Trades That Changed Dodgers History: December 21, 2018

Welcome to winter, but finally one when Dodger fans are not discontent. While it was an abnormal summer, it brought some baseball, which led to the Dodgers finally winning that long awaited World Championship.

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Thoughts on Kershaw, Roberts and Another Sad Offseason

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(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

The end of the Dodgers‘ last six or so postseasons have all ended at varying stages, and all short of the goal. There also have been varying degrees of heartache along the way, but this season seems the most abrupt and heartbreaking of them all.

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Dodgers End Season with 7-3 Loss to Nationals in NLDS Finale

It’s over when it’s over, ain’t it baby ain’ t it. Rips you like a dagger, can’t it baby can’t it. Wish we could do it over, Damn it baby damn it.  We had it in the air but we just couldn’t land it.


Those who have been following this blog know that when I started writing here, I started all blog posts with song lyrics.  Tonight seemed like a good night to bring that back.

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Dodgers Win Pivotal Game 3 of NLDS


It felt like a must win game for the Dodgers heading into the game. The Washington Nationals decided that instead of pitching Max Scherzer in Game 3, they would go with Anibal Sanchez, saving Scherzer for Game 4 and Stephen Strasburg for a possible Game 5. But win it the Dodgers did, although it took awhile to look like their normal selves.

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Dodgers Take Game 1 of NLDS


The Dodgers won the first game of the 2019 NLDS by a convincing 6-0 margin, and they did it on the strength of stellar pitching and Max Muncy‘s bat.

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Series Preview: Dodgers Set to Begin 2019 NLDS Against Nationals


The Los Angeles Dodgers‘ hopeful 2019 World Championship run begins tonight.

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