Clayton Kershaw Re-signs with Dodgers and Other Early Winter Meeting Notes

All is right with the world, for a moment anyway, when Clayton Kershaw is a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

On Monday, the team announced that they have re-signed Kershaw to a one-year, $20 million contract, with a $5 million signing bonus.

At age 34, Kershaw is coming off another All-Star season where he went 12-3 with a 2.28 ERA. He is three wins away from 200, and 193 strikeouts short of 3,000.

Presumably, Kershaw is taking a team friendly deal because he wants to stay in Dodger Blue forever, and he wants to win another World Series before he retires. There is much speculation that if the Dodgers win another championship with Kershaw, he would retire on top.

As far as the Dodgers pitching rotation goes, it currently consists of Kershaw, Julio Urias, Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May. May will be starting his first full season after recovering from Tommy John surgery. Urias is coming off another stellar season, and is on the last year of his contract. Gonsolin is coming off his best season ever, with a 16-1 record before he was injured for the last third of the season.

As for the fifth starter, it could be Ryan Pepiot. And presumably the Dodgers are in the market for one or two other starters because as we all know, you can never have too many.

One pitcher that the Dodgers will not be signing is Justin Verlander. On Monday, it was also reported that the reigning AL Cy Young winner signed a two-year, $86 million contract with the New York Mets, with an option for a third year. The Dodgers had had a zoom meeting with Verlander last week that was said to have gone well, but the 40 year old took his talents to NYC instead. Verlander will be joining former and now current teammate Max Scherzer in the starting rotation.

Jacob deGrom signed with the Texas Rangers last week, so the top free agents pitchers have been signed. The Dodgers may now turn their sights on Carlos Rodón, who is said the be seeking a six year contract. It is doubtful the Dodgers front office decides to give him that long of a contract, although they may be able to come up with a creative deal enticing to Rodón.

The winter meetings have just started, and one never quite knows the thoughts of President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman, and exactly what direction in which he wants to take this team. He has stated that he is open to a reunion with both Cody Bellinger and Justin Turner. And there is that little matter of needing a shortstop.

The team’s payroll currently sits at $188M, about $45M under the first luxury tax threshold. We will possibly see by the end of the week Friedman’s thought process and what this team might be shaping up as. Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “Clayton Kershaw Re-signs with Dodgers and Other Early Winter Meeting Notes

  1. Thanks for the post Andy. I never thought the Dodgers would sign a top $ free agent pitcher. I have been reading that the Braves are not offering Swanson the contract that he wants and that the Red Sox are not talking to Bogaerts who is best friends with Mookie. So perhaps a window of opportunity. While I still do not believe the Dodgers will be fiscally crazy. No reason not to take advantage when a team fumbles. As Urias’s agent, Boras, is very difficult do they sign Urias in 24? That could impact their strategy. Reports are Buehler is progressing well.

  2. Hi guys – my tentative plan is to just write when news happen over the off-season. I don’t think Dennis will be writing much anymore, so if you guys will still have me this is the way the blog will stay alive, for now. I don’t think I’ll be able to write every day but like I said when news breaks or I have thoughts I will be putting out a post. As always thanks for being loyal readers

    1. Sounds good, Andy. We all seem to gather when there’s something worth talking about.

      Sorry to hear Dennis won’t be involved. Hope he’s OK.

      1. I believe all is fine, he’s just found his life too busy at the moment to devote some time to writing right now

      2. Got it. Thanks.

        In the meantime, I think you should start preparing your post on the Dodgers’ signing of Correa and how he’s going to get along with Kershaw, Barnes and CT3 (the only players left on the roster from 2017 unless we bring back JT and/or Belli).

      3. Kasten and AF have been tone deaf and oblivious as they proved with Bauer but Correa Really?
        The Phillies are spending money into the next decade with their contracts…Is that wise? I doubt it. Turner’s frame and speed should age well much like Betts. But 11 years? $300! I can understand the Mets overspending as their are fighting for attention vs the Yankees. $43 Million for two years is more than I thought the market would bear. But the Met’s owner doesn’t need to be financially sane.

      4. I have no problem with AF not wanting to make that kind of commitment to Trea but he’s only getting 27 mil per year. At the end of even 6 or 7 years, with inflation, that won’t seem like a lot of money.

    1. Too bad, but it’s no surprise.
      I’m just thinking, among other things, of all those missing stolen bases next year with the shorter distance and fewer throws to first by pitchers.
      And although he wasn’t on base nearly often enough, we won’t have Belli to steal bases either.

      1. The team still has some guys who can steal a base although I doubt anyone that can challenge for the NL lead. Betts, Lux, Taylor, Vargas, Outman and Thompson all run well.

      2. Lux and Trayce have good speed but haven’t stolen a lot of bases. Maybe that will change next year.

      3. The end of the shift should create more base hits. Hopefully speed, stolen bases and sacrificing will become in vogue. Most of us were raised with that type of baseball. Watching strikeouts, walks and the occasional home run is boring. Oh and idiots constantly grounding into the shift. This is the revenge of the idiots as the shift is over and the stubborn dolts that refused to hit the ball the other way are rewarded. But at least we should have more hits.

  3. Even though everyone knew TT wanted to go to the East coast, I’m still disappointed to see him officially leave, I really enjoyed watching him play for the Dodgers, I wish him well.

    I thought we would sign Verlander, short term high average contract, seemed like a good fit.
    Don’t want any part of nine years of Judge, but I’ve been a Rodon fan for a couple of years, and there are still three quality SSs out there.

  4. Andy, thanks for hanging in there with us, I’m sure we’ll all be grateful for whatever you’re comfortable with.

    Dennis, hope all is well, good luck with whatever you’ve got going, and hope to hear from you again when life is not so hectic.

  5. I guess TT was serious when he said he wanted to go to the east coast. He gave up 42 mil to not stay in California, I’m sure the union is not to happy with him. Im amazed a ball player would turn down that much money. San Diego is not a bad place to live.

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