Dodgers News and Notes: Pitchers Looking ‘Really, Really Good,’ Spring Training TV Schedule, and More

Happy Full Squad Report Day! All members of the 2021 Los Angeles Dodgers have now reported to camp, aside from those facing visa issues, such as Keibert Ruiz.

Tuesday will mark the first full-squad workout for the team. Sunday will be the team’s first game of spring training against the Oakland Athletics.

SportsNet LA announced on Monday that they will carry all of the spring training games. 18 games will also be available on the radio, in both Spanish and English broadcasts. You can find the full schedule of games here:

Dodgers Spring Training TV and Radio schedule

All reports from the first few days of camp are that the pitchers are looking good. Some pitchers especially raising eye brows are Corey Knebel, Alex Vesia, and Walker Buehler.

Knebel returning to his 2017 form would be just a huge coup for the bullpen, and Manager Dave Roberts said that Knebel would likely be used in high-leverage situations. The primary group already has Kenley Jansen, Brusdar Graterol, and Victor Gonzalez, among other. Adding Knebel and Vesia would be so fun to watch. Dennis covered more on Vesia on Sunday.

Catcher Austin Barnes stated after Monday’s practice that David Price, Buehler, and Knebel have really stood out to him so far. Both Price and Buehler are encouraging; Price because of opting out of last season, and for Buehler because he usually starts spring slower than most other pitchers.

Buehler has kept up most of his throwing routine throughout the winter to be better prepared to start the season with the rest of the pitching staff.

Buehler did comment after his first bullpen session that he was not feeling any ill effects from the blister issues that had plagued him last year. “We’ll keep an eye on it and be conscious of it, but as of right now I’m not super concerned,” Buehler stated.

Monday, Roberts stated that he views the catching situation as Will Smith and Barnes as catchers 1A and 1B. Just another advantage that the Dodgers have that they have two more than capable catchers to share time and handle their formidable pitching staff.

That pitching staff should benefit from the new, deadened baseballs. Roberts commented on a piece in the LA Times that his pitchers have been frustrated with how they would execute a two-strike, down and away fastball, only to have to batter flick his wrist and hit a opposite-field home run.

“I haven’t dug too much into it, but there have been many pitchers in our camp who have expressed their feelings as far as last year’s baseball being a lot harder and the strings wound a lot tighter than they potentially would be this year. So it’s a welcome thing for pitchers”, Roberts said.

11 thoughts on “Dodgers News and Notes: Pitchers Looking ‘Really, Really Good,’ Spring Training TV Schedule, and More

    1. The awesome thing is that if some don’t work out, or get injured, or whatever, then there are still 3-4 incredible options. And if they’re all healthy, they can have limited innings over the season to spread out all the work and be ready for the postseason

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      1. And, although we have no idea what role May and Gonsolin will have in the postseason, at least they’ll have last year’s experience to build on.
        I wouldn’t be surprised to see Catman take on a Stripling role this year since he has lots of relief experience already. Of course, if Nelson comes back healthy and pitching well, he might inherit that role.

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      2. This is why people can’t say that the Padres have a better rotation than the Dodgers – aside from their top 3-4 starters, they don’t have battle tested, flexible guys who could also be starters for other teams just wishing to see where the season takes them

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  1. Reports on Vesia showing major fastball movement is encouraging. The pitching staff is so packed it’s going to be very difficult to get any MLB time. Knebel being sharp is incredibly promising. As Andy mentioned it’s a long season. Teams usually need to bring up players from the Farm for some help to cover for injury etc especially pitchers to start the year and toward the end. IF Morrow gets his mojo back lookout. He was incredible in 2017. As May, Gonzalez, and Gonsolin have options I wonder if they bring them up and down this year? Really like that Knebel and Morrow have competed in the playoffs. And of course our young guys May, Gonsolin, Graterol, and Gonzalez too! It helps to have been there.

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  2. It’s almost not fair. The starters the dodgers have. On top of that, I can realistically see at least one of the possible bullpen guys bouncing back morrow , Nelson, or Pazos. I think May and gonsolin can make the bullpen one of the best.

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  3. I posted this here before, but the Padres starters as configured right now are a combined 2-9 against LA lifetime. The Dodgers staff is a combined 31-10 against SD lifetime. Lamet is coming off of a lame elbow. Snell is basically a 5 inning pitcher. Darvish had a bounce back season, but he still does not scare anyone. Paddock has had control issues. Cleavinger is out for the season. The Dodgers owned these guys. Musgrove? Please, LA has handled that guy his entire career. They have a decent pen, but after Machado, Tatis, and Hosmer, their offense has no where near the firepower LA has. Pham, Grisham and Myers vs Betts, Bellinger and Pollock? No contest.

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    1. I agree Bear. Their pitching staff is very good but does not compare to the Dodgers staff using their history of performance. Their offense is solid but the Dodgers have the potential of their entire batting order being dangerous. The Dodgers dominated the league with several guys like Bellinger & Muncy having down offensive years and Lux never showing up. We shall see but as you state Snell is a 5 inning pitcher according to stats. How many of the Padres starters would crack the Dodger starting rotation?

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      1. The way it is now? Maybe one if you move Urias to the pen and make him the closer. And the one would probably be Darvish. He is coming off of a better season than Snell. Paddock, Lamet, and the rookie lefty, I forget his name, are just not experienced enough. Snell would make it too. He might go 6 as a Dodger. Guy does have some nasty stuff.

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