Dodgers Acquire Manny Machado from Orioles


Rumors have been swirling and gaining strength all throughout the week. It even seemed early today that the trade was not going to happen. Tonight, though, the rumors became official news—Manny Machado is now a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Long criticized by talking heads for not giving up prospects for the big-name player that’s on the market, the Dodgers and Andrew Friedman may have finally put that narrative to rest. Included in the trade were OF Yusniel Diaz, SP Dean Kremer, RP Zach Pop, 3B Rylan Bannon, and INF Breyvic Valera.

Dennis recently wrote about Diaz, no doubt the centerpiece player of the deal:

“As far as Diaz goes, he definitely has five-tool potential. He is currently ranked among the Top 10 prospects in the Dodgers’ system by all the large outlets. Now a 21-year-old, Diaz was originally signed by Los Angeles as a 19-year-old free agent out of Cuba late in 2015. Last year, after dealing with an early injury bug, he went on to hit .292/.354/.433 with 11 long balls and 52 RBI in 114 combined games for High-A Rancho and Double-A Tulsa. This season, he’s slashing .314/.428/.477 with six homers and 30 RBI through 59 games. Diaz has the quickness to handle center field with ease, but his pure athleticism gives him the capability of succeeding at all three outfield spots. Additionally, both his arm strength and his speed on the basepaths grade way above average. And his emerging power with the bat has made him a much sought after commodity in this summer’s trade market among rival sellers.”

Breyvic Valera is a 26-year-old utility extraordinaire who has been up with the Dodgers several times this season.  His inclusion in the deal makes a space for Machado on the 40-man roster.

Bannon was ranked No. 27 on the Dodgers prospects chart. The third baseman has been named the Cal League player of the week twice this season and was leading the Cal League in home runs.

The No. 28 prospect in the system, Dean Kramer, is a right-handed starting pitcher who recently was promoted to the Double-A Tulsa and has a whopping 125 strikeouts over an even 79 innings with both the Drillers and Rancho Cucamonga this season.

Zach Pop, while not in the Top 30 prospects at the moment, still looks to have a bright future.

Dennis wrote about Pop on June 30:

“In the Dodgers system, Pop started the 2018 season at Low-A Great Lakes where he posted a 2.19 ERA in 16 innings thrown over 11 appearances. He struck out 26 batters during that time which earned him a quick promotion to Rancho. So far with the Quakes, he has tallied a phenomenal 0.41 ERA and a 0.73 WHIP with five saves and 19 punchouts over 15 appearances.”

Machado has spent his entire career in Baltimore, and sports a lifetime .283/.355/.487/.822 slash line with 162 homers. This season he is having a career year, batting .315/.387/.575/.963 with 24 home runs, 21 doubles and eight stolen bases, and a 2.9 WAR. The 6’3″ righty also is striking out less and walking more than his career averages.”

Machado joins a team that has been rotating players at shortstop since the Dodgers own Corey Seager went out earlier in the season after undergoing Tommy John surgery. In that context, Machado is a perfect fit for the team—a great player to fill in for the time being, wanting to showcase his skills heading into free agency and maybe getting an opportunity to play for a ring along the way.

Acquiring Machado gives the Dodgers more versatility with their other players and more chances to rest them down the stretch. Enrique Hernandez and Chris Taylor, who had been platooning at short, would most likely see more time at second. Max Muncy could slide to first, and Cody Bellinger would anchor the outfield in center. It also guards against possible regression in play by Matt Kemp and/or Muncy. It also protects against any injuries that might be incurred between now and the playoffs. (Knock on wood). Additionally, the trade steps up everyone’s games because if you want playing time, you have to make your time on the field count.

Before the trade, the Dodgers had $6m to $10m room under luxury tax threshold (depending on bonuses and accounting). Manny Machado takes up $6.3m of that. No cash is going from the Orioles to the Dodgers.  Los Angeles is still projected to be under luxury-tax $197M threshold, even though the Dodgers are in need of bullpen help. There are definitely more moves to be made, but by the Dodgers going all in on one of the biggest names on the market this early, it is clear they are getting the team ready for a very deep playoff run.


