Dodgers Re-Sign Super-Utility Man Chris Taylor; Other News and Notes Before the MLB Lockdown

Just when you thought the Los Angeles Dodgers were going to let all of their excellent free agents join other teams, and not make big news ahead of the MLB lockout, the front office once again proved us all wrong.

In late innings of getting the deal done fashion, the Dodgers have reportedly re-signed their utility man extraordinaire Chris Taylor to a multi-year contract. The deal is reportedly for four years, $60M with an option for a fifth year making it worth $73M total. The signing is awaiting a physical to become official.

Sheldon Neuse was designated for assignment to make room for Taylor on the 40-man roster.

After Corey Seager chose the Texas Rangers to be his home for the next ten years, it seemed even more pertinent that the Dodgers bring back Taylor. With his ability to play well anywhere on the field and hit anywhere in the lineup, he fills a bunch of holes that would have been left by his departure. Signing CT3 is equivalent to signing two bench player because of that versatility.

Taylor made his first All-Star appearance in 2021, but fell off in the second half. He went on to provide the Wild Card heroics, sending the Dodgers to the NLDS to face the San Francisco Giants.

On Tuesday, the Dodgers made official their other free agent signing of this early winter, right handed reliever Daniel Hudson. The exact amount of the contract has not been disclosed as of this writing, but it is believed to be around $7M for one year. Hudson had previously pitched for the Dodgers in 2018, where he went 3-2 with a 4.11 ERA and a 1.22 WHIP. He missed the final six weeks of the season dealing with forearm tightness. Hudson appeared in a combined 54 games for the Washington Nationals and San Diego Padres last season, going 5-3 with a 3.31 ERA and 1.08 WHIP.

Reliever Corey Knebel, who had a good season for the Dodgers in relief, was signed by the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday. Hudson will try to fill that role left by Knebel.

Kenley Jansen is said to have had talks with the Miami Marlins, but does not appear to be signing anywhere before the lockout. Joe Kelly has also not been tied to any teams so far this winter.

The Dodgers are said to be in pursuit of free agent Freddie Freeman. The All-Star first baseman is said to be impatient with the Atlanta Braves for not offering a contract to his liking. Freeman would provide a very good, consistent left handed bat in the lineup, filling the void left by Seager leaving. Also with Max Muncy’s recovery time unknown, it would fill that open first base role.

If the last few days of negotiations have been any indication, the winter will be long while the MLB owners and Players’ Union try to work something out that appeases both sides and gets the season started on time. At this point they seem far apart in their deliberations and it could be a boring, lengthy few months waiting for any baseball news.

In happy news, congratulations go out to Cody Bellinger on becoming a father. He and his girlfriend Chase Carter welcomed a baby girl earlier this week, named Caiden Carter Bellinger.

30 thoughts on “Dodgers Re-Sign Super-Utility Man Chris Taylor; Other News and Notes Before the MLB Lockdown

  1. For those of us who were hoping that we would sign Stroman, better luck next time.
    He’s signing with the Cubs.
    I’m feeling more and more that AF is planning on having Bauer in his rotation.

  2. I’ve watched Stroman over the last few years, he is so up and down, he’ll pitch like an ace for a month or maybe two, then he’ll put up a 5 era for a month, or have a great first half, and a bad second half, I really didn’t want to see him come here. Give me a couple of years of Rodon, with an opt out after two, like the Bauer deal, but for a lot less money, then make a trade for Basset, or Montas. Or bring back Kersh, and one of those three. You would have Gonsolin in the BP for depth, I’m not counting Bauer, because I’m hoping we never see him in Dodger blue again. I’m assuming Heany is going to be our number five, if he struggles the team can flip him and Gonsolin.

  3. I’m hoping AF brings Kenley back also, not sure if it will happen, but I’d like to see him in Dodger blue for a couple of more years.

  4. Very glad Taylor is back his Swiss Army knife versatility would be difficult to replace. Especially as several of the Dodger Farm guys are a year or two away.
    The starting rotation of Bauer, Buehler, Urias, and Gonsolin is as good as any team in the NL West. Kershaw if he signs has not been able to pitch a full season in several years. No idea how Heaney performs if he makes the rotation. I still think they might bring in a young arm or two. May will probably not be useful in 2022 or only in very small stints and innings.
    You would think the Braves would sign Freeman no matter what! Curious that he is still available. I would be very surprised if he does not sign with the Braves.

  5. Tmax, I’m thinking they signed Heany to be part of the rotation, or why else bring him on. AF signed him early, so I’m thinking they went after him for a reason, it’s not like he was the only guy left out there. Bauer is a great pitcher, but I hope we don’t need him, so I make my predictions without him in mind. But you could very well be right about him being part of the rotation, his skill was never in question, his decision making is definitely another thing. Like Jeff pointed out a couple of days ago, with the measly 20 game suspension Ozuna got, anything could happen with Bauer. I’d like to think the Dodgers are better than that, though.

