A Few Ideas How Dodgers Might Use Dustin May in 2020

(Photo Credit: Casey Gower)

Aside from all the opinions about the sign-stealing scandals, there were a few interesting bits of information that came out of Fan Fest this year, specifically one clue on how the Dodgers might use young right-hander Dustin May, at least towards the beginning of the season.

Last season, the 22-year-old righty went 6-5 with a 3.38 ERA and 110 punchouts over 106-2/3 innings of work between Double-A Tulsa and Triple-A Oklahoma City before making his MLB debut in August. For the big league squad, he made 14 appearances, 10 of which came as a reliever. To the surprise of some pundits, he was selected to the NLDS roster against the Nationals and eventually made two more appearances in relief.

Be that as it may, the 2020 season is an entirely different animal. Present on the team now are Jimmy Nelson and Alex Wood, both of whom may conceivably compete for the final spot in the starting rotation. If all the available starting arms remain healthy through Cactus League play, it could mean that May will begin the season at OKC, perhaps being the first starting pitcher on deck in the event of an injury, even though he clearly has one of the Top 5 arms in the organization.

What’s more, he has options on his contract. Nelson and Wood do not.

Regardless, many fans are still wondering if there are any firm plans for May as the season progresses, specifically in terms of an innings limit..

One emerging line of thought is that the club will use May sparingly in the early portion of the year, saving the bulk of his workload for the stretch run of the regular season and into the playoffs. In this light, it doesn’t make much sense wasting many innings in the minors, especially if his stuff is as good as everyone says.

Another less-popular theory is that the club might still use May as a reliever in the majors, despite the claims the team made earlier this winter. This seems impractical, though, particularly because of the amount of big league depth the team has. As it stands now, there may be up to three or four capable relievers forced to begin their seasons on the farm.

Either way, there might be one or two “precautionary” visits to the injured list for May—if anything, to provide a few periods of rest.

Nevertheless, May will probably begin throwing on a five-day rotation once Cactus League play begins, stretching out his arm like starting pitchers normally do. If the Dodgers were to indeed begin May in the minors and allow him to throw about four or five innings a week for a month, it would seemingly keep him fresh while starting him out on a pace similar to how Walker Buehler was utilized in 2018.

The most important clue could be knowing exactly what the Dodgers have in mind in terms of an innings limit.

In any event, it’s certainly nice to know the club has a weapon of May’s caliber waiting to be unleashed.

It’s probably safe to say we’ll hear his name plenty come October.


35 thoughts on “A Few Ideas How Dodgers Might Use Dustin May in 2020

  1. I like the kid, he was pretty cool under stressful conditions, but he is a work in progress. When it comes down to the nitty gritty I want experienced guys out there. 1 full year in AAA will benefit May greatly. Since I think of May as strictly a starter I would rather have Gonsolin out of the pen. Another thing, May might add 3 miles an hour to his fastball if he cuts his hair and reduces the drag.

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  2. No word on the Betts front. Some say there is a hangup as to how much of Price’s contract LA pays. Unless Boston takes someones salary back in the deal, Pollock makes the most sense, I would much rather not see Price in a Dodger uni. Make it Sale, and I might go for it..

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      1. Dennis check this, I just read that Gammons thinks the Dodgers-Sox trade is inevitable. Names mentioned, Verdugo, Ferguson, Downs and one other prospect…that is for Betts. No Price…that sounds like a reasonable return for Boston and it gives them 2 MLB ready players and 2 prospects. Since Pedroia is so iffy right now, that makes sense.


  3. Jesus posted that earlier today and Gammons is usually correct about these kind of things so I think we can assume it will happen in the next couple of days. When Jesus commented, there was also mention of possibly including a low level prospect. Hopefully we don’t have another Yordan Alvarez situation here. I think Chaim Bloom can be satisfied if this is actually what he gets for Betts. After all, we’re only getting one guaranteed year. I really hope Mookie likes the “Hollywood lifestyle”.

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      1. Downs makes a lot of sense. He is blocked for at least 2 more years in LA. Boston is very thin on middle infielders, and with Pedroia suffering a set back, it does not help them much. Downs could crack their roster by early next season or even September. Did anyone read Lindor’s response to the trade talk? He is not to happy with the tribe right now. Story finalized his 27.5 mil 2 year deal with the Rocks.


