Preview: Dodgers Head to Colorado for 2021 Opening Series

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Writing a preview for the very first series of the season is always tough because there’s absolutely zero momentum to analyze from either side. However, based on how things went for the Dodgers throughout the winter, one would think that Los Angeles has a clear advantage over a far less-talented Rockies squad, despite having to play on the road.

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Predicting Dodgers’ 2021 Regular-Season Record

We are now just a few days away from Opening Day, and hopefully, we will be witnessing a full season of baseball. Last year was quite the pellicular season for all fans, but the Dodgers finally broke their long-awaited World Championship drought.

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Dodgers Facing Several Tough Roster Decisions Ahead of 2021 Opening Day


As the days continue to dwindle before the 2021 season opener, the Dodgers will face a few difficult roster decisions regarding which players will suit up against the Rockies in Denver on April 1.

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After Successful Season Opener, Dodgers Turn to Ross Stripling in Game 2


The Dodgers started off their season with a 8-1 win Thursday night against the rival Giants. Using a five-run seventh inning, the Dodgers sent 11 batters to the plate to secure the victory.

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Dodgers’ Active Roster Set, Ready for Opening Day

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“Pitchers and poets both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things” —Robert Frost

Today is the day. After a crazy offseason and an aborted Spring Training, months of downtime and then this thing called Summer Camp, baseball finally begins its 2020 season tonight.

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Clayton Kershaw Eyeing Another Opening Day Start for Dodgers

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While there’s still plenty of time remaining before the beginning of the abbreviated 2020 MLB season, there is a good chance that Clayton Kershaw will take the mound for the Dodgers for the opener, so long as everything stays on track.

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An Opening Day Lineup Worth Remembering

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Ever since the original Opening Day to the 2020 season was indefinitely delayed, I’ve had a fixation on looking at lineups of the Dodgers for their openers to numerous campaigns, as I thought it was a great tool to see how some of these squads developed over the course of a full season.

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Dodgers Thoughts: Missing Opening Day

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There is a sense of sadness over the world Thursday, and not just from the Coronavirus. That’s not to downplay the worldwide pandemic, because nothing at this point in time is more important or worthy of our thoughts and actions. (Stay home!)

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Remembering the 2014 Opening Day Roster


With the existing viral pandemic not appearing to be improving, coupled with the fact that most players have left their respective spring camp locations completely, Opening Day 2020 isn’t even on the radar for pretty much anyone associated with the game of baseball.

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5 Early-Season Concerns Facing Dodgers


By no means do two games define a season, but already we have seen the Dodgers perform on many different levels, especially when it comes to playing down to the abilities of their opponent. After Friday night’s marathon loss, fans were reminded of some of the aspects of play that saw Los Angeles need a divisional playoff game to capture their sixth-consecutive NL West crown. While it’s certainly too early to make any predictions, there are a handful of things that followers can watch which may be critical, at least in the early portion of the season.

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