When Will Dodgers Begin to Resolve Critical Roster Issues?

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Even though many of the finer details of the new collective bargaining agreement are still being disclosed and analyzed, the Dodgers may be on the verge of making several moves via the free agent or trade markets now that a set of regulations and guidelines has been established for the next five years.

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How a New CBA Could Affect Mechanics of Dodgers’ Future Rosters

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With a potential collective bargaining agreement forecast to dominate baseball news over the next several days, many fans are guessing that both the free agent and trade markets may turn into a frenzy if indeed a mutual pact is reached. One key component of the agreement could be the increase of the luxury tax threshold, allowing clubs across the league to conceivably increase payroll another $11 million before being penalized with a tax. Such an addendum could certainly provide the Dodgers with a little bit more breathing room when assembling the club’s player personnel for 2017 and beyond.

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Collective Bargaining Talks Between Union, MLB to Resume on Sunday

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While some pundits are not ruling out a potential lockout in the coming weeks or months, representatives from both the players’ union and the MLB offices continue to make small strides towards a new collective bargaining agreement, and are optimistic that matters could be resolved quickly when both sides go back to the bargaining table on Sunday in Dallas after a five-day recess.

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