Dodgers’ 2018 Destiny May Be Influenced by Activity this Winter

(Mandatory Credit: Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune)

At the non-waiver trade deadline, they all say that the team that makes a big move will be the team putting themselves in the best position to win in October. Well, winter is no exception. The free agent market this year is interesting, and there are some big names out there—players that contenders need to sign.

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Los Angeles Dodgers 2017-18 Offseason Primer

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With most of the dust now having settled on the 2017 World Series, some fans of the Dodgers have decided to take a brief hiatus from their beloved club to regroup, while others continue to scour the web in search of all the up-to-date news and developments. Yet for the Los Angeles front office crew, the work never stops, as the offseason is a time when many missing links are filled in terms of the player roster and even the coaching staff.

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Will the Dodgers Spend or Won’t They?

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There seems to be a prevailing thought amongst Dodgers fans that the team is not going to spend money and remain as is, missing out on re-signing big players again. The new CBA agreement has put a serious hit on the Dodgers’ payroll budget, unless they want to add to their spending by paying a bunch of taxes. Which, presumably, they would not want to do.

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Dodgers May Readjust 40-Man Roster Before Winter Meetings

(Photo Credit: David Zalubowski/Associated Press)

If the MLB Winter Meetings do indeed begin as scheduled this Sunday in Maryland, the Dodgers may very well decide to make a number of adjustments on the 40-man roster, especially if the management crew wishes to participate in the Rule 5 draft on the final day of the meetings.

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Collective Bargaining Talks Between Union, MLB to Resume on Sunday

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While some pundits are not ruling out a potential lockout in the coming weeks or months, representatives from both the players’ union and the MLB offices continue to make small strides towards a new collective bargaining agreement, and are optimistic that matters could be resolved quickly when both sides go back to the bargaining table on Sunday in Dallas after a five-day recess.

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