Dennis Santana Preparing for 2020 Bullpen Role

(Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

If you were able to catch my column on Sunday, you would have seen my projections for the 2020 starting rotation at Triple-A Oklahoma City. The main goal of the story—as with most of my prospect posts—is to examine the organizational depth of the Dodgers at all levels of their farm.

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Dodgers Prospects Setting Up Team for Long-Term Success


A lot has been written about the lack of moves the Dodgers’ front office has made so far this offseason. In a recent article in the LA Times, part-owner and team president Stan Kasten took on the accusation that the team, up until now, has been “cheap.”

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Projecting a Preliminary Starting Rotation at Triple-A Oklahoma City

(Photo by Cody Roper/OKC Dodgers)

As we are all aware, starting rotations at the Triple-A level are very difficult to predict in the middle of the winter. Even though the big league starting five of the Dodgers is theoretically about 80% set, injuries, trades and free agent signings can impact all levels of the farm at any moment. Minor league rosters are often decided in the final hours leading to MLB’s Opening Day, but that doesn’t prevent us from speculating on how things might look at Oklahoma City right now.

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Dodgers Top Prospects by Position: 2019-20 Offseason Edition

(Freek Bouw/Phrake Photography)

While most of our regular readers already know that we’re huge on prospect insight here at TBPC, we’re not big on rankings at all, as we don’t get many opportunities to evaluate all the organizational prospects in person. However, once every winter I do my own version of player rankings by position, which oftentimes gives us a good idea of the general depth of the Dodgers across the minor league board.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: A Closer Look at Carlos Sepulveda

(Photo Credit: Stephanie Lynn)

While all the headlines at the 2019 Winter Meetings focused on some of the top players in the MLB free agent and trade markets, the Rule 5 draft also took place on Thursday, which featured a number of baseball’s most intriguing prospects.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Miguel Vargas Progressing Nicely

(Photo Credit: Great Lakes Loons)

Aside from the pitching staff, the future at third base has been one of the primary topics of discussion among fans of the Dodgers so far during the offseason.

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Thoughts Ahead of Wednesday’s Deadline to Protect Prospects from Rule 5 Draft

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While we have had several discussions so far this offseason regarding players that could be added to the Dodgers‘ 40-man roster to avoid being lost in this year’s Rule 5 draft, the deadline has finally arrived.

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Whatever Happened to Yadier Alvarez?

(Los Angeles Times Photo)

Once a household name on the prospect circuit, Yadier Alvarez is lucky to find himself among the Dodgers‘ Top 100 future stars today.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Jeter Downs Still Gaining Ground

(Steve Saenz/Rancho Cucamonga Quakes)

Prior to the 2018 campaign, shortstop has been a position that the Dodgers didn’t worry too much about, specifically in terms of stability at the MLB level and depth on the farm.

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Two More Players Dodgers Might Protect from Rule 5 Draft this Winter


After the Dodgers added Victor Gonzalez to the team’s 40-man roster on Thursday, many questions arose about whether there would be subsequent moves ahead of  the Rule 5 draft at this year’s Winter Meetings.

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