A Tight Pennant Race May Be Just What the Dodgers Need


Nothing has come easy for the Dodgers this season. Staying true to form, the latest series with the Arizona Diamondbacks was no exception.

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Dodgers Lineups: Trying to Make Sense of the Daily Batting Orders


I’m not a big fan of writing about lineup design, particularly when it comes to the Dodgers and the complex tactics they use putting together the daily batting orders. At first glance, the lineups sometimes look carefully thought-out and well constructed, while other times the order looks like it will have absolutely no success at all. Additionally, fans often see a player who is scorching hot at the plate given an unwarranted day off, resulting in frustrating reactions, especially when the team is not winning.

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9 Bold Predictions for September

(Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

Since the 2018 Dodgers season has not exactly been a lot of fun, and Los Angeles is currently in the middle of a very nerve wracking race for the NL West, I thought we could take a look at the month of September and make some fun, bold, sure-to-(not) come true predictions.

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Are the Dodgers Finally Headed in the Right Direction?


I hesitate to even pose this question, because with the way the season is going for the Dodgers, it will inevitably come back to bite me in the behind. But could we have just seen the weekend when the team finally turned things around?

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Dodgers Are the Worst Clutch Performers in Majors


One night, everything seems like it’s working perfectly for the Dodgers—sort of like their bulldozing 11-1 victory against the Padres in the series opener on Friday evening. The next night, however, the squad will find itself in a very tight contest, only to under-perform in the moments when the game is on the line. This has become a popular theme of the 2018 Dodgers, leaving fans feeling confident one moment, but pulling their collective hair out the next.

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Frustrations Mounting as Dodgers Search for Spark


It’s really quite incredible, in some ways, how this Dodgers season has been the complete antithesis of last season.

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How Much More Can Go Wrong for Dodgers?

(Photo by Stephen Carr, Daily Breeze/SCNG)

The good news is there are 34 games remaining on the regular season schedule, which is more than enough time for the Dodgers to climb back atop the NL West division. The bad news, however, is that whatever strategies the team tries in hopes of fixing its existing problems, nothing at all seems to work.

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Suddenly, the Outlook of the Dodgers Bullpen Doesn’t Seem So Gloomy

Kenta Maeda
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Sometimes, all it takes is an 11-1 drubbing of another contending club to quickly change a fan’s perspective about the direction of their favorite baseball team. When an offense works according to the way it was specifically designed, it takes a huge amount of pressure off a pitching staff, especially a bullpen which has struggled mightily over the past week. And, with the news that closer Kenley Jansen‘s healing progress has been accelerated, the immediate future of the Dodgers doesn’t seem so dismal after all.

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Dodgers Worst Enemy: An Anemic Offense or a Second-Rate Bullpen?

(Los Angeles Times photo)

Believe it or not, some people saw a bit of logic when the Dodgers ignored their suspect bullpen while trying to upgrade their offense at the non-waiver trade deadline last month. After all, there were some internal moving pieces which would improve the relief corps, and the addition of two of the best available offensive weapons would seemingly allow the squad to slug its way into the postseason.

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There’s Still No Reason for Dodgers to Panic, but It’s Getting Close


To say this season has been frustrating is an understatement. Every time the Dodgers seem to get things going, some other piece of bad news hits the fan. It has been said that during any series at Coors Field, the best you can hope for is to get in, get out and hopefully everyone escape healthy. It didn’t quite happen that way this time.

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