Dodgers Head to Colorado, Kershaw’s Rehab Successful at OKC


As it turned out, Clayton Kershaw did continue his streak of Opening Day starts for the Dodgers. It just happened to be for the Oklahoma City Dodgers as opposed to the team in Los Angeles.

Thursday at Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, Kershaw threw his first non-Spring Training game of the season. He was slated to go four innings, 60 pitches. That’s just about what he did, going 4 1/3 innings and 61 pitches. Clayton allowed four hits, including a solo home run, two walks, two runs overall, and struck out six.

“It was a good first step,” Kershaw said. “I got through everything I needed to, got up for that fifth inning, got some guys on base, worked out of the stretch and did multiple different things. It was a good day.”

Of his 61 pitches, 41 were strikes, and he was touching 90 with his fastball. He is most likely going to have another rehab start before joining the big league rotation, although the place hasn’t been announced yet. Double-A Tulsa seems the most likely spot, as the other affiliates would be out of town when he would be slated to pitch again.

Meanwhile, as they wait for Kershaw to join them, the Dodgers and their high powered offense head into Denver for their first road trip of the season. The Colorado Rockies must be looking forward to getting back to Coors Field, as their offense has had some troubles getting going. Their first two series were on the road in Florida, where they played against the Miami Marlins and the Tampa Bay Rays. They currently sit at a record of 3-4.

They started out strong, scoring 12 runs in the first two games against the Marlins, but then the offense fell flat, mustering only two runs in the last four games, and taking 11 innings to score one run in the last game against the Rays. Only two players, Chris Iannetta and Trevor Story have hit a home run.

As far as pitching goes, the Dodgers are lucky to escape facing German Marquez, the Rockies ace who is currently sporting a nice 0.69 ERA, allowing only one earned run over his 13 innings of work so far this season. They also will miss seeing hometown favorite Kyle Freeland, who has 15 strikeouts in his 11.2 innings so far.

Pitching matchups will start with the Rockies sending Tyler Anderson to the mound to face Kenta Maeda. Anderson allowed five earned runs in five innings in his first outing of the season. Saturday will see Jon Gray against Walker Buehler. Gray collected 10 strikeouts and allowed three runs in 6.2 innings of work against the Rays, ultimately getting the loss in that game. And in the Sunday Night game of the week, Julío Urías will go up against Chad Bettis, who allowed six earned runs in 5.2 innings of work.

The Dodgers offense should have no problem continuing their home run onslaught while at Coors Field. Whether the Dodgers pitching staff, especially the bullpen, can keep the Rockies’ bats cold is another story. Teams go home to right themselves, and the Dodgers will look to simply out-power the Rockies to get a series win.


26 thoughts on “Dodgers Head to Colorado, Kershaw’s Rehab Successful at OKC

  1. Looks like Kersh moving from dominating to crafty stage of his career. Doesn’t seem like his fastball is coming back. He really needs a change up against righties, something breaking down and away. Going to be interesting how this year plays out for him! I’m rooting for him!


    1. Two seamer. Breaks both ways. If his 4 seamer only hits 90, two seamer would dip a bit below that. Every pitcher should have a change up.

      Should be 60s during the day. Don’t know what it might sink to at night. Denver can be a cold freakin place until May.

      We aren’t facing their best arms. We shall take the series. It is written.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Scoop way too positive. Are you doing so just because Andy wrote the article! Time for Seager, Turner and Muncy to wake up and join the party! I’m thinking positive!


    1. All 3 will. That’s part of the all or nothing construct of this team. Hot and cold. Actually that’s been part of baseball for a long time.

      I wonder how Kershaw is feeling this morning.

      Players to watch: Matt Beaty, Tony Gonsolin, Will Smith, Dennis Santana, Edwin Rios, Yadier Alvarez, Marshall Kasowski, Dustin May, Gavin Lux, DJ Peters, Keibert Ruiz, Mitchell White, Conor Wong, Jeter Downs, Michael Grove, Edwin Uceta, Josiah Gray.


