A Look at 4 Spring Transactions & Their Impact on the 25-Man Roster


This year, the Dodgers haven’t looked like themselves. They look lost and out of sync. Using the fact that the season is just beginning is no longer a valid reason for the Dodgers shortcomings, but then again, it may be a little early for them to press the big red button that says PANIC.

Is it time to worry about our beloved Dodgers?

Yes, but do we need to start thinking about what we’ll be doing this October should the Dodgers fail to make the playoffs?

Absolutely not.

So far this season the Dodgers have made some moves, not big ones, but notable ones. Today, we take a look at those moves and see how they’ll affect the rest of the season.

APRIL 3RD: The Dodgers sign RHP Daniel Hudson to a minor league deal.

Impact level (on a scale of 1-10): 3

This was a move that went mostly unnoticed. Hudson spent most of his career in Arizona but played last season for the Pittsburgh Pirates. So far this season he’s given up 9 runs over seven innings pitched. With Tom Koehler still on the shelf, Hudson can potentially eat some innings in middle relief. The Dodgers have a habit of signing a lot of relievers, which isn’t a problem. What I like about it is that any one of them has the potential to become the next Brandon Morrow, and I think this team could use some of that magic right about now.

APRIL 23RD: The Dodgers DFA Wilmer Font

Impact level: 2

For a while,  I thought Wilmer Font was pitching pretty well. Maybe that epic, last reliever available extra-inning game in Arizona overshadowed the actual results. Font played well as a Dodger, but not great, and he was out of options, so the Dodgers had to either keep him on the roster on designate him for assignment. The Athletics picked him up, and now he’s pitching in Oakland. The Dodgers will be just fine when it comes to the bullpen. They have some great arms and, with more innings under their belt, the Dodgers’ bullpen could be back to their old selves.

MAY 6TH: The Dodgers place Corey Seager on the 60-Day DL, will have Tommy John Surgery and miss the remainder of the season

Impact level: 8

This one hurt Dodger fans a lot. Corey Seager, star shortstop, is out for the season. I gave this one an 8 not because the Dodgers can’t replace Seager’s elite defense, but because they need him in the lineup. Even before the Seager went down, the Dodgers’ offense was struggling. As a team (including pitchers, some of which have been hitting pretty well) the Dodgers were hitting .244. Only one everyday player has an average above .300; Matt Kemp is hitting a remarkable .353 as of Tuesday evening. The Dodgers need a boost, and I have never been a fan of the DH, but boy could the Dodgers use it now.

MAY 4TH: The Dodgers recall Walker Buehler from Triple-A Oklahoma City

Impact level: 10

Baring any massive trades this season, this is the move a lot of people are going to remember. Last season, Buehler was called up in September, but pitched out of the bullpen, and didn’t make the postseason roster. He was then called up again this year, in April for a couple of starts. Then, last week, he was called up for, what seems like the rest of the season. His first start after his second call-up of 2018 turned out pretty well. Buehler is going to be a reliable force for the Dodgers this season. He could be really good, and with Ryu on the DL for the next few months, the Dodgers’ rotation needs Buehler badly, and probably more than management planned.

The Dodgers dominance in the NL West may be in danger of disappearing, but there is plenty of baseball left to play, and the Dodgers plan to be ready for every single inning of it.



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