    1. I just saw something online that said Taylor told teams today that money wasn’t the driving issue for him and that he wanted to stay in L.A.

      Sure is nice to see that not every player thinks of money first. I’m sure he’s sitting there tonight not believing that he just got a contract for 60 MILLION DOLLARS! And I must mention again, Kike, whom people have often compared to CT3, signed a contract as a free agent last year for 2 years and 14 million dollars.

      As they say, timing is everything in life.

      1. He loves surfing and a bottle of beer. He’s a simple man who’s good at baseball, doesn’t have to move, and is $60M richer. Good for him

      2. Yes! He was talking about CT3. I believe Brett Anderson also called him a great guy but boring as hell

      3. He can be boring as hell as long as he plays the next four years the way he played the last four. I’ll bet Chris is the guy in the group who never says anything and just nods his head as everyone (most of all Brett Anderson) does all the talking.

      4. I know people say that teams and owners can pay players more and that’s true. But here’s this guy who probably never thought he’d get to where he is, WS champ, NLCS MVP, and gets to play for the Dodgers and make millions. He’s one of the best stories in baseball and he deserves it

  6. I was really impressed with the pitches added by Jansen and the way he mixed them near the end of the season and the playoffs. Hope he signs.

  7. Good for Chris Taylor, getting life changing kind of money, but man, 4/60 for a very good super sub is pretty impressive. I’ve always been a players over owners kind of guy, but with the contracts being signed this off season, and what non stars are getting, I think the players are going to have a tough time saying they are not getting paid enough. Maybe they should just try to get the luxury tax raised higher, and call it a day.

  8. Neuse DFA’d. Last minute trade between Red Sox and Brewers, Hunter Renfroe to Milwaukee for Jackie Bradley Jr. and a couple lower level prospects. Lockout starts sometime tomorrow, which means May must continue his workouts without Dodger trainers.

    1. That trade is perplexing. Renfroe had quite a good season for Redsox while Bradley had worst of his career. Not sure what the $$$ implications are and of course Bradley is a much better defender.

    1. And they are both right.

      There’s plenty of money to go around. And, as always, there are plenty of suckers to foot the bill.

      We have some power here. We’re just not organized.

      1. Just heard from Manfred, Scoop. There’s a seat at the negotiating table for you to represent us fans. Do us proud.

  9. I came across a funny fact, while reading about the CBA negotiations, thought I would share it. The NY Yankees had a higher opening day payroll in 2005, than they did in 2019. No wonder the players want a higher luxury tax threshold.

    1. The 2005 Yankees had George S. and the 2019 version had Hal. Hal doesn’t spend money the way his father did.

  10. Listening to the positioning rhetoric by owners and labor they sound ready for a long acrimonious strike. The players feel the owners “won” the last contract. The suggestions to “FIX” the competitive balance with penalties and draft choices did not work and the players believe it led to older non-premier free agents losing revenue along with several teams tanking and dropping their team salary levels. Teams manipulating younger players’ time to set back their arbitration dates is another contentious point.
    I do not expect a peaceful resolution soon enough to save Spring Training. This is going to be a long fight.

  11. Reading that many believe Jansen finds a team to give him a very large contract and Kenley goes to the East Coast to be closer to his home. As this is his last chance at a big contract he will cash out by leaving.

    1. I don’t know what the definition of a “large contract” is but I do think that someone will give Kenley more than we will. If it’s real close, he probably comes back here, but I’m thinking we’ll be outbid by a decent amount. Hope I’m wrong because I’d like to see him return, but I’m expecting him to leave.

      1. “I don’t know what the definition of a “large contract” is”

        Look at your tax returns. Multiply your gross income by a hundred. You’re now in ballpark.

  12. I predict Kenley is going to get 3/45 from somebody, hope it’s us. I don’t know if any reliever is going to see the kind of contract kenley is coming off of, or like Chapman has, five or six years is a long time for a reliever, three seems to be the new norm now.

    1. Raisel Iglesias just got 4 years/58 mil to go back to the Angels. He’s a couple of years younger than Kenley but they both had roughly equivalent years last year and Kenley has the better lifetime numbers.

      I think he’ll definitely be asking for a 4 year deal but I’m not entirely sure anyone will give that to him. When the Phils signed Knebel that eliminated their dire need for a closer. They might still be interested in KJ but at least they won’t be desperate. The Marlins have been the team that has been tied to Kenley all off season, but somehow I don’t see them giving him four years.

      The White Sox will be looking to dump Kimbrel’s final year at 16 million. That might appeal to a team that doesn’t want to give Kenley a 3 or 4 year commitment.

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