Honoring the Life of Tommy Lasorda

The Los Angeles Dodgers family and baseball have world lost a lifetime icon in Tommy Lasorda. The team announced that Lasorda passed away on Thursday night at the age of 93.

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A Review of D.B. Firstman’s ‘Hall of Name’


Today, in the Time Before Coronavirus, we would have been eagerly awaiting the start of baseball in just one short week! Instead, we are left to wonder just when and if we will see any live action from the Dodgers and the other 29 teams that encompass Major League Baseball.

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The 2017 Dodgers Are Setting a New Standard for the National League West


For as long as I can remember, the Dodgers and the Giants have been fighting for first place in the National League West. I’ve grown up with the certainty that as good as the Dodgers are, the Giants will always be close behind, but that is simply no longer true. The 2017 Dodgers have proven that they are the team to beat not only in the West but all of baseball.

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The Injuries that Propelled the Dodgers to History, Potentially


When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the most calm. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on.” – LL Cool J

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