Graterol, Cartaya Enter MLB Pipeline’s Team Top 10

(Boston Globe photo)

Staying in tune with the landscape of the Dodgers‘ farm system is sometimes one of the most intriguing parts of following the organization. For every big trade the club makes, it often seems like the strength of the minor league affiliates remains untarnished.

Such was the case with dealing away both Jeter Downs and Connor Wong this winter in order to complete the most prominent trade in Dodgers’ recent history.

MLB Pipeline earlier this week released its Top 30 team ranking for the Dodgers. Needless to say, there were a few big surprises. However, most of the notable fluctuations occurred in the bottom half of the listing.

Nevertheless, a few of the most prominent changes came in the Top 10, as 21-year-old newcomer Brusdar Graterol  emerged as one of the organization’s best five prospects.

Also appearing in the Top 10 for the first time is 18-year-old catcher Diego Cartaya after a very successful campaign in the 2019 Arizona Rookie League.

Also jockeying positions in the Top 10 were infielders Kody Hoese and Michael Busch.


Towards the bottom of a list is another quartet of teenagers that includes 19-year-old outfielder Andy Pages at No. 14, 17-year-old shortstop Alex De Jesus at No. 23, 19-year-old pitcher Hyun-il Choi at No. 26 and 19-year-old pitcher Jimmy Lewis at No. 27.

Other newcomers to the list include 21-year-old outfielder Luis Rodriguez at No. 10 and 22-year-old pitcher Ryan Pepiot at No. 28. Rodriguez jumps right into the Top 10 after being signed as a free agent out of Venezuela in July of 2019.

Gavin Lux, Dustin May, Josiah Gray and Keibert Ruiz remain entrenched at the team’s Top 4 prospects.

The full listings can be found by navigating to the team rankings portion of MLB Pipeline’s website.


23 thoughts on “Graterol, Cartaya Enter MLB Pipeline’s Team Top 10

  1. The more I read about Cartaya, the more excited I get but of course it’s a long way from being an 18 year old prospect in the Arizona Rookie League to starting in L.A. We definitely have some very good, very young prospects down on the farm. If even a few of them are successful, we’ll have lots to look forward to.


    1. Nowhere in the top 30.
      I consider Peters and Thomas to be more or less one and the same and they have DJ at number 13.
      Pages at 14, Vargas at 15, McKinstry at 20. No sign of Reks or Thomas.


    2. I know MLB Pipeline’s cutoff age for prospects is right on 26, so that would explain Reks. Thomas, not quite sure. I’m not certain what they use as their overall ranking criteria. You would think it would be an average of the tool scores.


      1. Age. Of course. And just because they don’t show up on a list doesn’t mean Friedman won’t use them. Pages is by definition the better “prospect” but if AF needs a hitter for a few days it will be one of the 3 older guys who get the call.

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  2. This will be a telling year for Peters, Thomas, Raley and Reks. Career minor leaguers or a chance at the show. If Pollock or Joc get hurt or traded there will be an opportunity for one of these guys


    1. Of the four you mentioned, I tend to favor Reks, even though he’s the oldest. Next would be Thomas because of his age (hoping he can still figure out how to cut down on the k’s). As much as I’ve enjoyed watching Thomas this spring, I will be amazed if either he or Raley ever have more than a cup of coffee with the Dodgers. Of course, I would have been the first guy to make disparaging remarks about JT when he was still with the Mets so I’m willing to admit there might be somebody out there who knows more about prospects than I do.

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      1. Yeah, and as I just mentioned above being ranked a high prospect won’t necessarily measure in who is called up as a replacement. I hope to see all these guys get their shot. It would be cool to watch one or all of them stand out in a big game. Who can forget Kyle Farmer’s walk off?

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    1. It does not matter what Pollock does in the spring. He is assured a roster spot unless he gets injured period. He is a vet, and knows how to play the game. Pollock has rarely over the past few years had good spring training numbers. When he was young and fighting for a job, different story, and those are the facts, not some figment of my imagination. Pollock has had exactly 25 at bats, so to say he is helpless is a little premature. One thing I have noticed is that he is taking a lot of pitches that are borderline. He has struck out 3 times tonight. 2 of the 3 looking. Possible explanation is that he is not seeing the pitches well, or the umpires zone is not what he is seeing. Last year he struck out 15 times in spring, hit for a .286 average, had 3 homers and 7 RBI’s. He has 1 and 4 this year. Last year he had 56 at bats. I think you need to wait and see how the whole spring works out. Peters has a worse spring record than Pollock, so how is he going to take AJ’s place? Thomas is doing a decent job, but is not on the 40 man. 4 pitchers have been sent down, White and Gonzalez optioned out today.


  3. Santana has another stellar inning. Gave up a 2 out triple and struck out the next hitter. Strip gave up his first run in 6 spring innings on a homer. Seager is 2-2. Game tied in the top of the 6th.


    1. Friedman confirms in an interview that Maeda never asked for a trade, in spite of what everyone is saying. Andrew knew he wasn’t happy being moved to the bullpen every fall but he never actually asked to be traded. The Dodgers weren’t looking to trade him but the Twins asked for him as part of the Mookie multi-team trade and he ultimately got us Graterol so the trade was made.

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      1. Totally the opposite of what Maeda’s camp was saying. Dodgers give up 6 runs in the late innings, Gaudan gives up a grand slam homer. Needless to say, he is not doing anything to impress them enough to put him on the roster. Kasowski impressive as was Santana, and Strip gave up 1 in his 3 innings. First run he has allowed this year.


  4. I’ve been harping on Ferguson to develop that slider just like a young Kersh did and it transformed his career. Ferguson may not be at Kersh’s level but if his slider becomes a plus pitch he could take off big time. Evidently he talked with Kersh this off season and was convinced that he needed that third pitch. Excited for him. So far so good this spring. Now if Kersh could just develop a changeup to throw to righties like Ryu, then he’d be right back in Cy Young conversation.

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  5. Hey guys, I am fighting a really bad cold and sore throat, so I won’t be on here much, if at all this weekend. Enjoy the games.


      1. Thanks Jefe,,,took some cold medicine, and have some vicks on my chest…going to get under the covers and sweat it out.


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