Who in the World Is Kieran Lovegrove?


While the Dodgers have certainly had their fare share of under-the-radar acquisitions this winter, none may be as interesting as the recent signing of pitcher Kieran Lovegrove.

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Catching Up with Pitching Prospect Braydon Fisher

(Photo Credit: Phrake Photography)

While pitchers and catchers continue to settle back into their routines at Camelback Ranch, we thought it would be a good idea to briefly drift back to the minor league-side of things while re-exploring the depth of the Dodgers‘ stacked farm system.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Ranking the Top 5 Starting Pitchers on the Farm


Continuing along with the highlights of the best players in the minor leagues, we now move on to the top starting pitchers on the farm—a department of the Dodgers which has traditionally been among the best in baseball.

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Dodgers Roster: A Quick Peek at the 2020 Minor League Outfield Depth

(Mandatory Credit: Eugene Morgan)

If you’ve been following our string of stories over the past few weeks, you’ll know that we’ve been peeking at some of the best prospects on the Dodgers‘ farm in between the recent rumblings of trade rumors at the big league level.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: A Closer Look at Edwin Uceta

(Photo Credit: Steve Saenz)

Along with the 21-player NRI list the Dodgers released on Thursday came a lot of confusion among fans about where many of these players stand in the organization. Indeed, there were a few headliners like Josiah Gray, Jeter Downs and Jordan Sheffield, but the list contained plenty of names that some fans have never even heard mentioned in the past.

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Gavin Lux, Jeter Downs Both Ranked as Top 10 Shortstop Prospects

(Matt Kartozian/USA TODAY Sports)

If you missed my column yesterday, it basically talked about how Kody Hoese and Michael Busch were among the emerging prospects of the Dodgers, as both were ranked inside MLB.com‘s Top 10 list at their respective positions. This morning, the shortstop rankings were revealed, listing rookie Gavin Lux as the baseball’s best shortstop prospect with 21-year-old Jeter Downs not far behind in eighth place.

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Kody Hoese, Michael Busch Named Among MLB’s Top Position Prospects


In a current series of prospect rankings put together by MLB.com, infielders Kody Hoese and Michael Busch of the Dodgers were named among MLB’s best position prospects.

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Dodgers Prospect Watch: Keibert Ruiz Eyeing Breakout Season


Hampered by a broken finger at the end of last season, Keibert Ruiz was unable to join a handful of other prospects the Dodgers brought up to the big league roster. However, the switch-hitting native of Venezuela’s 2020 campaign could be the year he finally makes his long-awaited MLB debut.

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Dennis Santana Preparing for 2020 Bullpen Role

(Photo Credit: Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

If you were able to catch my column on Sunday, you would have seen my projections for the 2020 starting rotation at Triple-A Oklahoma City. The main goal of the story—as with most of my prospect posts—is to examine the organizational depth of the Dodgers at all levels of their farm.

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Dodgers Prospects Setting Up Team for Long-Term Success


A lot has been written about the lack of moves the Dodgers’ front office has made so far this offseason. In a recent article in the LA Times, part-owner and team president Stan Kasten took on the accusation that the team, up until now, has been “cheap.”

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