    1. Yordan Alvarez was way down on the list when the trade was made. Plus he does not fit the kind of player AF likes. He is basically a DH most of the time, until it comes to the NL< which will be sooner rather than later, he would have not made much of an impact in LA. Probably more than White though. I get rid of that guy asap. I would like to know how Y'all feel about the fact that the electronic K zone is going to be used during spring training.


      1. I know you’re not a Tyler White fan Bear, but it doesn’t hurt anything to bring him to camp. Who knows, the weight loss and new diet might make a difference. He hit .276/.354/.533/.888 with 12 homers and 12 doubles in 210 at bats for Houston in 2018. That ain’t exactly chopped liver.

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      2. 2 years ago. The slug did bupkis last year. New diet? He looks like he ate a sofa already..Sorry to me this dude is a waste of a roster space


    1. Geez, I have a friend who offered to let me watch the game on his very large tv for only $2500. I probably should have taken him up on it. And I think there were Nachos and guac as part of the deal.

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      1. There was a picture of the people in the stands…all were standing except this one dude in the back row who was totally asleep! Cracked me up.

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  4. I don’t like giving up Verdugo but I understand that’s what it takes. This works out for both teams. We get 6 WAR next year, Boston gets maybe 3 times that over the next 5. We have a good shot a keeping Betts and if he leaves we get compensation. I’m ok if it comes down like this. I’m also ok with shlemmings claiming a victory.

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    1. I actually like that deal…….makes Pederson and Pollock the LF options, Betts to right, Cody in CF. I think playing RF in LA will actually help Betts defensive metrics. Not sure if I like the Schlemmings claiming a win…but that is ok if it makes the Dodgers better.


    1. Assuming we actually trade for Betts, it looks like we’ll also have to get Bryant, Lindor or Arenado for Bear to make a full concession. No problem, we have another 10 days or so.


      1. Hey, there’s room for everyone here. We Shlemmings are an all encompassing group.
        Why do I have this strange feeling that Preller will jump in at the last moment and grab Mookie. His job is on the line and he might do something desperate.


      2. Well, you can forget Arenado. Rockies are not trading him in the division, Lindor is going no where anytime soon, and I do not think they need Bryant if they get Betts. And until I see what Betts costs and if they have to take back that huge albatross of a contract for Price. Price is a deal breaker for me. I do not want him on the Dodger simply because he blocks some talent that is going to get the Dodgers where they need to get, and his oft injured butt is not going to do that.


    2. That is a real personal question there Rich. Put it this way, I am big enough to eat crow if they actually do something, but at what cost. I want to see if they have to take on Price’s contract. If so, I think they got suckered.


  5. Early odds on next year’s Super Bowl have Rams way down the list at 25-1. How far they’ve fallen.

    I got nothing else at 7am. Just waiting for today’s announcement.


    1. However it was so enjoyable watching the 9rs fold like lawn chairs. Oh, I loved watching that fall from grace.

      I have two favorite teams, the Rams and whoever is playing the Lawn Chairs (formerly known as the 9rs) that week.

      Actually when I was a little kid, I loved the Rams and my AFL upstart league favorite was the Chiefs.

      If the Rams can get an offensive line and can run the ball, they will be fine. I think it is great that McVay has gotten an OC, McVay is creative but some of his strategic moves really had me shaking my head, maybe the OC guy can knock some sound strategy into his young melon. Another thing. there is a huge difference in what Mahomes can do and what Goff can and can’t do.

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  6. Why would I want to be a Schlemming???? They are small insignificant creatures with long snouts. I am a bear. I get to sleep all winter and I have a nice shinny winters coat……


    1. Sounds like while you were sleeping someone poured liquid legging black gloss on your Carhartt. That might qualify you as a schlemiel, not a shlemming. There’s a test for that. We can talk about that later if you like.

      Gonna happen today. I can feel it. They are just ironing out the contract minutiae wrinkles this morning.

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      1. But you do have liquid leggings black gloss. It’s Cañon City chic.

        I thought everybody in the Colorado outback wore Carhartt.

        Yeah, I give it til 5 West Coast time but I thought it would be done by now.


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