33 thoughts on “Dodgers Acquire Manny Machado from Orioles

  1. Gonna miss Bannon and Pop, but at least the Dodgers didn’t give up their more valuable prospects (many that are not currently in the system Top 5 or even the MLB Top 100 as of yet) in this deal. Dodgers made out alright this time. Machado immediately transforms the entire offense into a bonafide “superteam” like what the Astros, Yankees, and Red Sox already are this season. And yeah, his addition will definitely help Kemp and also Justin Turner rest up during the 2nd-half stretch. NOW it’s time for them to finally address that troublesome bullpen once and for all…

    1. What about talking with the Mets? If we could get one of their starters one of ours could go to the pen. We have plenty left they would be interested in, including a couple of outfielders.

      1. Wouldn’t hurt to see them make a few inquiries on that end, but I wouldn’t look too much into it. I get the feeling the Mets would rather hold on to their aces than just give them away hoping for a prospect windfall. Regarding deGrom in particular, he’s already hinted quite a few times that he would like to stay long-term. That’s significant because it means he values loyalty (much like Kershaw, come to think of it) over ring-chasing (like Verlander fortunately did last year, lol).

        Nah, in the end the Dodgers still have themselves a bullpen to iron out. Jansen can’t keep logging 2-inning saves forever, you know…

  2. Andy, you make a good point about manny helping to safe guard against regression from some of the guys. Scoop, we probably could make a deal with the Mets, but the problem will be staying under that damn salary cap. To get one of the Mets pitchers, plus shore up the bull pen, would mean moving a pretty good chunk of payroll. I do like the idea though, just looking at the hole in the donut. We will see just how smart Andrew and co. In the next thirteen days.

  3. Just reread your post scoop, you’re right about using our starting pitcher to shore up the pen, we don’t have to add as much payroll that way. If they send maeda to the pen, they would save on some of his incentive clauses also. I would hate to trade Buehler though, Dennis commented a week or two ago, that the Mets wanted him in any deal.

  4. Manuel, were there any of those guys that you hated to see go? I’ve heard you talk about some of them, any of them we will have regrets about.

    1. Just Bannon and maybe Pop, but other than that not really. When a player like Machado literally falls into your lap, however, gotta jump at the opportunity or end up fully regretting not doing so. That type of talent doesn’t grow on trees, buddy!

  5. It’s amazing how much more depth, and flexibility this trade gives us. We could play at least three different players at every position.

  6. To be honest, Manuel, I didn’t think this FO would make this kind of a trade for a player of this caliber unless they got a steal of a deal. Nice to see they aren’t afraid to go after the big fish.

  7. For those of you who followed the draft and were wondering, 3rd rounder John Rooney and 22nd rounder Simon Landry (now going by Meaux Landry) were both assigned to the AZL Dodgers this morning. Landry is the draft pick of whom Gasparino said “he has the most raw power of anyone I’ve ever seen in a workout”. When Stanton started going by the name Giancarlo it sure didn’t hurt his career. Maybe Meaux Landry will have some of the same success.

    1. Good news to hear. I take it they started Rooney off in the AZL just so he can build up his innings some more before sending him off to much-maligned Low-A Great Lakes (that team’s finally been playing much better of late, hallelujah-LOL) to finish out the season. As for Landry, same thing except I see him headed for Ogden instead just so they can send the more offensively polished Dillon Paulson on his way to either Great Lakes or High-A Rancho (my prefrerred choice for him, to be honest) so he can finish up his pro-ball debut at one of those levels for a welcome change.

