How David Price Might Fit into Dodgers’ Starting Rotation


In keeping with the theme this winter, it’s been another long weekend of innuendo and teasing that a Dodgers trade that would acquire Mookie Betts from the Boston Red Sox. Many reports say a deal is ‘imminent’ and will happen today or tomorrow.

The latest rumors are (still) that the Dodgers are the front-runners, that San Diego is still hanging around, and that lefty starting pitcher David Price may or may not be included. So, not much further along than where we were on Friday.

Still, the Price involvement once again is picking up steam. If he does indeed land in Los Angeles, where might the nomadic pitcher land in the Dodgers rotation?

Everyone would agree that Walker Buehler has taken over ace status for the Dodgers. The young righty was just named the number 10 pitcher in baseball according to “The Shredder” on MLB Network. He should be and will the Dodgers’ number one starter for years to come.

That relegates the past decade’s ace to second in line, which I almost think at this point is okay for Clayton Kershaw. He has literally and figuratively carried this team on his back for so many years that it’s time to let someone else take over the heavy work. That’s not to say that he won’t still be a really good pitcher, or go deep in games. Earlier this winter, Dennis covered what the year ahead for Kershaw might look like and where he projects to finish the regular season.

If Price were to join the Boys in Blue, one would figure he would slot into the third or fourth spot in the rotation. A lot of this would depend on where Alex Wood finishes Spring Training. Oh wait, maybe it’ll be Kenta Maeda who has something to say about that third rotational slot. Or it could be Julio Urías. Maybe Jimmy Nelson gets his mojo back finally being healthy and with a new team. Hmm. Dustin May also might have something to say about it. I also didn’t even mention Ross Stripling or Tony Gonsolin.

If Price does join the team, he will definitely be fighting for a spot at the lower end of the rotation, and he has some stiff competition. While they may all not be top-end starters, the Dodgers definitely have plenty of depth behind Kershaw and Buehler. If everything goes right with all of those pitchers, the Dodgers will have an incredibly happy problem.

But, we as Dodger fans know that that’s not how our pitching staff works. Someone from the rotation is always on the IL at some point or another, sometimes more than one at a time. The Dodgers have more than enough capable pitching to get them to the playoffs. Where Price slots in to that is of little consequence.

Where Price could make his mark would be the postseason. Like Kershaw, Price has had some issues there,  but he also recently pitched really well for the Red Sox in the 2018 World Series. While his DS and CS stats are not as good, he is 2-0 in two World Series games with a 2.12 ERA.

The thing holding the potential trade up is rumored to be Price’s contract. He is owed $96 million over the next three years. As the Red Sox are looking to shed payroll, they would probably want the Dodgers to pay as much of that as possible.

If anyone can work that situation to their advantage it’s Andrew Friedman, whether it’s still having the Sox pay a bunch of Price’s salary or a reduced player return. Pitchers and catchers report next weekend, so one could believe that there actually will a be a resolution to this very soon.

Stay tuned.


29 thoughts on “How David Price Might Fit into Dodgers’ Starting Rotation

  1. Well I for one do not want David Price. He is damaged goods and Maeda was better than he was last year. More wins, more innings, more games, lower ERA, WAR .1 behind Price, more strikeouts. And I do not think Price slots higher than #5. You going to give him a pass because of what he used to be? 96 million is a lot of cash, and unless the Sox paid at least a 3rd of that, I would tell them what they can do with that guy. The Schlemmings would love him though. Him and Betts make their off season successful..


      1. I get what you are saying. I just do not agree. I do not think he makes the Dodgers better. Carrying that huge albatross contract will limit what they can do at the deadline should they have a need. And it is for damn sure JT is not giving up #10 for that slug.


      2. For me it depends on how much of that $96m the Dodgers carry. Last I read the Sox had to shed about $35m to get under the CBT. Betts is $27m of that. They also want to get a few more million under to have some room to move. The Dodgers can surely offer to help by taking Price, but Boston has to carry some of that load. That’s probably what they are ironing out now.


