Dodgers Prospect Watch: 2019 Could Be the Year for Jordan Sheffield

Jordan Sheffield - Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 spring training (Bill Mitchell)
(Baseball Prospectus photo)

Even though many of fans in attendance at Camelback Ranch often flock to the main fields to catch the Dodgers‘ primary action, there’s plenty to see on the back fields, including the big leaguers who are moving a bit slowly, as well as the prospects who did not garner invites to the major league side of camp.

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Dodgers Bullpen: Putting Together an All-Prospect, All-Righty Relief Crew

(Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Davis)

While the Dodgers left the 2017 Winter Meetings with only a consolation prize of a mid-levelĀ infield prospect, many fans have taken to social media to express their respective concerns heading into 2018, especially in the area of the bullpen. It took several years for the team to finally find a competent setup man in Brandon Morrow, yet the veteran righty was able to walk away from Los Angeles and land a lucrative deal with the Cubs for the next several seasons. Andrew Friedman and his troops seem fairly confident in the internal relief options heading into 2018 spring training, but questions loom as to whether the impending bullpen will be talented enough to help guide the squad into next season’s playoff picture.

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