Dodger Tickets Reselling at Ridiculous Prices, Other Spring Training Notes

With Dodger baseball soon returning, tickets have gone at a rapid pace, even though it’s just spring training. Last Friday, Cactus League tickets for the Dodgers went on sale and sold out in under two hours. Since there are only a limited number of tickets, it explains how fans are in a hurry to get them.

California reportedly is hopeful to have some fans in the stands for all five Major League teams. It was reported that it could be about 20% capacity for each ballpark, which is estimated to be around 11,000 people at Dodger Stadium.

However, if you are looking to see the team compete in person on Opening Day, it may cost $8,644.00 per ticket, and that is a bleacher seat. The Dodgers haven’t announced single-game tickets, nor have they made a final decision on whether fans can attend. But some season ticket holders have listed seats on reselling markets such as Stubhub and Vivid Seats.

The MLB yesterday released its first power rankings of the 2021 season, and you can probably guess who is in first. The defending champion Los Angeles Dodgers came in first. Obviously, being the defending champs and adding the reigning National League Cy Young winner, the Dodgers were rightfully in the No. 1 spot. Just behind the Dodgers were their NL West foes, the San Diego Padres, who as we know made a flurry of moves this offseason.

It will be quite the battle between these two teams during the regular season, as we all hope the Dodgers will still be in that number one spot come the end of October.

With the signing of Trevor Bauer, the Dodgers now have plenty of good arms competing for limited rotation spots. Among them is Dustin May, who is hopeful to earn a rotation spot. May pitched in some very crucial games during the playoff run last season and is one of baseball’s top young arms. He would certainly be in a starting rotation if it was any other ballclub.

As it stands right now, there could be a tight competition for the final spot in the rotation. The Dodgers could conceivably use a pitching carousel of May, Tony Gonsolin, and Julio Urias in a rotation for the fifth starting spot. They can use the depth to give pitchers an extra day or in case of injury.

Today also marked the second day of full-squad workouts for the team in preparation for their first Spring Training game this Sunday against the Oakland Athletics.

6 thoughts on “Dodger Tickets Reselling at Ridiculous Prices, Other Spring Training Notes

  1. I am hoping Julio Urias gets a true opportunity to be in the starting rotation. Urias addressed his earlier mechanical issues and was almost un-hittable in the playoffs. He has been a great teammate and taken whatever job asked. I think he has earned a true shot at starting which has been his preference. When the Dodgers get to the playoffs they will shorten their rotation and probably use Julio as the designated fireman. But let him start. I believe this is Julio’s year to shine. Before the injuries, he was the Dodger #1 prospect above Buehler, etc.


  2. You can ask 8 thou for your bleacher seat but that doesn’t mean anyone is going to pay it. They might as well have asked $100,000. The folks who could actually afford $8000 for a seat aren’t going to pay that to sit in right field.


      1. You’re only paying 8 thousand for your seat and now you want free food too Waldo?

        By the way, they’ve just released concession prices for this year. Dodger dogs are now $48 each and a beer is $60. No decision has been finalized yet on whether or not there will be a charge for mustard, ketchup, relish or onions.


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