      Now I’m just waiting to see where 2018 2nd round pick Michael Grove winds up (unless they’re holding him back for next year due to coming off his TJ rehab not too long ago)…

  8. Is that pronounced Mo Landry? If it is, the guy has a sense of humor.

    deGrom may say he wants to stay long term, but privately he would be ok with Los Angeles. As far as the cap is concerned, send them Puig to balance it out. They make about the same amount.

    We may be sending Forsythe out with a couple of good prospects for that bullpen help. It’s my opinion the Machado move means they are indeed going for it and that means a bullpen upgrade is next. To do it, they now have to dump salary.

    1. Yes, Scoop, it appears to be pronounced Mo. He’s from Ponchatoula, LA so the French makes sense. Who knows, might even be his real name. I like it! Shows character. Or shows he is a character. Either way, it makes him stand out.

  9. Been thinking about this with my FAZ hat firmly on my old school head.

    The new pitching model has left 7-1-1 behind. FAZ likes the $16 million 130 inning starter which pushes at best a 6-1-1-1 model, and in some cases 5-1-1-1-1. The “closer” may become outdated soon. It’s about late inning matchups. If the top of the order is due up in the 7th, you don’t want your 6 inning starter facing them, so, go to your best reliever then. Middle order? LOOGY ROOGY them accordingly. There have been a few times I would have used Jansen in the 8th.

    Secondly, Maeda has proven he can do it out of the pen late in the year. Wood appears to fade late. I say trade Pederson/Puig + prospects for a solid 5 inning starter and move Maeda/Wood to the pen. Problem solved and the $ balance out to keep us under the cap.

    1. Trading Puig and Wood helps clear up some of the outfield/starter logjam. Who are you thinking of as the 5 inning starter and what prospects you would put into the package?

      1. I’m looking at the Mets because they are going nowhere. I haven’t looked past their pitching. Last year I read an article that headlined “Mets should trade for Joc Pederson”. Joc makes $2.6mm, FA in ‘21. Mets might be interested in him but Puig at $9.2mm, FA in’20 is a better $ balance, deGrom, 30, may be considered old as a strike out pitcher. He has a better 3 year WAR, but a starting corner outfielder under 30, plus a couple prospects (May and a stud catcher?) might be of interest to the Mets. If deGrom is available, other teams will be interested. They will offer prospects, but who can offer a 27 year old 3WAR proven outfielder under control for another year? A guy like Puig might sell tickets in NY and if nothing else they could move him at next year’s deadline, or flip him this year, for more prospects.

  10. Indians just got Hand and Cimber for their number one prospect Mejia, a catcher/outfielder/third baseman/switch hitter. Except for his ability to play multiple positions, including the valuable one of catcher, he’s the same age as Verdugo, and Verdugo’s stats seem to be better. Assuming that this trade now sets some sort of standard for a very good controllable reliever, do any of you think it’s worthwhile for us to move Verdugo for an Inglesias or Vazquez or Treinen (if he would become available) plus another arm? Or is everyone convinced that trading your best prospect for a reliever, no matter how good, is not worth it?

  11. Holy crap, I never thought SD would trade hand just a few months after they extended him, to me it makes them look bad to their players. I wouldn’t want to be part of an organization that would treat a player like that. Just shows I don’t have a clue. For the record Jeff, I think I would have traded verdugo, for four years of Hand. As for Iglesias, or Treinen, it would depend on how many years of control Either one has left. Vasquez, I’m not so sure about.

    1. Iglesias and Treinen each have 2 years of control after this season. Vazquez has 3 plus 2 more at team option, so actually 5.

  12. Scoop, you’ve really been thinking about this degrom deal, It all seams reasonable. The only downside is length of control, isn’t degrom a free agent after the 2019 season?

    1. I really don’t know how much trade value Puig has. Those of us who watch him every day realize that he’s come a long way from the immature kid of a few years ago, but to the rest of baseball I think he still carries a bit of a bad rep. Also, he’s earning 9 mil this year and is eligible for arbitration next year which will no doubt push his salary up farther. Long story short, I doubt the Mets would be interested. May, Ruiz/Smith, Verdugo might make them sit up and take notice but I’m not at all sure that Friedman would do that and, of course, that totally eliminates Scoop’s strategy of moving salary.

