Drillers, Quakes Capture League Championships

(Mandatory Credit: Rich Crim/Tulsa Drillers)

For those of you who didn’t stay connected to the media after the Dodgers‘ 3-0 victory over the Cardinals on Friday night, you missed even more good news as the night progressed.

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Dodgers Prospects: A Conversation with Rancho Reliever Zach Pop

(Photo Courtesy of University of Kentucky Athletics)

While there have been many conversations this season surrounding the big league bullpen of the Dodgers, many fans have taken it upon themselves to scour the depths of the farm system in search of any rising arms that stand out. In the past, it was rare to find a true reliever who was developed in the bullpen, because most of the pitchers with the highest values are often groomed as starters regardless of their pedigrees. However, in the newest generation of prospects, pitchers like Joe Broussard, Shea Spitzbarth, and Marshall Kasowski have been developed as relievers since day one and have been rising to the top very quickly. Add Rancho Cucamonga reliever Zach Pop to the aforementioned crew, and it’s not difficult to see why the organization is extremely excited about the bullpen talent that’s ready to emerge.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Rylan Bannon Rising Quickly

(Photo Credit: Steve Saenz/MiLB.com)

If you’re guessing that we’re putting together a few extra minor league profiles during the first half of the 2018 season, you would indeed be correct. While there may not an overwhelming number of fringe players who are big league ready right now, there is a multitude of blue-chip prospects on the lower-level of the farm who have plenty of promise and could be there soon enough.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Marshall Kasowski Continues to Dominate


If you’re a regular reader of the content here, you’ll recall when we put together a quick profile on Rancho righty reliever Marshall Kasowski just under two weeks ago. At the time, the 23-year-old Texas native had a 1.69 ERA and a 15.1 K/9 fresh off a promotion to High-A, and many believed it would be difficult for him to stay the course of having such success.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: A Closer Look at Rancho’s Marshall Kasowski


With all the attention that’s been placed upon the Dodgers‘ big league pitching staff during the first-half of the season, the conversations surrounding both the bullpen and starting rotation have been endless. Many folks familiar with the team sometimes scan the rosters of the minor league affiliates daily in search of an emerging arm which could potentially contribute at the major league level.

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Dodgers News & Notes: Jansen, Turner, Quakes, Drillers & More

(Mandatory Credit: Chris Williams/Icon Sportswire)

For those fans who watched Monday night’s contest against Arizona to the bitter end, they saw a little bit of everything from the Dodgers—sketchy starting pitching, some stellar relief pitching, some timely hitting, and another unimpressive appearance from one of the best closer in baseball.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Cristian Santana on the Rise

(Photo Courtesy of MiLB.com)

As strong and as deep as the Dodgers‘ farm system is considered, there are a few spots, however, which may be little light on talent. Second base sticks out the most, but the system also lacks a solid third baseman who has both a capable bat and an impressive glove. Sure, there are guys like Edwin Rios, Matt Beaty, Rob Segedin and the ever-versatile Kyle Farmer, but the absence of outstanding defensive ability may be the biggest factor in keeping players like these from thriving at the big league level.

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2017 in Review: Recalling the Potent Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Offense

(Mandatory Photo Credit: Lewis Duran)

For those of you who check out our content daily, you’ll know that we do our best to drift down to the Dodgers‘ farm occasionally and provide coverage of one of the most elite systems in minor league baseball. A few weeks ago, we took a look at the historic starting pitching rotation of the 2017 Double-A Tulsa Drillers. Today, we dip down one more level and reflect on the high-powered, Single-A Rancho Cucamonga offense from this past season.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Jeren Kendall on the Rise

(Photo Courtesy of 2080baseball.com)

If there’s one area of the Dodgers‘ farm system that’s stocked more plentifully than any other, it’s definitely the outfield. While the organization was once known as a breeding ground for starting pitchers, the number of talented outfielders in the system continues to grow at a very rapid rate. One particular outfielder, Jeren Kendall, might easily be one of the most athletic players in the entire organization, and could climb the ladder quite quickly over the next few seasons.

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Dodgers Prospects: An In-Depth Conversation with Dennis Santana

(Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Davis)

For those of you who follow the farm system of the Dodgers closely, you’ll know that the Double-A Tulsa Drillers had one of their best seasons in recent history. Anchored by the Texas League batting champ and MVP Matt Beaty, coupled with some of the best pitchers in the entire organization, the Drillers came up just one game short of bringing home their first league championship in 19 seasons.

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