Joe Blanton Reportedly Reaches Deal with Nationals

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According to several different media outlets on Tuesday morning, former Dodgers‘ reliever Joe Blanton has agreed to terms with the Nationals for a reported $4 million over one season. As specified by Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the contract also includes potential performance bonuses which could total up to $1 million.

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Should Dodgers Just Give Joe Blanton the $4 Million Already?

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At first glance, there no question that the prospective 25-man Opening Day squad of the Dodgers could easily considered among the best in baseball. Yet after breaking down all the areas of the roster, the bullpen may be one of those areas which could use a slight upgrade, and veteran reliever Joe Blanton just may be the guy who fits the bill.

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Would Joe Blanton’s Presence Boost Dodgers’ Roster to Higher Level?

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The Dodgers have done an excellent job this offseason getting the gang back together. Over the weekend, Chase Utley reportedly agreed to a one-year deal to return to the team. Even though he could find more playing time elsewhere, perhaps even a starting position, he chose to come back to LA. Sure, he’s a SoCal native at the end of his career, and maybe he just didn’t feel like starting over again. But most likely he recognized that this team has an excellent chance to win it all this year.

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Sergio Romo to Dodgers: Yes or No?


Last week’s Dodger Fan Friday post was all about the players that you love to hate. Now, there’s news that former San Francisco Giants closer and set-up man Sergio Romo has narrowed his choice of teams down to two — the Dodgers, and a mystery team.

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Dodgers Apparently Showing Interest in Jerry Blevins, Joe Blanton

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Now that the biggest roster hole has been filled with the acquisition of infielder Logan Forsythe, the Dodgers could be proceeding to address a few smaller gaps in the bullpen, as some recent rumblings have the club connected to free agent relievers Jerry Blevins and Joe Blanton.

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Dodgers Bullpen: Will Chris Hatcher Reveal True Potential in 2017?

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As there are still a few whispers regarding possible relief additions in the forms of Joe Blanton and Greg Holland, there’s no question the Dodgers have enough bullpen firepower to find success with its existing corp. And while the most critical role could certainly be the eighth-inning bridge to closer Kenley Jansen, 32-year-old righty Chris Hatcher definitely has the tools to fit the bill, however, the question still lingers as to whether he can bring all his skills together consistently for one full season.

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Who is Dodgers’ Best 8th-Inning Relief Option?

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As far as roster improvement goes for the Dodgers this winter, much of the emphasis has been put on rumors surrounding Brian Dozier and the options at second base, however, according to recent rumblings, Los Angeles may be looking for some outside help for the bullpen to bridge the gap to All-Star closer Kenley Jansen.

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Is the Dodgers Bullpen Set for 2017?


Happy New Year, TBPC readers! We’ve made it through the holidays — spring training starts next month, and the countdown to Opening Day is on. Most of the team has taken shape, and today we take a look at the state of the Dodgers bullpen.

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Dodgers Roster: Which Missing Piece is Next on Radar?

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Fans of the Dodgers everywhere were finally given the opportunity to breath a sigh of relief on Monday when the team locked up reliever Kenley Jansen and infielder Justin Turner to long term deals, yet after envisioning what the 25-man roster might look like at the beginning of the 2017 campaign, those same fans are left wondering how many more outside players the front office crew will target.

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Doing Some Early Window Shopping for the Dodgers’ Dubious Bullpen

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As we have already briefly outlined several possible areas of the roster the front office crew of the Dodgers will likely address during the offseason, some of the loudest early chatter amongst fans has surrounded the structure of the prospective bullpen heading into 2017.

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