The Los Angeles Dodgers Have Finally Evolved into Legitimate Contenders


With the 2017 NLCS well underway, all of our postseason questions are finally being answered. Yes, the Dodgers and the Cubs are playing a rematch of last year’s Championship series, but this postseason is different, and we’re starting to see why. This Los Angeles team is almost unrecognizable from who we saw last year, as they lost a decisive Game 6 of the NLCS to the Chicago Cubs.

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Dodgers Handle Cubs in NLCS Game 3 at Wrigley

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Different city, same story. As the NLCS shifted from Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to Wrigley Field in Chicago, the postseason gained a new level of intensity. This isn’t L.A., this is Chicago. This is a city that is still reeling from a World Series Championship. Chicago is a baseball town in every meaning of the word.

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NLDS Sweep Is Just the Beginning for Dodgers

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The postseason has a way of making us incredibly nervous. It has a way of taking over our thoughts and instilling a little anxiety and a lot of excitement. But the postseason can also remind us why we fell in love with the game in the first place.

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Dodgers Flex Muscles in NLDS Game 2 Victory Over Diamondbacks

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The postseason is officially upon us, which means that every theory, every prediction, is about to be either dismissed or fulfilled. October has a way of writing things in stone. If something great happens in October, it’s going to be remembered, no questions asked. Whether it’s a Justin Turner three-run homer in the first, or that one game where the Dodgers scored five runs in the 5th inning. October remembers everything, and so do those who shape it.

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How Does the Ideal NLDS Shape Up for the Dodgers?

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The 2017 NLDS is promising to shape up a bit differently than previous postseasons—Clayton Kershaw probably won’t be pitching on short rest. This is an extremely good thing.

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With NL Home Field Advantage Secure, What’s Next for Dodgers?


Get ready, October is coming.

That’s really all anybody is thinking about right now, the postseason. The Dodgers have said that all of the team records, and winning 100 games for the first time 1974, is really cool, but it’s not the ultimate goal. I’m not saying winning 100 games is easy, of course it’s not, but the Dodgers have their eyes set on the Fall Classic, and so do all the fans. The Boys in the Blue clinched the National League West on Friday, in a game which they cemented the one thing we’ve known all season; the Dodgers know how to win baseball games. To make matters better, within five days of each other, two of the longest-running home run records in baseball were broken; the NL Rookie Home Run record, and the All-Time Rookie Home Run record, broken by Cody Bellinger and Aaron Judge, respectively. So, after all this history, what’s next?

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Kershaw and Jansen Will Lead Dodgers in the Playoffs, but They Can’t Win by Themselves

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Clayton Kershaw. Everybody knows that name. It’s a name that is often followed by these words: “The Best Pitcher on the Planet.” I agree with that statement, and not just because I’m a fan of the Dodgers. I agree with it because it just makes sense. People often say that Kershaw has the potential to be the best pitcher baseball has ever seen, all he needs to do is win a World Series. The Dodgers have as good of a chance at a championship this year than they ever have before.

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The Dodgers Won’t Find Their Way Back to Winning by Looking Forward

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Our beloved Dodgers need to look back to July.

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What Will October Look Like for the Dodgers?

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September looks different for these Dodgers, very different. Within the first week of the month, the Boys in Blue have not looked like their normal selves, as the pitching and offense have not been at their usual championship-worthy levels. Don’t get used to it, though, because before you know it, the Dodgers will hit their stride again and we’ll go back to being amazed with their caliber of play.

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The Dodgers Have a Depth Problem, but It’s Only Going to Help Them in the Postseason

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I’ve never looked at the roster of a playoff contender and seen any tough choices to make. I’ve never had to look at a teams outfield, and figure out who should play left field because usually there’s a clear answer. Not for the 2017 Dodgers. In the postseason, managers want to put their “A-Team” on the field, the problem is, the Dodgers have quite a few combinations of a championship caliber team, but it’s the best problem to have — it’s why they’re likely to succeed in the 2017 playoffs.

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