Dodgers’ Active Roster Set, Ready for Opening Day

(Photo courtesy of Rick Krajewski)

“Pitchers and poets both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things” —Robert Frost

Today is the day. After a crazy offseason and an aborted Spring Training, months of downtime and then this thing called Summer Camp, baseball finally begins its 2020 season tonight.

Your Los Angeles Dodgers will be taking on the San Francisco Giants. Clayton Kershaw will be on the mound. While there will be no fans in attendance and there will be face coverings on coaching staff and some players not playing, it is indeed a little return to normalcy. Better late than never.

There is trepidation among fans and players alike, to be sure. How will Major League Baseball deal with an outbreak? There is still a pandemic raging in this country. Will the season even reach the finish line? How will players deal with no fans? Will their adrenaline flow still be the same? Will there be expanded playoffs, and how will that affect the Dodgers?

All of these things will be worked out as the days and weeks go on. But for tonight, at least, we can revel in the fact that baseball is back, for as long as we are allowed to have it.


Early Thursday, the Dodgers announced their 30-man roster. All of the usual suspects are there, and some new additions. There are 16 pitchers and 14 position players. Terrance Gore made the team, as we had speculated, for his speed on the base paths. Edwin Rios and Matt Beaty both will help out in the infield.

As far as pitching goes, earlier today the Dodgers optioned Dustin May to their alternate training site. Scott Alexander, Dennis Santana and newcomer Jake McGee all made the roster.


The Dodgers players will have two weeks to show their best stuff before the roster drops to 28, and then 26 players another two weeks from then.

On Thursday’s Off The Air with Joe and Orel podcast, manager Dave Roberts said that his starting defense would be as follows – Austin Barnes C; Max Muncy 1B; Kiké Hernandez 2B; Corey Seager SS; Justin Turner 3B; Mookie Betts RF; Cody Bellinger CF; and Joc Pederson LF. A.J. Pollock will be the Dodgers’ first National League DH.

Game time is set for 7:08 PST. Keith Williams Jr will sing the National Anthem just like he has for many a big game at Dodger Stadium. It is the latest home opener for the Dodgers since 1974.

So, let the games begin. Let the second guessing of the lineup and bullpen usage also begin. Let’s pray for the best health of all the players, coaches and staff, and that the season makes it to the World Series without any major incidents or any more stoppages. Today is the best day of the year and even though it is completely different this season, we will rejoice and be glad. Here’s to a great season, and a World Series win for the Dodgers at the end!

13 thoughts on “Dodgers’ Active Roster Set, Ready for Opening Day

  1. The kept Gore, optioned May, and kept 16 pitchers. Santana over May I am thinking since he seems a little closer to MLB ready. But Gore???? Please. The guy is one dimensional. And that dimension is speed only. As a defender he is okay, as a hitter he is pitiful. And how many times in the 60 games are you going to go into extra innings? Last year in 162 games they played 10 extra inning games. That is 1 every 16 games. By that reckoning, they will play at most 4 this year. Wasting a roster spot on a player for just 4 games is dumb. At least in my playbook. 3 of those pitchers will be gone in 30 days when the rosters have to drop to 26, and they can only carry 26.


    1. I still cannot believe they are using a rule like placing a runner on second base for extra innings. But, since they are, keeping Gore makes sense. Other teams are likely doing the same. In a 60 game schedule, a 3, 4 or 5 game swing for extra inning wins or losses will be amplified and could mean a playoff spot. With a universal DH, having a speed guy at number 26 makes a lot of sense. Now, with that said, we hope our offense is such a juggernaut that we will always win big, but they must cover contingencies and that’s what they are doing with Gore.


      1. I totally disagree. I do not think any other team is keeping a guy strictly to pinch run, and I do not think there will be enough extra inning games to warrant his being on the roster. The guy can’t hit. And unless your big boppers are coming up in that inning, he has to either get moved over by a bunt, or score on a hit, because most of these guys have proved they do not know how to bunt. I would rather see a solid bat like McKinstry on the roster.


  2. Andy, you’re on a roll. Finally it’s time for Dodger baseball! Been a long time comin! Can’t wait to see Kersh go tonight and what effect driveline has had on him. I still can’t watch. Cox Cable hasn’t caved yet. Let me know How Kersh looks tonight! Thx

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  3. If you can believe it Cox blacks out Dodger ESPN games. Gotta get the MLB app. Dodgers are champions of the shortened seasons! Can’t miss this season


    1. Back stiffness sounds like a relatively minor thing until you remember CK’s history with back problems.
      Just think, this morning Kershaw woke up expecting to be the opening day starting pitcher and winds up on the IL before the first pitch. May woke up thinking he’d been optioned and is now the opening day starting pitcher. Life is strange.


  4. I just got done predicting, on the last thread, Kershaw was going to have a great year, I’m done with predictions, I jinxed Kershaw, it’s all my fault. Sorry guys😢


  5. That’s not a good start. Kershaw again with back issues. It’s time for the young guys to step up carry this rotation.


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