Dodgers Injury Updates and Notes from Spring Training

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We are now exactly three weeks from the Dodgers opening up their 2020 regular season against the San Francisco Giants.

The first round of cuts began today. Josiah Gray and Edwin Uceta were sent over to the minor league camp. That leaves 60 players still with the big league team, 30 pitchers and 30 position players.

There was a lot of good news on the injury front today. Most importantly, Justin Turner is going to return to the lineup tomorrow. He was hit on the left hand by a pitch thrown by Johnny Cueto in yesterday’s game, but he stayed in the game and proceeded to hit a homer off Cueto his next at bat. X-rays on his hand were negative. He was out of Thursday’s game as he is currently in an every other game rotation. So far this spring, Turner is batting .417/.563/.750 with one double, one home run, four RBI and three walks over six Cactus League games.

Chris Taylor may return to the lineup sooner than expected. Taylor has been hampered by both forearm and bicep irritation from a check swing, and from being sore in his shoulder when he was hit by a pitch in Saturday’s game. MLB’s Ken Gurnick reported that CT3 may return to game play Friday. It will be a game-time decision as to whether he plays or not.

Dustin May has returned to baseball activities. The No. 2 prospect for the Dodgers was shut down in February after not recovering well from a side issue. He threw from a mound the first day of spring camp, but that has been it. He played catch today and hopefully will be progressing with his recovery soon.

Joc Pederson is still feeling okay swinging the bat. He has been dealing with both side and hip issues. The outfielder should be returning to game action soon, most likely on the minor league side of camp.

Another pitcher who is returning to throwing is Jimmy Nelson. Shut down with back and groin issues, the 30-year-old pitcher has had some setbacks but is once again going to be pitching off the mound tomorrow. If all goes well and he progresses, he will be vying for a spot in the Dodgers bullpen.

Clayton Kershaw had his second outing of the spring, and his curve ball continues to impress. While his fastball was not registering as high on the radar gun as it was in the first game, his curve looked just like the classic curve we’ve come to love. Kershaw pitched three innings in which he struck out four, allowed two singles, and walked none.

Cody Bellinger blasted his first home run of spring training Thursday, a 406-foot bomb that accounted for the only offense in Thursday’s game.

Walker Buehler had his second start of spring training, and it didn’t go quite as well as the first. He allowed a homer to Matt Chapman, leaving in the third inning with runners on second and third, which was then scored by a sacrifice fly. He did sandwich those two innings around a 1-2-3 second frame. He struck out two and issued two walks in 2.1 innings of work.

Kenley Jansen continues to impress in his spring outings. It took 11 batters for one to finally reach base against him, and it was just a single. He struck out one batter in one inning of work.

The Dodgers resume Cactus League play Friday evening against the Seattle Mariners at 5:05 PST.


22 thoughts on “Dodgers Injury Updates and Notes from Spring Training

  1. 5 for 32 with 12 Ks. Today was a stinker.

    Cole gave up 4 meaningless home runs. He don’t care. Personally I think Spring Training is 2 weeks too long. You guys have over 3 months off, take whatever exotic 2 month vacation you need then get back to work. It’s just conditioning and it’s your job. It should not take more than 2 weeks to get ready to play baseball. It’s baseball, not training to go to war. You’ve been playing baseball since you were 5 years old. You know how to do it. Why you need 3 months off then 6 weeks to get ready?


    1. Agreed with that. Takes 2 weeks if they sign in mid season. These guys work hard in the off season now and they are ready. It just wears them out early and surely impacts the post season to a degree. And it means nothing because we knew the 24 man roster 4 weeks ago and the final 2 probably going g to be based on options s not talent.


      1. Not all teams are as set as the Dodgers. I agree spring training could be shorter, but not just two weeks.


    2. I was there today. Lux and Bellinger started along with Barnes behind the plate. Other than that, we basically played AA and AAA players while Oakland had all their starters in for 6-7 innings. Lux nearly knocked Soria on his rear with a vicious line drive that somehow went straight up in the air and back to Soria who barely got Lux at first. Bellinger followed with his HR. Thomas continued to impress with a triple to the RF corner and Rios singled. That was it until singles in the 9th by Santana and White, I believe. Buehler was hit pretty hard. Floro struggled. Kolarek struck out the side. I think two of the guys he faced were righty’s. deGeus looked good and picked a runner oof first. Kenley had a good inning. Heading back East tomorrow.


  2. Slow start with our offense but at least we haven’t had any significant injuries yet! Just get to opening day healthy! Great to see Larry wake up the BEAR! Don’t be questioning his baseball acumen! “Have you ever played the game”? Now THATS gonna garner a response!


  3. I know Urias is the former top prospect and Wood was guaranteed he would be in the rotation but I feel like they aren’t even considering Stripling and that’s a shame. It wouldn’t shock me one bit if he ended up being the best of all 3. He may only throw 92 but he gets a surprising amount of swing and misses with that plus breaking ball. I also think Joc deserves a chance to to show he can be more than a platoon player going into his contract year. There’s about a 90% chance he leaves after the year but I would want to dog due diligence and make sure I wasn’t letting a real elite power hitter walk. Joc had only 49 AB’s against lefties last year, this year I hope he gets 100-150. If he can prove he can hit lefties even at an average level then you have one of the top 5 raw power hitters in the big leagues. With Pollock not the same guy as he was in Arizona and not much on the farm that’s near ready I say what do you have to lose?