  13. Verdugo would be a lot to give up for two and a half seasons of Treinen, or Iglesias. I like the contract, and control of Vasquez, but do you think he is at the same level as Treinen, or Iglesias. I always liked Hand the best out of those guys.

    1. With Vazquez I think it’s all a matter of his command. if he keeps his walks down he probably has the best stuff of the three, but he is a bit of a wild card. I love watching him pitch, but if he were in Dodger blue I might not have as much patience with him.

    2. Verdugo for Treinen? Would rather flip him for Vazquez, to be honest. Now Pederson or Puig for Treinen, THAT I would be fine with but “Silly” Billy (Beane) might look to stick it to the Dodgers after they got Max Muncy right again (haha)…

      1. Wow, I thought it was Treinen or bust with you Manuel. Interesting that you would rather flip him for Vazquez. Is it mostly length of contract or do you like Vazquez better anyway? No way I see Billy giving us Treinen for one year of Puig, especially considering what his salary will run up to in arbitration. Joc might tempt him but he would probably want something else thrown in. That said, I might consider doing that deal.

      2. Priorities change, buddy. Besides, Vazquez didn’t show up on my radar until about a few weeks ago. Talk about a poor man’s Chapman, geez. Had no idea Pittsburgh was hiding a southpaw arm THAT overpowering in their bullpen until now. As for your questions regarding him, yes to BOTH of ’em (and I like a reliever at that particular age under contract for multiple years, anyway). And yeah, it’s gonna take a sweetener to possibly get Beane to cough up Treinen for either Pederson or Puig. Maybe the Dodgers can finally ship Baez out to him just so the A’s can finally move Lou Trivino and his mid-90s slider into the closer role. Oh, a Dodger fan can still dream of such things…

      3. I’ve been following Vazquez since he was Rivero (in other words before he changed his name). I think Chapman is probably a pretty good comp. The guy is really amazing when he’s on his game.

  14. Vasquez works. He has a decent contract through ‘21, team options starting in ‘22. Pederson would rake in Pittsburgh.

    I read we have about $4 million left before cap is compromised, and that includes Maeda incentives. That’s enough room for Barraclough, and you know Miami would move him as he makes over a million and this year they are all about stacking their system.

    I like the idea of a Met starter and moving Maeda to the pen for the obvious reasons – a stud starter and veteran reliever … for the playoffs. I think we are good enough now to win the West, depending of course what Arizona does at the deadline. We just took a huge step forward. A guy like deGrom evens out the playing field with all the better teams. It would be a major disappointment to have Machado, make the playoffs, not win the last game the year and watch Manny walk. I’m hoping FAZ feels the same about this that I do.

  15. Ok I’ll jump on the Vasquez band wagon with you guys, he’s a better pitcher than I thought he was. Verdugo for Vasquez, my vote is yes. Friedman is going to do an interview on a.m. 710 radio at 1:20 pm for all you LA guys FYI.

    1. Courtesy of Mike Petriello:

      In the 30 days leading up to the All-Star break, Felipe Vazquez had himself quite the month.

      15 games
      14.2 IP
      50% strikeout rate
      27/2 K/BB
      0.00 ERA

    1. No problem Keith. Working on it. Oh wait a minute – just realized that trades take two teams. We’ve got Andrew/Farhan representing us. Would you be willing to represent the Pirates? Might make things go a little quicker.

  16. I probably couldn’t do much worse than the pirates FO has been doing lately I wasn’t all that impressed with the returns they got for mccutch or coles. I’d ask for verdugo and a pitcher in the 20 to 30 range of our system. I would think verdugo might even get it done by himself. He is major league ready, so he is low risk for them. We keep forgetting the Indians got hand and one more arm in the deal for Mejia.

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