Dodgers Prospect Watch: A Closer Look at Andy Pages

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When we put together a story about MLB Pipeline‘s new prospect rankings for 2020 a few weeks back, we noted how the list for the Dodgers contained quite a few new faces, specifically a new crop of youngsters that seemingly created yet another exciting wave of farmhands.

On that list was 19-year-old outfielder Andy Pages, making his Top 30 team debut as the organization’s 14th best prospect.

Coincidentally, the list appeared about a month after it appeared Pages would no longer be a part of the Los Angeles organization. Just when the Mookie Betts blockbuster deal was coming to a head in early February, there was a supposed deal to quickly follow that would see Pages, outfielder Joc Pederson and swing man Ross Stripling traded to the Angels for a package centered around infielder Luis Rengifo.

While some did not understand the logic of the deal with Anaheim, others felt it was a salary dump to keep the Dodgers under the 2020 Luxury Tax after adding the salary of Betts and about half of David Price‘s remaining contract.

Regardless, the deal eventually fell through, and Pages remains in the Los Angeles system for the near future. It’s a good thing, though, because the 6-foot-1, 180-pounder may have some of the best raw tools in the organization.

The righty hitting Pages agreed to terms with the Dodgers as an international free agent in October of 2018 for a $300,000 signing bonus.

According to Baseball America, Pages was one of the top hitters in his age group in Cuba. In the country’s 15U league in 2015, he hit .364/.484/.581 with 25 walks and just three strikeouts over 161 plate appearances, ranking third in the league in slugging percentage. He played the 2016 season as a 16-year-old in the much more mature 18U league, hitting .248/.384/.376 in 129 plate appearances, with his three home runs tied for second in the league.

Ben Badler opined that “Pages’ bat is his best tool. He has an efficient swing and good hand-eye coordination, leading to a high contact rate in games with average power.”

Upon signing with the Dodgers, Pages arrived stateside with enough time to appear in 10 games with the Arizona League Dodgers after hitting .236/.393/.486 with nine homers and nine stolen bases in 42 games in the 2018 Dominican Summer League.

Playing exclusively for the Ogden Raptors in short-season Rookie league last year, the Cuba native slashed an impressive .298/.398/.651 with 22 doubles and 19 long balls over 63 games.

As stated by MLB Pipeline, “Pages has an advanced understanding of his right-handed swing and how to create bat speed and use his leverage to generate well-above-average raw power. Though he had a 28 percent strikeout rate in 2019, Los Angeles is confident he’ll make enough contact to damage because he has a sound right-handed swing and is an intelligent hitter. He needs to clean up his plate discipline and perhaps tone down his leg kick.”

Additionally, “Pages offers one of the best combinations of strength and speed in the system, though he’ll probably settle in as more of average runner once he’s physically mature. His instincts help him cover ground in center field and may allow him to stay there in the long term. He easily profiles in right field with his power and an arm that earns plus-plus grades from some evaluators.”

As it stands, there’s no telling how the 2020 minor league season will play out, if there turns out to be a season at all. However, once the Los Angeles farm kicks back into gear at some point down the road, Pages will be certain to continue his rapid climb through the system.


17 thoughts on “Dodgers Prospect Watch: A Closer Look at Andy Pages

  1. I hope that Friedman will give us some more detail on that Angel deal at some point in the future. Based on the names we heard, it really made very little sense. Either we were going to get a very good prospect from them who has never been named, or our front office thinks much less of Pages than anyone else does. Yes Joc was a salary dump plus a way to make room on the roster. Strip solved a problem for the Angels and we probably felt we could do without him but I could never understand why we seemed to just throw Pages into the deal. That leads me to think we were possibly going to receive one of their top 3 or 4 prospects. Maybe Moreno just decided he didn’t want to give up that prospect.


  2. Syndergaard to have TJ surgery per the Mets. Problem occurred before the shutdown. He will be out 12-14 months.


  3. Dennis, I just received the book “They Bled Blue”. Thank you so much. Tough times with my practice shut down and no income so the book will provide a nice distraction. Just the first chapter on Lasorda was priceless. Thanks again, Rich

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Looks like the fed might be helping you Rich with the stimulus package close to passing. Hope it all works out. I think Boras has lost his mind. He proposes still playing a 162 games schedule with the World Series being played around Christmas. Would have to be a neutral or an indoor stadium. Guy is wacko.


  4. Good to read a baseball article, and talk about baseball stuff. Thanks Dennis.

    One thing I found odd about the article, Dennis was, you quoted Ben Badler saying pages had “ below average runner, with a stocky frame.
    Mlb pipeline seems to think his speed is at least average, and covers ground well, and may be able to play CF, or at least RF.
    I’m not questioning your writing Dennis, but do you have any idea about which source is closer to being right about his speed?


    1. I think Badler made some kind of mistake there in his article. pages is by no means stocky. And, as far as I can tell, he has never spent time at third base. Good eye on your part. I think I might edit that portion out of the post.


  5. Between this article, and that we talked about him a little, just before that angel trade that fell through, I am really anxious to keep an eye on Pages, he sounds like he could make it to the majors in three or four years.


  6. Wasn’t questioning your part in it, I know scouts have different opinions, but it sounded more like Badler was describing Calhoun, than Pages.


  7. Little news item. MLB and the MLBPA have reached an agreement. No matter how many games are played this year, the players will get a full years service time, which means Betts will be a free agent after the World Series..if that happens.


    1. Bummer about Betts. Works out well for Verdugo and Boston.

      Pages has played a lot of centerfield. He wouldn’t be out there if he was slow. Speed rated at 50. Steals a base now and then. He may end up a corner outfielder eventually, but he’s 3-4 years out so anything can happen. Hard to know who will be better – him or Luis Rodriguez. Their scouting reports read similarly.

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