  3. Dustin May had a great outing yesterday. I expect to see him in OKC shortly and wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him with the big club sooner than we had expected. May in May!!!!!!

    Totally off subject, but I would like to nominate a player for the best name of all time. He’s in the Indians farm system.
    Sicnarf Loopstock. From Aruba. I shall be rooting for a HOF career for him.


  4. Welcome to the party Seager, Turner and Muncy! I think we know who is MLB player of the first week!!!! Belli is on fire!


  5. No lead is safe with Brock! I think we’ve seen his last pitch for the Dodgers today. Wish him the best with his new organization.


  6. I told you Muncy would OPS .800. I didn’t think he would get there in one day.

    Stewart. Why? There must be somebody better than him.


    1. I see what you did there Jefe. Good one. I think May won’t come until after July.

      note: I just posted this and it pisadeared. If it shows up later …. sorry for the double post.


    1. When Yimi don’t spin the outer perimeters, ball goes a long way. Pitchtrax had both those home runs center cut in the strike zone. He’s got to fix that. If he does, he will be fine. If he doesn’t, he will be gone. His stuff is good. His location isn’t. Stewart just isn’t good. I think I’d go to Chargois or Sborz, or whoever is lighting it up at AAA. It’s only temporarily. We have guys coming back soon. I think.


  7. I think the dodgers share the blame for Stewart’s problems, poor guy has been up, and down, back and forth. He definitely needs a fresh start somewhere else.


    1. Definitive 4A Keith.

      What’s the word on how Kershaw is doing after live 60 pitch session? I’m too busy right now to research it. I would hope to hear he feels great and is ready to go 75 pitches next time out. I did just read he’s not expected back until the 17th. I guess that’s a good thing Hill due back the 12th, Cingrani the 17th, Koehler July 1st.


      1. Never mind the others, Koehler is the difference maker. Oh wait a minute, that was 2018. Kershaw says he felt good the day after his OKC start and he was smiling when he said it so I suppose we should take him at his word. I’ll be surprised if we see Hill back before May (the month, not the pitcher).


      2. Sometimes soreness waits an extra 24 hours. I’ll believe he is ok when he throws 75 and gets through 5 innings with it. He should have no problem doing so in the minors.


  8. For those who were furious that AF made that trade with the Reds and don’t think he got enough back, there were 5 ex Dodgers in today’s Reds lineup. Names followed by current batting avg (and yes, it’s a ridiculously small sample size):
    Puig – .148, Kemp – .053, Farmer – .125, Schebler – .080, Peraza – .200. And then there is Alex Wood, who is on the IL with a bad back and no one seems to know when he’ll return.


    1. They’ve got nowhere to go but up. The Reds are stuck with them so I’m sure they will show patience.

      But I ask you, does anyone really care? I don’t wish any of them ill will, but to read those numbers doesn’t move my needle at all.


      1. As I mentioned, it’s a very small sample size, but yes someone cares. The Reds do, because if they aren’t in the thick of the race by July they’ll be trying to trade Puig, Kemp and Wood, so they very much want them to do well. I’m really not sure about Wood or Kemp but I’m assuming Puig will be worth a prospect or two by July.
        Speaking of SSS, Bellinger is on pace for 121 homers and 324 RBI. I’m guessing he doesn’t quite get there.
        Very strong lineup on offense tonight: Belli at first, Muncy at second, Dugo in right, Barnes catching.


      2. Actually, now that I think of it tonight’s lineup probably isn’t any stronger than if they had everyone at their normal position and Kike playing second, but it’s nice to see Verdugo get a start.


      3. Well of course the Reds and their fans care. I meant does anyone here care. I should have been more specific.

        Dbacks had a good offensive game yesterday. I saw much of it. They can hit, but I think they will be subject to team slumps. That’s why they will be a .500 team. I would think Colorado would be over .500, but not by much. SD and SF are a year out from being a year out.


      4. I get what you’re saying Jefe. But Zaidi is running them now. They will improve every month. Maybe not in wins right away, but you know he will start stacking the organization with pitchers that spin and position players that ball. It could happen more quickly than any of us want.


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