No Players Inducted into Hall of Fame, Latest on Justin Turner and Marcus Semien

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The announcement for the National Baseball Hall of Fame inductions took place on Tuesday afternoon. For the first time since 2013, no players received 75% of the votes required to be inducted. Curt Schilling was the closest missing out by 16 votes. Behind Schilling, were Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens.

Former Dodgers who were on the ballot were Gary Sheffield, Manny Ramirez, Jeff Kent, Andruw Jones, Dan Haren, Bobby Abreu, and Shane Victorino.

This was just the ninth occasion that no players were inducted. However, there will still be players inducted into Cooperstown last summer, as the 2020 class’s induction ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic.


The Dodgers are officially out of the Marcus Semien race, as the Blue Jays and Semien agreed on a one year deal worth $18 million early Tuesday evening. The Dodgers and Semien were linked for a good chunk of the offseason, and there were several reports that the Dodgers could sign both Semien and Turner. So with Kike Hernandez leaving and the Dodgers falling out of the Semien race, it will be interesting to see who fields the majority of ground balls at second base.

Justin Turner is reportedly only down to four teams per Jon Heyman. Turner is apparently only considering teams that are playoff contenders. The Dodgers are in the mix, along with the Brewers and the Blue Jays, with one mystery remaining.

If Turner does in fact sign elsewhere, it will leave the Dodgers with some hefty shoes to fill. All the free agency backup plans for the Dodgers have already signed, including Semien and DJ LeMahieu.

With the alternatives signing with other clubs, personally, I’d think the Dodgers will work harder to bring back Turner. One thing to take into consideration that with no universal DH returning, a slight advantage is given to American League teams. Turner did appear in some games as a DH for the Dodgers and could benefit from playing in that spot at this point in his career.

No universal DH also basically hurts the pursuit of Marcell Ozuna for the Dodgers. Los Angeles can still look to sign him and put him in the outfield but that seems unlikely at this point.

The Dodgers also honored the life of legacy of the late Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna on social media, with a picture of a No. 2 and No. 24 on the pitching mound. The tribute came on the one year anniversary of their passing.

9 thoughts on “No Players Inducted into Hall of Fame, Latest on Justin Turner and Marcus Semien

  1. I was really surprised at the size of the contract the Semien got. For a player who has had only one really good year in a fairly long career, that seems to me to be an overpay by the Jays.

    Although there may not be a DH this year, I think everyone is pretty convinced that beginning with the new CBA next year there will be, so giving JT a two or even three year contract seems a pretty safe bet to me. The Jays signing of Semien reduces their chances of signing JT as far as I’m concerned, although they do have lots of money if they want to spend it.

    If we let the Brewers outbid us it just means AF didn’t want Turner back.

    I still expect this to be resolved, one way or the other, by the weekend. I also don’t expect us to install Rios as the every day third baseman if JT doesn’t return, so that would open up the possibility of a trade. We should know pretty soon how it’s all resolved.

  2. That’s a huge contract for Semien, I’m not sure I’d want to give Semien 18 mil, even if it came with a guarantee he would repeat his 2019 numbers.

    Scares me of what we may have to pay Cory next season.

  3. Not surprised no one made the Hall. I knew Schilling was in trouble because of his tweets. But also think the BBWA is one of the more moralistic entities on the planet. Knew Bonds and Clemens would not get much more support than they have. There are those still against PED usage. Even though both of those guys had the stats before they started juicing. Just my opinion, so do not shoot the messenger. As for Turner, I am tired of the whole thing, sign him or do not. But do something ASAP.

    1. Probably Schilling. He has better stats career wise than Big D. He also was excellent in his post season starts. It is not his character that is the hang up with the writers, it is the way he has used social media to express opinions they do not particularly care for. I knew he had lost support. What did happen was that all of a sudden guys who got lukewarm support originally suddenly garnered some huge jumps in the percentage of voters who voted for them. Notably, Rolen, Helton and Andruw Jones. My position on those who used PED’s is well known. I do not think any of them should be in the hall, nor those who either threw games or gambled when it has always been against league policy. It was a weak class anyway. I knew both Bonds and Clemens would have needed more than a 15 percent increase in support to gain entry, and while they both would have easily been Hall of Famers if they had not done anything, support for those guys from the writers is constantly changing. Some lessening their stance, others getting more hardcore against them. And next year two more candidates join the list who have at least been connected to PED’s, Big Papi who has steadfastly denied any use, and Alex Rodriguez, who everyone knows did use. I think Papi will go in on the first ballot simply because he is such a likeable personality and he has the stats to get in. Most people dislike Bonds, Clemens and Rodriguez.

  4. Gary Sheffield has the numbers, but he also was not too likeable as a player. I think far too many writers seem to judge some of these guys on their repartee with the press. I do think the election process needs to be over hauled. And maybe the writers become 50 percent of the vote. There are not nearly as many daily newspapers as their used to be, so the people who vote come from different area’s including the internet. Not sure what the fairest way to elect them is. I do know that things like needing to win 300 or hitting 400 HR’s no longer insure election. If they did, Fred McGriff would be in the Hall.

  5. That’s to bad I liked Alanna as part of the broadcast team. Can’t blame her though, I bet that career is tough on a family life.

    For me bear, Schilling is the only one of the bunch that would have made it. I like the MLB HOF, being very exclusive of who gets in. I don’t like HOFs like football where you only have to be good not great to be in, or have three or four great years to get in.

    Now get us a third baseman already, AF.

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