  2. Cmon bear we’re longing for a big move but we’re not that desperate. And can we please sign one pitcher who didn’t have a crappy, injury filled year last season! And with all the time it’s taking could AF be involved in a ménage et trois?


    1. I may have been hasty in saying the Schlemmings would love him. I can’t see why AF did not kick the tires on a guy like Tajuan Walker. A lot younger and the guy has some nasty stuff…no he signs injury prone Jimmy Nelson and brings back Wood. A year after he trades him. There are times I wonder if AF’s head is lost in a cloud of MaryGJuana smoke. He is definitely not working with both oars in the water.


  3. Well more rumors floating around twitter than ever before now. Some say Dodgers are close, one says they have dropped out, which I believe is totally bogus. I think Sox would look at SD’s offer, and come back to LA and say can you beat this? Playing the 2 So Cal teams off of each other for the best deal. LA can beat any package SD offers.


      1. My point exactly. And they really do not want Myers anyway. They would much rather have some of LA’s MLB ready young talent. And if Fergie is in the trade with Verdugo, they are getting two MLB ready players and some kids. But I still do not want them to trade for Prices huge ass contract.


      2. They want prospects of course, but I think a primary goal is to reset. By doing so it puts them in position to bring Betts back. I think what they want in ‘21 is Verdugo and Betts in the same outfield, Downs at second and one of Ferguson/Gonsolin in the pen.


  4. Well bear, if Price is in this deal, you better get use to seeing him, I’m sure for the money he’s getting paid they’re not going sit him on the bench.


    1. I am sincerely hoping that is not the case. He isn’t worth 3 million a year, let alone 32. And if he is part of the deal, I pass. I do not care how god Betts is. Saddling the team with that contract is just a little nuts. Especially if they need to add at the deadline. They would be right up against the tax. Nope, not biting. but then again it is not my decision. What I would do if I was AF is say either poop or get off of the pot and lets get a deal done. ST starts next Thursday.


  5. Methinks peoples is tight.

    Reminds me of a joke:

    Went to my shrink and said “doc, I feel weird”
    “How so Scoop”
    “I feel like a teepee, you know, like a wigwam”
    Doc says “relax, you’re too tense”.

    Old one, but I think it applies. Come on Andrew, dump or get off the pot. Time to move forward.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Well if this drags out much longer there will be some very intensely nervous people. Every time you look there is someone saying it is imminent, and then someone saying Boston is still negotiating with both teams. Fans want a resolution yesterday.


  7. I feel sorry for Mookie. They say he’s one of those guys who always reports to ST early. It would be one thing if the Sox trained in Az and he knows he’ll either wind up with SD or LA so will just have to wander down the road. But the Sox train in FL so he can’t very well head there with all his stuff and then have to pack up and lug it all to Az. I suppose if I had $27MM coming to me this year I could just hire someone to worry about that for me, but it’s the kind of logistical problem that would drive me crazy. And now you know the kind of garbage the continually floats around in my brain.


    1. You feel sorry for Mookie? The guy is going to make $27 million this year, after already making $32.5 million, playing baseball. That’s $59.5 million before he turns 28. And he doesn’t pack anything, a team of packers do it. And he will fly first class wherever he’s going. If we were to do a search on where he is right now the end of it would read “Resort & Spa”. Mookie’s gonna be fine Jefe. No need to feel for him. I feel sorry for Iowa. Why? Because it’s Iowa.


      1. Let’s show a little empathy here Scoop. Mookie still has a lot less money than Bloomberg. And I don’t believe he flies first class. He flies economy and signs autographs the whole time he’s in the air.
        Iowa has all that corn. Don’t feel sorry for them.


      2. Iowa does have a lot of corn. And soybeans. Hogs. Machinery. White people.

        If Mookie is flying to PHX, it might be on a private flight. If he’s not flying west, who cares how he gets there.

        Mookie got it made wherever he goes.


  8. Sure is Andy, it’s amazing some of the names that were rumored to be going East, and it ends up being maeda, and verdugo. All the rumors had the dodgers giving up much more.

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