Pipeline released its annual player rankings for each team last week, the overall league rankings were issued a few days later with the Dodgers netting the third place spot.

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Graterol, Cartaya Enter MLB Pipeline’s Team Top 10

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Staying in tune with the landscape of the Dodgers‘ farm system is sometimes one of the most intriguing parts of following the organization. For every big trade the club makes, it often seems like the strength of the minor league affiliates remains untarnished.

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A Closer Look at Zach Reks

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While he may not be considered a prospect by some industry standards, 26-year-old Zach Reks is just another example of the strong outfield depth of the Dodgers, as he continues to impress with his bat almost every opportunity he is given.

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Cody Thomas Making Noise as NRI

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It seems like every spring there are at least one or two prospects who capitalize on their opportunities during Cactus League play, perhaps showing fans of the Dodgers what might lie in store several years down the road.

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Dodgers Reportedly Designate Yadier Alvarez for Assignment

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According to several reports coming out of camp late Saturday morning, the Dodgers have designated longtime pitching prospect Yadier Alvarez for assignment.

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Who in the World Is Kieran Lovegrove?


While the Dodgers have certainly had their fare share of under-the-radar acquisitions this winter, none may be as interesting as the recent signing of pitcher Kieran Lovegrove.

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Catching Up with Pitching Prospect Braydon Fisher

(Photo Credit: Phrake Photography)

While pitchers and catchers continue to settle back into their routines at Camelback Ranch, we thought it would be a good idea to briefly drift back to the minor league-side of things while re-exploring the depth of the Dodgers‘ stacked farm system.

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A Few Ideas How Dodgers Might Use Dustin May in 2020

(Photo Credit: Casey Gower)

Aside from all the opinions about the sign-stealing scandals, there were a few interesting bits of information that came out of Fan Fest this year, specifically one clue on how the Dodgers might use young right-hander Dustin May, at least towards the beginning of the season.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Ranking the Top 5 Starting Pitchers on the Farm


Continuing along with the highlights of the best players in the minor leagues, we now move on to the top starting pitchers on the farm—a department of the Dodgers which has traditionally been among the best in baseball.

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Dodgers Roster: A Quick Peek at the 2020 Minor League Outfield Depth

(Mandatory Credit: Eugene Morgan)

If you’ve been following our string of stories over the past few weeks, you’ll know that we’ve been peeking at some of the best prospects on the Dodgers‘ farm in between the recent rumblings of trade rumors at the big league level.

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