More Thoughts on Dodgers and the 2022 MLB Trade Market

As we crawl into the final 10 days before the 2022 MLB trade deadline, things remain untypically quiet, aside from all the chatter surrounding Juan Soto and whether the Nationals will strike a deal with another club before August 2.

The Dodgers have been linked to Cincinnati right-hander Louis Castillo for weeks now, although we really haven’t heard any new reports about any progress. As a matter of fact, the Dodgers have been linked to any pitcher who is rumored to be part of the trading block, including former Dodger flamethrower Frankie Montas.

From a fan’s perspective, the primary thing we’re thinking about right now is how much the Dodgers want to sacrifice to improve their chances during the 2022 stretch run. Obviously, the team has the resources to deal for just about any superstar who becomes available. However, if the organization continues to dump its top prospects on a regular basis, the farm system becomes less valuable, which is the first step in the wrong direction when you’re trying to maintain a primarily self-sustaining franchise.

Nevertheless, we often tend to panic as fans when the team deals away top prospects. Andrew Friedman is extremely careful when trading away his blue-chippers, as we really haven’t seen too many mistakes, aside from shipping out Yordan Alvarez to the Astros for some righty reliver named Josh Fields back in 2016.

That’s not to say someone like Keibert Ruiz, Josiah Gray or Jeter Downs won’t eventually emerge as a superstar. Yet, as it stands now, it seems like all three of these former Top 5 prospects could end up as middle-of-the-road players.

There’s a whole slew of potential trade chips on the market right now, from Soto to Castillo to Montas to Tyler Mahle to David Robertson. However, until we hear some specific reports about any progress being made, it’s nearly impossible to tell what some of these teams are looking for in return.

Not too many clubs are keen these days receiving an MLB-ready player who might hit .250 with 15 homers for the rest of their career as part of a trade package for their top-notch talent. Instead, they’d much rather take a risk on a prospect or two with potential, much like the Astros did with Alvarez.

One thing we’ve been discussing at great length is some of the big names the Dodgers expect back from injury, which could act as a similar boost to a trade. Some of the players who could return sooner rather than later include Brusdar Graterol, Blake Treinen and Dustin May.

The problem is that it’s unwise to speculate that some of these players will return at 100%, especially in the cases of Treinen and May. What’s more, it’s impossible to predict potential injuries to other key players between now and the end of the season.

From the current landscape, it looks like the Dodgers outclass pretty much everyone in the National League, even with the handful of injuries they have. The big question is whether they have enough steam to make it to the end or if they need a few reinforcements from the outside.

9 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Dodgers and the 2022 MLB Trade Market

  1. Nice summation Dennis. Kasten stated they wanted to keep talent. Gomes was in charge of the Farm system before his promotion. So I predict no big moves costing blue chip prospects.
    May has come out of the bullpen before & last night was throwing 98 without any strain. Plus he has good movement on his pitches. Reports are that Graterol’s shoulder is not serious. Reports are that Treinen will probably return. With the innings building up on Gonsolin, Urias & Anderson if/when Heaney comes back do u try a 6 man rotation? A bullpen with headlined by Treinen, Phillips, Vesia, Almonte, Ferguson is a good one. Kimbrel is scary I would not use him with a lead less than 3. My question is will Buehler return with dominate stuff? Interesting second half.

  2. Pretty much right on Dennis. Don’t think Alvarez was even a twinkle in anyone’s eyes. Certainly wasn’t a prospect . We’ve acquired some pretty good players at minimal cost in recent years. Have to trust AF I guess. Only when he makes trades will we know who the keepers really are. Think Vargas is the only real keeper. What kaston says and what they have done in past are two different things.

  3. Item A. They do not expect Buehler back until September or Mid-September at the earliest. Doubtful that he will have built himself up enough to be expected to go more than maybe 4 innings, And he will be on a strict pitch count. Item B. You never can have too much pitching. That was proven last season when the starters flamed out in the post season. Item C. The Nats asking price for Soto is astronomical. Reported yesterday that they want at least 4 or maybe 5 top prospects. I doubt AF gives that kind of package for him no matter how good he is. Item D. Myself, I prefer Castillo over Montas if they are actually going to trade for a starting pitcher. Item E. I agree with Wally. Resign Turner. I do not trust Lux to be a full time SS. He has a lot of tools, but he is no Trea Turner. Item F. Max Muncy needs time at AAA to get his swing and confidence back.

      1. Hi T. Yeah I am fine. I just got a new computer tower, so I still have to install that. Been pretty busy since I got back from L.A. I write for another blog, so I spend a lot of time doing research for my stories. I focus on baseball history. But I like to check in here as often as I can. I usually do not comment much unless I feel I have something positive to add to the conversation. I see so many negative Nelly’s out there. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. They are winning consistently and that is all any fan can ask.

      2. Glad you are well. Dodgers have overachieved in my opinion with the injuries they have had this season.

    1. Watching Muncy he is not in a good place mechanically. They should send him to OKC is he hurt or ??
      I too like Castillo over Montas but think the Dodgers will not make a big move. I would re-sign T Turner also. If they want an outfielder sign Judge this winter a powerful right handed bat.

  4. I liked Montas over Castillo before the season, but now with the injury, I’m definitely in the Castillo camp.
    Nice to see your post bear, hope things are good in Bearland, it’s always better here when we’re getting your opinion on what’s happening with the Dodgers.

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