Dodgers Open Six-Game Homestand Against Rockies

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With their latest win by a score of 4-0 against the San Diego Padres, not only did the Dodgers manage to sweep, but with it being their 81st win of the season, they now have 11 straight seasons without a losing record., which is their longest streak since they moved to the West Coast.

The run the Dodgers have had over the last decade is remarkable, as other teams never have this long window.

Despite only losing four games in the month of August, the Dodgers still remain 2 ½ games back in the division. The Dodgers are 9-1 in their last games, while the Giants are 8-2. Since the All-Star Break, the Dodgers are 25-12, while the Giants are 26-12. They are both coming off sweeps after the Giants swept the Mets, and the Dodgers swept the Padres.

It’s a wild west that will come down to perhaps that Giants and Dodgers series in the Bay.

As the season narrows down, many fans will watch the scoreboard nightly. It is pretty much a given the Dodgers will be in the postseason; however, whether they will be a wildcard or the first seed in the postseason is still to be determined.

After finishing up their road sweep of the Padres, the Dodgers return home for six games, three against the Colorado Rockies and three against the Atlanta Braves.

The Giants are actually set to visit the Braves beginning this Friday and play host to the Milwaukee Brewers, two teams which are division leaders and are hot at the right time.

After the Dodgers went 16 innings on Tuesday, when they used all of their relievers, they will have another bullpen game tonight. A starter has not been announced but it is expected to be an opener of some sort, and some roster moves are probably to follow.

The only announced starter as of the moment for the Dodgers this series is David Price, who is slated to start

Several pitchers we could see over the weekend include Andre Jackson or Mitchell White, both of who’ve had short stints at the Major League level but have been impressive.

The Rockies will send left-hander Kyle Freeland to start the first game, and right-handers Jon Gray and Antonio Senzatela to end the series.

The Dodgers are 10-3 against the Rockies this year and have not lost a series to them this year. They still have six meetings left this year, with three coming this weekend and three towards the end of the season in Colorado.

First pitch for Friday’s opener is scheduled for 7:10 p.m. Pacific.

11 thoughts on “Dodgers Open Six-Game Homestand Against Rockies

  1. It’s kind of scary that, even though it’s against the Rockies, we’re going with bullpen games in two of our next three games. We’ve done exceptionally well in those types of games this year but the problem with a BP game is that it only takes one of the guys to have a bad inning and you’ve blown your chance for the win. Far more of a gamble than having Max, Julio or Walker (or Kershaw, May or Bauer) on the mound.

    I guess those three will be lined up for the Braves, but then we have a problem for the Giants series, probably another bullpen game with everything on the line.

    One thing for sure, if we actually win the division we will definitely have earned it.

    1. NOt exactly sure why, after 100 games most of these guys can’t go 2 innings and take some pressure off the pen, especially with 2 bullpen games in 3 days. Roberts is known for pulling his pitchers too early, except Jansen of course. Some of these guys might surprise him.

  2. There are rumors of the Giants juicing because they have multiple guys putting up career-high OPS in their 30’s (and pitchers who, for the lack of a better term, “sucked” before becoming All-Stars) and that just doesn’t happen. Maybe there is truth in that? Or perhaps it’s just the crazy nature of baseball. I mean Baseball Savant gave them a 0 percent chance to make the playoffs and now they have the best record? Something doesn’t add up here.

    1. What would make them think they could get away with juicing?
      Also, if Farhan and Kapler knew about it I can’t believe they would let it continue, but maybe my opinion of them is just colored by the fact that they’re ex-Dodger guys.
      I think this is just one of those years where everything has come up right for the Giants, just like ’88 was for the Dodgers.

      1. You may be right, but to be fair that Dodger team squeaked into the playoffs in a weak division. The Giants are besting a Dodgers team that may be one of the “all time greats” in a ridiculous fashion. It’s very odd is all I’m saying, but I guess that’s baseball.

      2. You have a point about ’88.
        I have just as hard a time as you coming to grips with the way SF is playing this year. But I’m also totally astounded at how the Padres could have collapsed the way they have. At least, for the time being anyway, we only have to worry about one of them.

    2. Gosh jeff. The padres have collapsed again? I’m totally surprised. How could that happen? Oh yeah. Bad team. LOL.
      I’m going to regret this some day. Right ?

      1. Dodgers against Freeland tonight a lefty. Thankfully they are starting Tio Albert and sitting Bellinger. Should be a solid line-up against a left-hander with a WHIP of 1.38. Graterol and then Jackson is the guess.

      2. If you’re the guy who’s responsible for their recent play Gordon, then please keep saying those things. I still wouldn’t want to have to face them in the playoffs. Maybe the Reds will take care of that for us.

  3. It’s all about the starting pitching as we all know. Padres pitching has collapsed or been on the IL. The Giant patched together staff by Farhan has been incredibly good and they have had several games won in the last 2-3 innings.
    The Oakland game last week is a prime example. The Dodgers had a lot of problems with situational hitting as in the 16 inning marathon. If there is a runner on 2nd in extra innings why can’t the hitter move him over? Then it’s an easy RBI? Watching Bellinger pop out or one of the guys’ strikeout is maddening. But then our pitchers did it to them also. The great news is we won.
    Trea Turner has made a difference with his speed and hitting. Will Smith has hit some timely Home Runs and Pollock has been on fire.
    I still say despite Bear’s love of Bellinger they need to bench him and use him as a utility player until he can figure out how to move a man over or score them from 3rd with less than 2 out. Otherwise, Bellinger is a liability.
    Glad they shipped Lux out. Beaty needed the at-bats and McKinney is a better defensive outfielder. I don’t know how he rates at 1st base. Lux like Bellinger has shown he can’t hit left-handed pitching and Bellinger can’t hit high fastballs or breaking pitches to the outside. Bellinger in that 16 inning game struck out and missed the fastball inside by at least 4 inches with RISP you could see the gap as he swung over it.

  4. Well jeff I sure wouldn’t want to meet them in a 1 game wild card game. Love to meet yhem in a playoff series and I refer you to last year. I just don’t get the giants but they scare me. They seem destined.

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