The Long Way Round

“Well, I fought with a stranger and I met myself
I opened my mouth and I heard myself
It can get pretty lonely when you show yourself
Guess I could have made it easier on myself”

~Dixie Chicks

Los Angeles Dodgers during game against the Philadelphia Phillies Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles,California. Photo by Jon SooHoo/©Los Angeles Dodgers,LLC 2016

I really didn’t know what to write about for this post. Odd, considering the Dodgers have given one many things to talk about lately. Maybe that’s the problem. Every time you turn around there seems to be a new little tidbit of information/gossip/news surrounding the Dodgers.

The latest thing that popped into my feed was this little nugget about Yasiel Puig today:

Why would he be available only one Friday, and no other time? Then they followed up with this:

I, for one, am looking forward to seeing what, if anything, is said to the press tomorrow. I can’t hear what he has to say about the last two weeks of his career. I remain torn. I think that the team needs his bat, especially with all the players on the DL. But if he is too much of a distraction, that his attitude has worn too thin, then he should be working on getting himself ready for the rigors of being a major league teammate.

He does seem to be making friends in the minors (see Des Moines party bus), while alienating the front office even more. I agree he should be the big leaguer taking the minor leaguers out on his dime, but maybe, just maybe, he shouldn’t be posting it on social media. Some minor league teammates seem to be singing his praises:

Will he be called back up in September? Will he be on another team, a magical trade somehow worked out by the front office? Left to waste away in Oklahoma City? Time will tell. (Nothing like a good cliché when you don’t know what the heck will happen.)

The season hasn’t been easy, so why would retaking the division lead be easy? After a long hard battle to fight back from eight games behind San Francisco, the Dodgers finally caught the Giants on Tuesday. And they did so with Clayton Kershaw on the DL. Along with half of their team. The Dodgers had the chance to stay tied after Wednesday’s game, but the bullpen gave away an easily winnable game. Not ideal, but the bullpen seems to like to give up stinkers randomly.

Most people are focusing on the fact that the Giants have pooped the bed coming out of the All-Star break. I’d like to just focus on the fact the the Dodgers and the Giants have the same record, give or take a game, through this point in the season. The paths they took to here were not the same, but it’s the end result that counts. The Giants also went on an unrealistic 39-6 stretch before the All-Star break. They were bound to come back to earth.

The million dollar question — when will Rich Hill finally make his Dodgers debut? Hill played catch on flat ground Tuesday, but stopped when his blister flared up yet again. He originally thought that he could start Friday, but was scratched in favor of Ross Stripling instead, after being unable to throw a normal bullpen Wednesday. The Dodgers could really use Hill and his 2.25 ERA and maybe eat a lot of innings for the bullpen. Maybe he’ll come back in September, along with the other half of the team.

Random musings — Vin Scully talking about Rob Segedin‘s pregnant wife, and Segedin’s subsequent first hit and RBI were easily the best thing of this week. The Dodgers have tied the record for most players on the disabled list with 26 — one more for a record-breaking year! Day games with an off day after and then a night game after makes for a long time between baseball games.

So to sum it all up, the Dodgers are going to retake the division for good but it will still be a little bit. It may or may not be with Puig. And this much time off between games gives me too much to think about.


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