What Would It Take for Dodgers to Land Juan Soto?

From now to the August 2 trade deadline, lots of speculation will surround 23-year-old outfielder Juan Soto, and for a good reason. The Washington Nationals have made it clear that the right fielder is available for trade, and every contender is interested.

Soto is still very young and could be a huge boost to a contender, especially if the club that lands him is eventually able to sign him to a long-term deal.

The Nationals and Dodgers struck a blockbuster trade just last season, the Dodgers getting Max Scherzer and Trea Turner and the Nationals receiving a haul of prospects. To get Soto, the Dodgers may need to give the Nationals even more prospects.

Soto to Los Angeles rumors have been gaining steam for about a year now, but with it official that he’s seeking a trade, it’s only added fuel to the fire. Among the interested teams are the Yankees, Mets, Mariners, Cardinals, and three in the NL West in the Giants, Padres, and the Dodgers.

Now that Soto has already rejected a $440 million deal and is slated to hit free agency in 2024, whatever team trades for him may want to get an extension done as soon as possible. If Soto was a free agent after this year, teams could back off, but if you’re a contender, you can add him for a huge playoff boost for the next two postseasons.

The Dodgers’ top three prospects are Diego Cartaya, Bobby Miller, and Michael Busch. At the minimum, the Nationals would ask for two of them in return—a mix of either Ryan Pepiot, Dustin May, or another Dodger young arm, plus who knows what else.

For Soto to be traded, a team will also likely have to take on left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbins’s contract. Corbin has $60 million left on his deal; he currently has a 5.87 ERA this season. The foundation of a deal seems to be four top young prospects and a willingness to absorb Corbin’s contract.

The Dodgers in the past pulled off these types of deals, the trade for Mookie Betts and Yu Darvish back in 2017.

A deal for the Dodgers might require them to part ways with Cartaya and Miller, and maybe adding someone like Gavin Lux or May to complete the deal’s framework. For Scherzer and Turner, the Dodgers parted ways with Keibert Ruiz, Josiah Gray, Gerardo Carrillo, and Donovan Casey.

Obviously, for Soto, it will take a little more.

If the Dodgers genuinely want Soto, they have the resources to get him. The farm system has allowed them to continuously be in positions where they can trade prospects for players to win.

For a player of Soto’s caliber, and especially with how young he is, it is a deal you might want to get done because another contender is bound to get him.

13 thoughts on “What Would It Take for Dodgers to Land Juan Soto?

  1. Some other contending team might get him. So what!! Rumors are the Giants might go after him. Will Soto make up 14 games in the loss column? The Braves are apparently watching their finances. Mets? Baseball is about more than one guy.

  2. I do understand that he would be under contract for 3 playoff runs. But when u start talking May, Lux and Pepiot plus more that’s just not reasonable. Unless the Dodgers feel they have guys at the farm to replace them which they might have. But May is a probable #1 type starter. Lux is hitting well. If u lose Lux u almost need to sign T Turner. Steep price. I doubt they do it.

  3. Catcher is the least of the Nationals problems. I wouldn’t trade Lux or Vargas. The Dodgers can afford a couple of P prospects and IF like Busch, Amaya, Hoese and an OF like Pages or Outman.

  4. I seriously doubt that you’ll see Cartaya, Lux or May in any Soto deal, but the Dodgers still have enough to go after him without those three.

    I’d rather bring back Trea and keep the prospects but that’s just me.

    And what about Castillo? Does Andrew think a top flight pitcher is more important than a spectacular outfielder? Can’t use the same prospects for both deals.

    I think sending the Nats Miller, Busch, Pages, Knack and Vivas or Leonard plus taking back Corbin would get it done. That’s 5 of our top 12 prospects while still keeping Cartaya, Vargas and Pepiot.

    Would I do that deal? No. But I’m not the one who gets to make the decision.

    1. I agree but…just thinking about the future. Next year’s possible starting rotation is Buehler, May, Urias, and Gonsolin all under contract. Does Kershaw come back? Do they sign Anderson? Do they go to a 6 man rotation? Does Pepiot make it? You have other guys tearing it up down on the Farm. Stone is been really good so have others. Miller may be special. But you have Bruns wowing them at rookie league. Busch, Pages, Knack, Leonard do they break the line-up? Possibly not. If they sign Bellinger then there is an OF slot open. Future you have Pages, Outman, Rojas, Rodriguez etc who makes it? Soto is special. I doubt they do it but think of the line up with Betts, T Turner, Freeman, Smith, Soto, Bellinger, Muncy ???, Lux what a line up! Do you just write in Soto as a DH or do you use him as an outfielder? He would be available for 3 runs in the playoffs before you need to sign him. He is a Boras client so he will go to Free Agency. It’s certainly tempting…

    2. You guys have a weird prospective. You don’t want the best player in baseball, going forward, because you will have to give up the best dodger prospects? Not the best baseball prospects. Dodger prospects. The history says only 1 of the 4 will have a meaningful career. A big gamble versus a sure thing! Think back over the past say 10 years. Can you think of any of those years you wouldn’t trade your best prospects for sota? I think not. That said I have to question 15 years. They never work out. But the price for 3 post seasons is actually reasonable.

  5. Miller is the guy I’d hate to see go, I think he could be a great starter, but if Soto miraculously ends up in the dodger outfield for the next three years, I’ll get over it. If trading for Soto is going to affect resigning T Turner I would not do it.

    1. Miller has a very high ceiling, but he’s been incredibly inconsistent.
      He started tonight for Tulsa and gave up 5 runs in 2.2 innings.
      It’s not the first time he’s had a start like this.
      What’s that saying? “When he’s good, he’s very good, but when he’s bad……………………”

    2. Trading for Soto, might make extending Tre Turner more likely. Former teammates. And they all want to win Championships. Miller was awful last night. He is not dominating like a top prospect should.

  6. I haven’t followed Soto enough to gauge his strengths/liabilities outside of hitting. I believe that the Dodgers have in the upper minors the right players to fill the holes that will develop in the roster over the next two seasons (except for ss). That’s a reason I would be hesitant to sell the farm for one player, unless the Dodgers (who are smarter than we are) have a plan B for the holes.

  7. Ohtani is available in 24 unless he signs an extension. Why would any MVP level player except Trout sign with a bottom tier team and never make the playoffs? The Angels do not have any pitching and one of the lowest rated Farm systems. Soto is available in 25.
    Kasten’s remarks earlier this year about not trading top prospects resounds now. But as I have said of all the guys on the Farm who would crack the Dodgers line up? The outfield has Betts and Bellinger there is one spot open. If I were the Dodgers I would keep Cartaya and Vargas as untouchables. But Busch, Miller, Pepiot, Pages, Outman, Leonard would be in play.
    Its interesting for sure. I would not trade Lux or Vargas as one has proven he can hit and Vargas is gifted. Is Buehler going to be back? Does Buehler need Tj surgery or at the minimum the stem cell treatment in his forearm? I agree Miller was not impressive last night I watched May and then Miller last night. May’s fastball was 96-98 according to the broadcaster. IF the Dodgers want to spend money Judge is a free agent in 23. He is 30 and having an incredible year. Would Judge come home to CA and take a Freeman type deal? He is a right handed bat. If I had a ton of money this offseason I would be tempted to sign Judge.

  8. All good points Tmaxster. All are cheaper, shorter term and free agents. Lots to think about. But then we would be stuck with all those prospect failures. Vargas is a keeper. The rest are just double a prospects. Lol.

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