Dodgers Acquire Manny Machado from Orioles


Rumors have been swirling and gaining strength all throughout the week. It even seemed early today that the trade was not going to happen. Tonight, though, the rumors became official news—Manny Machado is now a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Yusniel Diaz, Keibert Ruiz Represent Dodgers in 2018 Futures Game


As a prelude to the 2018 MLB All-Star Game, many devout fans and knowledgeable baseball pundits managed to catch a glimpse of several potential All-Star players in this year’s Futures Game this past Sunday. The Los Angeles Dodgers sent two of their top prospects in outfielder Yusniel Diaz (ranked 4th in their system) and catcher Keibert Ruiz (ranked 2nd) to represent the club this year, both playing for the World Team due to their international backgrounds.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Yusniel Diaz Is Rising Quickly

(Mandatory Credit: Ben Sandstrom/

Unlike several of his predecessors, Dodgers‘ boss Andrew Friedman is developing a reputation for giving his younger players opportunities to show their value on the highest stages. This spring, for example, the Los Angeles management crew invited a whopping 22 players who were not on the 40-man to take part in major league workouts at Camelback Ranch, elevating the number of participants on the big league side of camp to well over 60 players.

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Dodgers Announce Non-Roster Invitees to 2018 Spring Training

(Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Davis)

With the arrival of spring camp just a mere two weeks away, the Dodgers on Tuesday afternoon announced the list of 22 players who will be non-roster invites.

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Dodgers Prospects: Matt Beaty, Yusniel Diaz Take Part in Fall Stars Game

(Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Davis)

The Dodgers were once again very well represented at the Fall Stars Game, which is the annual mid-season All-Star showcase featuring the brightest prospects of the Arizona Fall League.

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Drillers Set Sights on Texas League Championship

(Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Davis)

For those of you who have been fully entrenched in the big league scene of the Dodgers and unable to catch any of the latest minor league action, we have some good news for you—the Double-A Tulsa Drillers are only one game away from securing their first Texas League Championship since 1998.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Rios, Locastro, Ramos, Buehler & More

(Mandatory Credit: Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports)

In  this latest installment of our weekly Dodgers prospect watch feature, we decided to take a look at a handful of youngsters who were able to earn promotions across at least one level of the farm system this season. And, coincidentally enough, by some standards, all five are not terribly far away from making their respective big league debuts.

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Dodgers Top Prospects by Position: 2016-17 Offseason Edition

(Photo Credit: Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire)

While many fans of the Dodgers are feeling a touch of stress regarding several of management’s upcoming roster decisions during the winter months, a little bit of relief can be found in realizing the multitude of talent flourishing on almost every level of the farm, setting up a seemingly secure future for the entire organization in terms of player personnel.

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