    1. I doubt the Dodgers will do that Alex. We have someone there, Pollock, who the numbers say will do more with those at bats than will Joc. Joc is a free agent next year and I expect he will test the market. If he really wanted to improve against left handers he could take 100 live swings a day against hired guns all winter in Arizona. He could find left handers to pitch to him. Does he do that? No. Of course not. And why not? I suspect he knows that with Pollock on the team it wouldn’t do him much good. He might do it next winter though.


  4. I watched Jansen pitch against the As yesterday. Very pleased to see Jansen actually hitting his spots, he threw it to the spot the catcher asked for it. This is a monumental improvement. I have always thought that this was Kenley’s greatest issue for him to be successful. If he keeps this up, watch out he could have a very good year. I think whatever he learned over the off-season was well worth the effort, he even looks like he believes his stuff now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I agree with that. I also think that Graterol will be better than Jansen soon if he isn’t already. 99 with something that breaks 2’ away from right handers. I’m pretty sure I saw video in a Twins uniform of a change that broke into right handers about 2’. The guy looks like the second coming of Game Over. Hope I’m right about that. And I think Kelly is hitting 98. We know he can hit 100. Keep it out of center cut please. And throw a palm ball now and then. Doesn’t need to be a strike.


  5. Is it just me or does Kelly have the most hittable 99 in the history of baseball.He gets very few swing and misses on his fastball and it gets hit hard way too much. Just really flat with little spin rate? And no matter what you throw if it’s right down Broadway MLB hitters can do damage. If Kelly rebounds and locates better and is healthy, then that’s a huge addition to our bullpen. Can’t wait to see Treinen throw. And good to hear IJDM positive on Jansen. That’s a huge piece of our chances this year. A lot of question marks with our pitching but also a lot of potential! If the ball isnt “juiced” like last year and staying in the park I look for a big year from Kersh!


    1. Kelly has pitched in 3 games, 3 innings, 5 K’s. 3 hits and no runs. I am not worried about Kelly. He will get his swing and misses. Any pitcher who throws a straight fastball with no movement is going to have hitters make hard contact. Kelly’s fastball usually moves a lot.


      1. I think most Dodger fans disliked Kelly. There have been more than a few to put on the Blue who at one time were immensely disliked by the fans. Marichal comes to mind. I did not particularly like Dick Allen or Frank Robinson. And consequently neither did Alston since both spent exactly one year as a Dodger. According to most reports at the time, Robinson always questioned Alston’s moves, and Allen and Walt just did not get along.


  6. I have better things to do than come on here and trade intellectual banter with mental midgets…….that being said, hi guys! I sort of agree with Scoop about spring. Since pitchers no longer are required to finish what they start, just get them ready to pitch 5 and they can build their stamina over the first two months of the season. At least that seems like what they are trying to do. When was the last time a Dodger pitcher threw a complete game opening day or week? Word of warning, you do not want to poke a Bear coming out of hibernation. They are hungry, mean and irritable.


  7. Seems like players still just do not get it. Another suspended 80 games for PED use. A D-Back this time. Seems also like a lot of these guys are Hispanic. Maybe they do not understand the rule. Puig is still a free agent and I find that kind of weird. The guy can do a lot for a team, and that no one has even tried to sign him is just a tad strange. Even Kemp got a minor league deal and he missed most of the season.


    1. Good point about Puig vs. Kemp, Bear, although we don’t know how many offers Puig might have rejected. It would certainly seem as though Puig would have a more productive 2020 than Kemp will so the only explanation is Puig’s deserved or undeserved reputation in the clubhouse and for keeping his head in the game. If he had just played here, you could say that his reputation was all based on previous activity and that he’s matured, but he’s now played for two other teams as well and managers and front offices talk to each other about that kind of stuff. Still hard to believe he hasn’t landed anywhere yet. I still think he’d be a huge hit in Korea or Japan.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The only rejection I read about was that he turned down a 1 year 10 million dollar deal. They did not even say from which team. Teams are dealing with injuries and if someone on another team who is pretty indispensable goes down, he might get an offer then. I did also read a blurb that he was considering Japan. Joc cleared to play. Most likely will get some reps in minor leagues games first. May is back throwing now also. And maybe today, Trienen gets his first game action…our big off season free agent man.


    1. Ha, how little ye know me! My grandkids might think that. And maybe some ladies I have known, but I have another side I usually try to keep under wraps. For many years I struggled with a hair trigger temper. I am much better now. But there have been a few people who have set me off over the last 10 years. Luckily, I am calm enough now to not let it get out of hand. What happens on here is mild compared to some of the stuff I have heard. Scoop and I all but abandoned another blog because of all the vitriol that was going around on there. It is much better now, but still has it’s moments. I respect everyone here’s opinion. I won’t always agree with them, and sometimes I may get a little testy when I think they are not respecting mine. But this is a great site, with excellent writing and people. I enjoy posting here.


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